Then you can consider subscribing to my channel and click on this bell icon to stay connected with me. All the time hello, guys welcome to my channel, so this video is very useful for many of you, people who want to know how to enable tpm 2.0 on your computer in the motherboard bios setting okay. So in the previous video i got a huge love. I got almost 70 to 18 000 views, which was really great in a very short time. I am here now to make amazing content for you guys so that i can give you much more content about many of the motherboard in msi asus, gigabyte, motherboard in in amd platform and intent platform on which ever motherboard you have, if you can enable it easily. If you have this kind of facility in your motherboard and how to enable it so in this video i’m going to help you how to do that, so the first motherboard that i have i want to show you is my own motherboard. So if you see there it’s for you, asus ufi biosolubility, and this motherboard model is prime b560mk, which is for tangent and 11g supported, intel processor like in core 5, 7, 9, etc. Okay, so in this motherboard, if you go there, if you click on advanced setting and go to the trusted computing, you will see that there is tpm 2.0 device found, because this is a very latest motherboard. It is 11th chain supported.

So obviously it has because we know that 8th gen up to 11 gen, we support for the intel tpm 2.0, which is default, but officially it is supported okay from agent to up to the highest level. Okay, then you see in the second line. We have secured security device support, enable and in the last section we see the tpm 2.0 ufi spec version, which is tg tcg 2, so it is completely supported. You can see what it will written in that and you can enable it by going there. Obviously i have a dedicated video on this. You can also check it out how to enable it – okay, guys so now i’m, going to the simple gigabyte, ufi dual bios motherboard, and in this motherboard we don’t have tpm sitting on the advanced setting. It is little bit of different it’s in the peripherals guys it’s in the peripherals. If you go to the peripherals, as you can see, this is for the intel based motherboard. If you go to the trusted computing in the blue written text, as you can see in the, if you go to the trusted setting – and you can enable it by there by going there very simple, very easy – you can search it for it and just go to The peripherals and go to the trusted computing and just enable it now i’m, going to the second category of our motherboard, so here in this particular motherboard. This is actually for the msi motherboard, as you can see by the interface, is all red reddish everything it is a gaming type of msi motherboard, especially for amd.

As you can see in the emd, we have ftpm switch okay because amd they call it ftpm, but in intel called it ptt. Okay, the two different module i’ll give you full explanation. What is that? Because amd is a little bit of different is calling etpm to ftm, but intel called tpm as a pdt as security option. Okay, as you can see, we have. If you go to the settings, security trusted computing. First go to setting security trusted computing. Okay, then you have your written there, tpm 2.0 device found and the firmware version that you have and the vendor is empty, because this is amd support and this supported motherboard and then you have a security device. Support enable and amd ftpm switch. You can select it and make it enable, and in this middle section we have tpm estate. As you can see, it is also enabled make sure that you enable it okay, if you want to support your operating system to windows 11. If you want to upgrade it, you have to do this kind of setting. Okay, you have to enable dpm state, so that is also fine, and you also have the tpm 2.0 efi spec version. Also, this is a 2.0 which is also enabled now let’s go to the next motherboard, and here this is just a normal msi motherboard, as you can see here. Also, if you go to the advanced and trusted computing, you will have the same thing: tpm 2.

0 device found and in the last section we have tpm 2.0 ufi spec version. This is also enabled okay. So this is awesome. If we go to the next type of motherboard, we can see this is auras gigabyte, gaming type of motherboard and, as you can see, it’s written. If you go to the settings in the advanced mode, you have amd cpu ftpm because amd called it ftpm. You just need to enable it, and in the last section we have trusted computing 2.0. As you can see, these are the two things for the tpm in auras gigabyte amd based motherboard, okay. So that is very simple, very easy. You can do it very simply and the next one we have the msi motherboard, and this is, as you can see, in the right side. This is the 590 motherboard for the msa, which is also a gaming motherboard type, and it supports 11g processors of intel. And here, if you go to the settings panel and you go to settings, go to security, go to trusted computing, and here you will find security device support, enabled and tpm device selection ptt because intel call it pdt. Okay make sure it is enabled and security device support enabled, and if you do all of those thing, then you have the tpm enable on your motherboard and you can update your windows to windows 11. So this is very important so guys, as i told you, these are all things and settings in different category of motherboard different brands of motherboard asus, msi gigabyte.

I showed you a for different kind of motherboard and different kind of chipset, like in different kind of brands. Processor, like amd intel based and what are the supported feature for it and how we can enable in different kinds of motherboard. Normally, i cannot afford all the motherboards so that’s why. I took a screenshot of every single type of motherboard that i can possible and showed you how to do that, because i want to help you guys so that you can make sure you can upgrade your operating system to windows 11 in the near future, which is Looks awesome beautiful. I will also do this and i’ll make a complete video as well. Okay, so don’t worry and you can upgrade it to whatever you like and enable it and let’s enjoy. So thanks for watching i’ll be coming with a lot of awesome content in the near future and help me support to grow my channel and help and subscribe and share as much as possible of my awesome content that you have given the love in the previous video.