This should hopefully be a pretty straightforward process here, guys and without further ado. Let’S go ahead and jump right into it. So first thing i actually recommend doing go ahead and restart your computer and see if that resolves a problem, if you’re still having an issue, go ahead and open up the start, menu type in device manager go ahead and select that from the list here expand your Display adapters and then you’re going to find your intel driver down here, go ahead and right click on it and select, update driver swatch browse my computer for drivers and then select. Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. If you have a specific one for your driver, go ahead and select that if it’s a generic one i mean you have to do what you have to do, but, generally speaking, there should be an intel driver in here and then select next and then give it A moment select close close out of here, restart your computer and see if that has resolved a problem. A further step you could take would be to open up a web browser doesn’t matter which one and you want to go over to and in the google search. You want to go search up, intel, graphics, control, panel, download and just search for it when the best results should be from an intel website here. This is how to manually, download intel graphics drivers go ahead and open that up and then on this page you want to select, let us identify your products and automatically update your drivers.

Select the get started button select the download now button once it’s done, downloading, go ahead and open it up, select run. You want to go ahead and agree to the license terms and then select install yes, if you receive the user account control, prompt, you’re, going to go, restore your computer so go and close out of any open programs or applications. You have and restart your device. So once your computer started back up open up the start, menu type in intel, one of the best managers should come back with intel driver and support assistant, go ahead and open that up at this point, i’ll go ahead and scan your system i’m. In a virtual machine, so it’s not going to find us anything, but if you did go down here, it would go and find you different drivers that you should go ahead and download, and that would pretty much be about it guys. So, as always, thank you for watching this brief tutorial.