This is something that’s happening right now for venus, who is sandwiched temporarily between the rays of saturn and mars? This is a traditional concept, so we’re going to talk about what it is, how to identify it in a birth chart, we’re going to talk about something called intervention or how the enclosure might be broken up or mitigated, and then also what to expect from this transit, Which will be around until venus conjoins mars? This is also a way of perhaps a more traditional way of looking at what might be described by venus coming into a square with uranus right now as well. So anyway, i thought you guys might like to see this it’s kind of a rare configuration um. So you know it’s definitely worth like talking about and understanding it it’ll definitely up your game as an astrologer to know what it is so here’s the traditional view of the planets, just the traditional seven, and what i want to illustrate for you is that venus right Now is sandwiched between the rays of saturn and mars, so saturn shoots its ray from 1158 aquarius right behind venus at 1158 leo and then on the other side. You have mars at 16, 14 leo and venus is therefore right in between them. Now, in order for this, this is called a malefic enclosure. It could be a benefic enclosure if you had a planet sandwich between venus and jupiter, but when you have a malefic enclosure, it means temporary hardships or difficulties kind of being stuck between a rock and a hard place for whatever planet is sandwiched between the malefics or Their bodies or their rays and whatever the planet indicates in the birth chart or whatever the planet’s topical significations, are, for example, venus in your birth chart, might rule the house of siblings or could rule the house of home family and property, but venus also topically or Naturally, or naturally excuse me will represent things like love and beauty, so, whatever venus signifies, both by its own nature, um, say love and beauty or whatever venus signifies by house rulership or placement in your birth chart.

Those topics um when, when you’re looking at an enclosure in a natal chart or when you’re looking at a transit like the one we’re seeing in the sky right now, could indicate rough times for venus, so that’s the that’s, the general concept. Now, how is an enclosure um broken apart? The only thing that could break apart in enclosure would be if a planet were sending its rays somewhere. You know in between these planets, so there was another planet in between them by body and there isn’t in this case. So it’s a pretty clean example of an enclosure and will suggest difficulties all the way up for venus all the way up until venus conjoins with mars, which will happen um by about let’s, see we’re looking at monday into tuesday, the the 12th into the 13th. So between the 12th and the 13th, the enclosure is broken because venus conjoins with mars – and you might have heard me say in some previous videos this week – that we’re really we’re really seeing venus go through the same gauntlet that mars had to run last week between Saturn and uranus, and this kind of t square energy and when they finally get together, saturn and mars, or excuse me venus and mars when they finally come into a conjunction with one. Another things that have been challenging will start to smooth out um and if venus has been going through, difficulties, you’ll start to see venus recovering, okay, so um.

What can we take from this in terms of what to watch for um? Well, first it’s it’s important to understand that enclosures are somewhat rare. So if you see one in your birth chart, you you don’t want to rush to conclusions about them. Have an astrologer look at it for you, first of all, because sometimes people get freaked out by it and oftentimes, depending on the context of the chart, it’s really not the end of the world um. You may also have interventions that you’re not able to spot, in which case it really isn’t the end of the world, because mitigation in the case of an enclosure will make um truly lighten the load that the malefics might be placing on up on a planet through That malefic enclosure, what does it indicate? Generally speaking, you have saturn a principle of separation and division um as well as kind of hardness and severity uh. You know so you’re running up against kind of the cosmic red light with saturn, and then you have mars, who severs and cuts and confronts and tends to bring confrontation and hostility or frustration. So venus will go through that feeling of limitation and constraint. Um kind of back and forth, along with conflict or confrontation, for a little bit here up until venus conjoins mars, at which point then you’re looking at the kind of marriage of the venus mars qualities and the marriage of those qualities is a really positive thing.

Because you’re going to start to see, resolution compromise, peace, harmony, agreement healing so but a little bit of a process between now and then due to the enclosure. Now, from a from a modern standpoint, someone may not notice or know that concept and still be able to see that venus is going through some rough times because of the simultaneous aspect to saturn and then uranus. So someone might you know a modern astrologer who doesn’t use these traditional concepts might look and say: hey, look, you know venus going through the opposition to saturn the square to uranus and then finally, conjoining mars. That alone could kind of give you the picture of venus. Going through a bit of a rough time, but this traditional concept really does the same thing. So one of the things that i teach my students in my programs is how to be able to do astrology without necessarily having to use the outer planets um. Of course, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t use the outer planets or that they don’t add their own unique qualities. So at any rate Music. Who might it be particularly difficult for? Well, i would say like on a sort of monthly horoscope level, if you’re, a taurus or libra rising and venus is there for your ascendant ruler in your birth chart. That could be a little bit more tough on you personally or physically or emotionally or mentally, because that planet is going to be a little bit more you’re, going to be a little bit more personally identified with that planet so anytime.

That planet goes through big changes. In the sky, you know the people who have the ascendant ruler like if you know same thing, goes for any other, really intense aspects from other planets, the rule other signs. You know big mercury retrograde with lots of stuff going on, like we had last month, a little, maybe a little bit more acute for gemini and virgo rising. So similarly, with this venus action going on this week with the enclosure up until early next week, you know taurus and libras may want to be a little bit more careful if you’re, taurus or libra rising in particular the other one would be people who have really Prominent venus placements in their chart, by that i mean first house 10th house, seventh house or fourth house or hugging, one of the angles: the ascendant, the descendant, the midheaven or the ic um. Or someone who has like an exalted venus in a good house which would be like one, three, four: five: seven: nine, ten and eleven. If you have like prominent like well dignified like venus and pisces venus and libra venus and taurus, something like that um, you know so it’s hard to define concisely and quickly what a well dignified or prominent venus is because there’s. So many different, you know, combination combinations, permutations of of venus in birth charts, but if you’re, someone who identifies with venus a lot, if you have a strong venus in your chart, when venus goes through hard times, you may notice that different areas of your life relative To that placement in your birth chart are a bit more stressed or tense.

Now one of the things that you just the simplest way of understanding what the enclosure means is that all venusian things are going to potentially go through a higher degree of conflict struggle. Feelings of limitation – or you know, kind of prohibitions coming up, uh, the cosmic red light, confrontation and conflict. So you just have to know what kinds of venus things are sort of in the air venus things would be. You know let’s say anything involving art, beauty, women, love romance sexuality, um, the body to a certain extent, not not the body so much as in health, but the body as in things that you might do or the appearance of the body. Something like that. Um, the other thing is that any time that venus is around and venus wants something to be pleasant or easy or soft or gentle or enjoyable, or something like that um, you know there that may not necessarily come as easily. You may just find that like that’s, you know venus generally speaking is like well i’d, like how do you want things to go on your birthday? I want it to be beautiful outside. I want everyone to be happy. I want the food to be good. You know, like you, want your day to be like venus has preferences when it comes to what defines happiness or what defines something that’s, pleasant or enjoyable or agreeable, and you may find that it’s just not easy to get that done or that you have to sort Of tip to tiptoe through difficulties, um, there was a song when i was a kid i don’t remember who it was by, but it was like the the refrain it was like feels like you’re walking on broken glass.

Do you guys remember that song it’s a cheesy song, but this is a little bit? What venus is is doing right now, like venus things may be taken by storm and that could include like in the in the media too, like watch for anything venus like getting sort of held up contained confined um, you know uh anything where there’s um. You know anything where there’s like a real, a feeling of hostility and and something or someone being sort of hemmed in by malefics, with nowhere to go people getting stuck, for example, in something – or you know you just just have to be careful of things like that. Also things like ripping or tearing um or um, you know sort of breaking that would be thought of, as as sort of beautiful, be careful of dropping your your boss of flowers, it’s that you know that has that kind of feeling around it. So a little bit of that energy is there right now now you could say just venus is alchemically going through a shift when venus finally conjoins mars, which is happening next week, then you’re gon na start to see relief because venus passes out of the kind of Clutches of um of saturn and mars, and should be feeling a lot better and looking a lot better and so forth. So anyway, a little known concept called enclosure, malefic, enclosure, um. You know the um it’s nice that the new moon cycle that’s coming this week, is going to be helping us turn the corner.

With regard to the um, the the the big t squares that we’ve gone through with both venus and mars. Previously, because at the very outside of this moon cycle, we see venus and mars getting together and the t square energy really starting to fade the square between saturn and uranus is starting to fade. So some of the pressures of the past couple of months should really start to die down significantly in the next two weeks, all right, well that’s what i’ve got for today. I hope that this was interesting, for you remember, leave your stories in the comments section. If you want to share a story that i could possibly use in a future episode, put hashtag grabbed and then um, you know, tell us your story and make sure you mention which planets or which aspect you’re correlating your story with all right that’s.