Now i am a retro gamer at heart and one of my most fondest memories in gaming growing up was playing on the nintendo 64, especially playing the wrestling games, but gold, and i yeah golden eye – was the uh focus of many sleepovers. With my buddies. You know we went to watch wrestling play wrestling, video games, um, eat pizza, watch, football play, blitz, play golden eye and yeah golden eye was probably one of the biggest memories of my childhood and a couple years ago there was actually rumors of a golden eye remastered That was supposed to be on xbox live arcade and it got cancelled. It got scrapped just because there was issues with licensing, i think nintendo they couldn’t get a deal with it. Mgm was involved. There was a lot of issues in this, but now just yesterday, just yesterday or the other day, some footage of this game actually leaked out the cancelled goldeneye game, and my god is this cool. I wish this could come out still if there was any way that the microsoft gods and nintendo could make this happen. Make it happen. This would be phenomenal, especially if you added like online play or anything like that. So we’re going to take a look at this news article. I i had to talk about this one of my most favorite games to play growing up. If you’re brand new to this channel want to go ahead and click. The subscription button don’t forget to leave a like guys if you’re old Laughter help get this out and uh yeah happy monday.

So here we go guys cancelled. Golani 007 xbox live arcade remaster fully revealed in two hour game play video. A rare find nice word play from this eurogamer writer, so rares canceled xbox live arcade remaster of at seminole, n64 shooter golonai 007 has been revealed in its entirety with a two hour: playthrough video holy cow. This is pretty cool guys. They got two hours of footage from a playthrough now it says the video below published by the youtube channel of goldeneye 007 content creator, grasslude double o via goldeneye dossier, shows the full game played on the double o agent difficulty in 4k resolution and 60 frames per. Second, so 4k 60 frames. Could you imagine playing goldeneye at that rate now? I know real quick before we get into the rest of article a lot of people. I hear recently say that game hasn’t aged well. I have to completely 100 percent disagree on that sentiment. I think goldeneye is aged. Like a fine wine, i think. As far as fps’s go um, it was influential on bringing them to consoles because at the time most fps’s that were good were on pc like doom wolfenstein. All that every time there was a console port of one of those they just didn’t feel as good uh, but i think goldeneye was one of the first exceptions that fps’s came onto console and kicked ass. So i 100 disagree. I mean you’re entitled to your opinion. In regards to that, but i think it kicked a lot of ass and it’s awesome.

Uh to this day, if i had my n64 plugged in you bet your bottom dollar, i would be playing it anyways to continue. It says: uh, the footage shows goldeneye. 007 xbox live arcade running on an emulator to achieve the higher resolution, so this is not on original hardware, nothing like that. Also, it shows 30 minutes of multiplayer at the end. So i will be linking this article down below i’m, not going to watch the full video out, but we can. We can check out some of it. So of course we got ta check out the iconic opening. Do you expect me to remove this nintendo logo screen? No, mr bond, i expect you to die. All right was that going to be on the real on the real xbox port? Oh my god! This brings memories right here, Music, Music. So this is a beta okay. You can tell right away. The faces. Are better look it’s showing the n64 and then the hd version? Look at that, so you can tell the hd version. Is years better. My phone, we don’t, do nothing in multiple takes y’all. My phone alarm just went off in the middle of this shut up. Look at these look at these renditions of the uh of the characters. You can definitely tell a difference. Oh my gosh bear insanity was so much better like fixed up so we’re, just gon na catch a little bit of this just to react to it and watch it.

We’Re not gon na show the whole entire all right, oh man, i wish i could check this out many memories, so the most notable change again is uh. Is the character models huge step up in that the rest of the game? You know small attention to details and stuff, but you can still see the polygons look pretty much the same um. You can tell there’s a little bit of different changes with the lighting and stuff and, of course, the frame rate is running higher and the resolution’s better there’s, no fog uh. But my god would this be phenomenal to play an experience. Anyways guys enough of that i’m gon na leave a link in the description down below. If you want to check that out, i think honestly, pretty impressive, that somebody got a hold of the beta of that it’s, a shame that that never got to come out. But who knows maybe it will? I don’t know that would be cool anyways to finish out. The article in 2007, microsoft owned rare, developed an hd remaster of its n64 classic to be released on xbox live arcade, but copyright disputes saw the project shuttered before this video. Only 30 minutes of the footage of the game has been released. Now we see the game in all its glory from its iconic opening, damn level to its final bonus level, egyptian all within acceptable frame rate. So this is a whole entire, complete playthrough of the game level by level.

Look at this so that’s the bunker stage um. It says in a tweet graz, luz, double07 insisted. This gameplay is not related to any recent leak, rather builds of the game were obtained years ago from partner net. A sandbox version of xbox live available only to dev kit owners according to grossly double o. A build of the game will be released at some point in 2021, so he’s saying a build of the game will be released in 2021. Official or unofficial is what i want to know now. While the xbox live remaster never saw light of day, we did eventually get a full remake on the wii with identically titled goldeneye 007. In 2010 i never tried the wii version, but pretty cool glimpse at gaming. History, that was never uh, never came to light. Let me know your guys comments in the uh comment, section down below what you guys think of this, and if you would like to play this subscribe, if you haven’t i’ll see you on the next one guys.