I am your host robbie and without any further ado let the games commence with full scale: immersion, Music, Music, Music, believe it or not. There was once a goldeneye xbox remaster in full scale, production in what amounts to a mouth watering proposition for many fee for ish n64 fans worldwide. The 2008 project was initially scheduled to release on the xbox live arcade service for the 360.. Ultimately, though, for reasons concerning rights holders, the project was eventually scrapped. What makes this even crueler, though, is that the goldeneye xbox remaster was pretty much complete and in a releasable state at the time, microsoft, activision and nintendo had stakes in the endeavour and seemed to have struck some sort of bipartisan arrangement in terms of licensing formalities. Whatever deal they supposedly struck, never came to fruition soon after the project fell to its knees, likely due to the sheer number of stakeholders involved in the re release, news of the golden eye, xbox remaster, first surfaced in the form of a leak in 2008 inside the Uk issue of xbox world 360 magazine subsequently short snippets, miraculously wound up in the public domain, but this recent footage far exceeds anything we’ve seen before. If it had successfully launched the goldeneye xbox remaster would have come with several significant updates, the most noticeable of which the leap to high definition, graphics, visuals aside, an online multiplayer mode was a feature alongside the much loved memorable split screen function. At one point, there was even the ambition to introduce an achievement system along with online leaderboards, specifically designed for speed, runs speaking with vgc legendary rare composer grant kirkhope who, at the time, was working for the company shared his thoughts on the game’s, tragic cancellation and why It may have occurred according to kirkhobe.

The main reason it didn’t happen was because there was too many stakeholders, microsoft, nintendo and eeon, which owners of the bond license could never agree on terms and that’s before you even start to consider getting all the original movie actors to agree to have their likenesses used Again, it would have cost a lot of money to get it done and because of that, the project probably wouldn’t have been financially viable. So what exactly? Do we extrapolate from the above statement? Well, at surface level, it seems that licensing issues and concerns over financial profitability were likely at fault for the game’s demise. These sentiments were in some way consolidated by phil spencer, when in 2015 the xbox boss took to twitter explaining why the goldeneye xbox remaster is unlikely to materialize when discussing the cancelled game with a fan spencer said golden eye rights are so challenging. Looked at this many times, lots of different parties to work with we’ve always given up. Sadly, goldeneye 007 never released on the xbox 360 as a remaster, despite rare’s legendary follow up title perfect, dark, finding a place to call home on the xbox live arcade platform. The remake uploaded by prominent youtuber graslow looks absolutely incredible and it’s just such a shame that this magical reimagining never saw the light of day. However, i did reach out to grasslaw for comment who states he expects 2021 to be an exciting year for nintendo 64 fans. So hopefully, some big nintendo news coming soon be sure to check out the full video in its entirety.

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