Is it gon na be a troll level? You just got a mogust Music, oh Music. I just got a mogust. How am i, how am i ever going to recover from this? Do you reckon there was anything in that pipe? At the end, i think it’s behind that okay it’s behind that coin, there, oh there’s, nothing in the pipe. I just got a mogus twice for no reason what the heck i’ve been completely trolled i’m: the imposter you’re a goomba right, my friend, i’m gon na be imposter. Oh, my god, i’m gon na be the imposter and they’re, not even gon na notice i’m. The goomba imposter it’s, like a breaking level, where does the piece which get activated when i take damage of someone i’m gon na assess that yeah? It does okay, pretty easy, pretty easy. He says pretty easy, they say it’s easy. Do the red blocks get activated at the red box? Oh my god. I need to be patient right there do i have to go over. Oh you just got pranked my guy. They don’t realize that i’m, the imposter i’m faking doing tasks right now, they’re so stupid. All these i’m not sure i’m gon na take the pass first route i’m, not going to kill anyone i’m. Even though i’m the imposter all right. This is a new territory i just killed. I just killed a crewmate blue’s dead i’m gon na get voted off a checkpoint. Oh my god white.

I killed white Music white sauce, no he’s, not Music. This looks pretty this just feels like an in uh. How do you say it? I need to get the coin infiltration level. Give me the flag. Oh, i guess i get some kind of flag, just not the gold flag. Final boss is this red that was easy, it’s just a pom, pom fight, pom poms, easy in general Music, pretty easy good level, though it didn’t feel that among us seemed it’s like they could put among us in the title for views. Who would do that? Among us theme song mundy evening, i think it’s, just the among us trap. We remix it better, be that song’s good. This is so good Music that’s, so good that’s really well done. Wait, there’s, more Music! Yes, that was really good and jared jared thinks it’s good. As well, i’ll see you later bonk, i, like it mungus you’re, the imposter, a normal match of among us, mario style hope you enjoy. He’S got extremely long legs Music, oh we’re, in the lobby, we’re waiting the imposter play the sound effects, so this would be funny. Was that a task he’s doing a task dead, dead body? Oh we’re, in a meeting we need to see who is so the and his source? Is he yeah, he’s stuff, yeah vote him off jared thinks the answer? Is he died? Oh no he’s gon na get killed. I think i’m going to win this game i’m, not going to be found.

Oh nice task, you’re doing that nice task mate. Oh you’re, dead, eh, it’s, a brown mushroom. What the heck mario eats the brown mushroom. I have the key: do i get the secret ending? I didn’t even get the key. There is no secret ending dead body. No i’ve already won i’ve already killed enough people, oh yeah he’s, just yeah. Definitely definitely couldn’t. Be me. I’Ll show you my screen. If you want, i win, you guys are so bad. You didn’t even suspect me at all it’s too easy. The lobby is really bad it’s full of bots in it good level, koopalings play among us players, the imposter versus the koopaling crew. A lot of these levels are very similar, but the last one i’ve saved the best to last among us, okay, i’m starting, oh i’m, a frog. I need to go around and kill the koopalings. I think i’m. The imposter am i imposter sauce right, oh okay! This is scald i’m, going into electrical here, that’s the light i’m faking, the tasks here and that’s the vent, which is clever, yes, i’m venting. This is actually really cool. This is a really cool recreation, but not as cool as the last one. You need to stick around to see the last one. Oh, this is different part of the map. This is reactor. Simon says this is where simon says i lost my shell haha you dead. You were doing simon, says for too long and here’s secure tv larry on the cam larry on the cam i’m back in storage.

Oh, i need to let the trash out here – Music, Applause, Music, trying to do his past time – i’m dead, Music, wendy doing the o2. I don’t know the task i’m just making him up. Oh i’ve killed everyone. I speak where’s lemmy. Do i not get to kill lemmy lemmy’s balls talk, oh okay meeting. Let me think some sus, apparently oh, no lemmy’s, not sauce. Let me just not source. My guy. I don’t want to inject lemmy i’m. Sorry lemmy. I didn’t mean to kill you. Yes, i did, but boy he’s, an idiot. He killed lamy all right the last level. This is going to be the best one among us, boss, custom crewmate, one imposter among us, kill the imposter and claim victory. This is made by axiorygamer friend of the channel he’s french i’m, a crewmate this time, all the other times, i’ve been the imposter. Oh, i got like i got a mogus, but i i have to fight the imposter now i kinda based one of my boss, fights off this level, because this level’s good Music bullet boo bill. Why are you on the imposter side? Music he’s swinging around his sword? Music blue’s dead. How many imposters are there? Oh, this blue again, i think it’s, just blue he’s imposter. I just have to use my shield at the right time. I think. Oh, i use my bow by ax Music. No, i don’t! I just have to wait and survive.

Yes, i just had to survive. I don’t know what i’m thinking i played this level ages ago on stream or like Music. Oh, this is the bit i remember struggling on, so you have to play dead. You know if you know you know, oh god that was swag. Let me up give me a p switch. Please. I think this blocks it off. Please don’t shoot through the wall. Please don’t shoot. Oh, yes, Music, see. I’M, just too good, i’m, too good at video games. You know smb, mushroom time, i’m against roy, my boy that rhyme i’m smart it’s, not a timer based. I don’t think i just have to throw that man. I have to throw three of them. Three bombs go on yeah let’s, go easy, easy, easy come downtown, he’s dead! Oh did i kill the imposter. Yes, i did because i killed him. Applause. Hey crewmate win. Have i found a secret? I didn’t find this last time, so i don’t know oh just to the top, but very good actual gamer, but if you enjoyed this video remember to like and subscribe, if you want to see more stuff like this, i like doing videos with my face. I find them more fun, they’re, just nice, i like them, and i think you guys like them.