, The Legend of Zeldas 35th Anniversary is feeling a lotsmallerthan Marios, big anniversary last year.. In 2020 we got Super Mario 3D, All Stars.. We got Super Mario 3D World Bowsers Fury.. We got Mario Kart Live and Super Mario 35.. We got a Mario Game. Amp Watch., We even got Mario Lego For Zelda, were gettingSkyward Sword, HD, plus a Zelda Game, amp Watch.. According to Eiji Aonuma thats. All we should expect.. He said This year. The original Legend of Zelda game reaches its 35th anniversaryWe dont, have any campaigns or other Nintendo Switch games planned.? So why isnt Zelda getting the full Mario treatment? First, things first its entirely possible that this video will age poorly., While Aonuma didnt have any other announcements for us at E3, its worth noting that the Mario 35 announcement didnt come until September.. We may yet see something else. Once Skyward Sword, HD has been released.. Some had been hoping for a Zelda All Stars collection.. There have been rumours spread by journalists such as Andy, Robinson of Video Game Chronicle and Jeff Grubb of Venture Beat that Nintendo is planning re releases for Twilight, Princess HD and Wind Waker HD.. When these werent announced Grubb theorised, I think we’re not getting WWTP for Zelda 35th, because Nintendo isn’t sure if we’ll get BOTW 2 in 2022.. So if it needs a Zelda thing next summerfall it’s good to have that in reserve.. It is true that Nintendo tries to put out at least one Zelda game.

Every year. Re releases, such as Skyward Sword HD, are useful for filling in gaps between big tentpole releases, such as Breath of the Wild 2, which take longer to finish.. It would make sense that Nintendo would essentially want a back up game ready to fire out in case their schedule is thrown off.. The companys willingness to delay a Zelda title if necessary, is a big part of the reason why the series is so beloved.. But what of the merchandise? Why is there no Zelda, Kart Live or Zelda Lego Well in our desperate attempts to appease our Zelda obsessed, daughters, desire for Zelda merch weve noticed a trend. Nintendo treats the Mario and Zelda franchises very differently likely due to such different audiences.. First, a quick word on this videos sponsor. My Time at Portia is the beloved farming simulation RPG from developer Pathea Games.. As the newest builder in the rural town of Portia, you can befriend locals, build impressive technology, help improve the community ride in a hot air balloon and even adopt an alpaca. Theres. A lot to do within the game. Enjoy relaxing farm life, get creative in your workshop or head out into the unknown to do battle with monsters.. Build relationships get married and build a life for yourself, as you raise a family. With fifty NPCs to get to know and an expansive world to build up and develop theres plenty here for fans of colourful town building games.. My Time at Portia is coming soon to mobile platforms, fully ported to Android and iOS, with all its original gameplay.

Pre register now on the Apple store or Google Play store to get exclusive mobile only items. Check the link in the description for more details.. Now, where was I Oh, yes, Mario vs Zelda. Mario games, including all spin off, have sold 800 million units worldwide, making it the biggest video game franchise in terms of sales.. All Mario games are aimed at a family friendly audience.. They can be enjoyed by grown ups, but they can also be enjoyed by children.. However, not every Mario fan will buy every Mario game or piece of merchandise.. A fan of Mario Kart wont necessarily rush out to buy the new Mario Golf.. The fandom is broad, but also shallow., So Nintendo uses the scattergun approach, firing out a lot of merchandise at a low price, point., The better to entice children and their parents to spend on action figures. Lego sets and clothing ranges.. These different products appeal to different sections of the Mario fanbase.. In contrast to this, the Zelda fandom is a lot smaller.. Zelda games have only sold 117 million units worldwide., But there the Zelda fandom, is narrower its also more dedicated with deeper pockets., With a few exceptions. Zelda games are aimed at teenagers and adults instead of kids, and this is reflected in the merchandise.. There are very few Zelda Jakks Pacific action figures, except for games like Wind Waker, with a more child friendly art style.. Instead, Nintendo produces or licenses fewer pieces of Zelda merch, but theyre generally of a premium quality and price point.

. There are so many Zelda amiibo. Every possible version of Link from nearly every game.. These figures are more expensive. Collectables that appeal to the older consumers with deeper pockets., The latest piece of Zelda merch, to be added to the UK Nintendo store, is a 90 statue of Revali. Nintendo doesnt. Allow anything like this to be made for Mario, instead sticking to far cheaper pieces of merch. A few Lego sets notwithstanding.. Hence why, for the Zelda anniversary, were getting a more expensive than usual Loftwing amiibo. Nintendo knows that Zelda fans will tolerate the higher price. The companys still not producing enough to meet demand but thats. Another issue altogether.. Hence also why Mario gets 3 in 1 All Stars packages for re releases, while Zelda games are released individually as HD remasters.. Nintendo knows that, with the right layer of extra polish fans will be willing to pay a premium price for older games., As Nintendo typically makes fewer more expensive Zelda products. We can see why they might not want to give the Zelda brand the same wide anniversary experience that Mario had. But hey. Thats just a theory. And of course there are plenty of other factors at play. Here. Work from home delays in 2020 that are impacting the current line up the possibility of future releases in 2022, depending on Breath of the Wild 2s development schedule.. There may even be another surprise yet to be announced once Skyward Sword has been released.

For now, though, Nintendo is having a minimalist Zelda anniversary., A Marie Kondo Zelda anniversary, focusing on things that will definitely spark joy for every single Zelda fan, avoiding the clutter that comes From having too many releases at once. And as for Metroid fanswell, at least theres Metroid Dread.