So, basically, you can see that it is intel uh core i5 gen 7 and it is the lenovo ideapad 320. I don’t know the version of this laptop, but it is a separate chain. Quad i5 laptop. So here you can see that i have also already created a bootable usb to windows 11, and you can see that it is already attached to the computer uh. Okay. Now we need to go to the recovery mode and uh, basically, first i’m, going to go to the bios and show you that there is not a uh tpm 2.0 available on this computer, so basically to go into the bios. Basically uh here is a recovery uh. Basically, what lenovo laptop has this thing, the one key recovery? So if i have to press this thing and it’s going to restore its short power on the computer, so now i press that one and now you can see that the computer is powered on. So here is the now you can see that there is the normal startup and there is the bios i’m going to the bios. So you can see that i am on the using the arrow keys, basically and now press enter, and here is also the thing and enter okay. Now you can see that i am in the bios and in the security tab you can see that there is not the tpm 2.0 chip available and instead you can see that there is intel platform, trust technology.

So you can see that it is by default, enable, and this secure bot is enabled i am going to disable it. Even though yep you have to simply disable it because uh, you cannot simply boot the usb if the secure board is enabled. So you can see if you saw that uh you are even disabling the secure bot. Even again, you cannot boot into the uh computer, then in that case you have to simply choose reset to setup mode uh here, as you can see that reset to setup mode. Simply click enter and then it’s going to reset everything and everything will be set up for you. So at the moment i’m going to restart the computer and we’ll go to the bios of the computer. So sorry we’ll go to install windows label on this computer. So i’m going to choose just your changes: i’m, not even going to uh, basically save the uh bios thing! So yes, and now it is restarted and again hold a moment until it’s going to restore the computer and it will be uh so by default. Windows. 11. Already installed on this pc, i have uh previously. I have installed it here, so there is no need for me to pretend that okay, now you can see that i basically windows 11 has restarted, and now you can see that i am in the login of the windows 11. So basically uh here you can see that there is a power button.

You can see that it is down there so i’m going to simply uh click on it and going to restart the pc so hold the shift key on the keyboard. Now you can see that i’m holding the shift key plus i’m going to click on the uh, restart key and now press restart anyway and now it’s going to restart the pc uh into the. I think advanced recovery option we are going. We are going to choose the usb and going to install the windows 11 on this pc, so in this laptop, and we have to wait and again wait and you have to choose simply from here – use a device. You can also use the mouse if you wish. So again, please press efi, usb device. So now you can see it is booting. The usb i told you that the secure board is enabled and this pc do not have the tpm 2.0 technology. Sorry, cheap and we have to wait until it’s going to the install setup window where uh we are going to perform a clean installation of the windows 11 on this computer. So we have to wait for a moment until the installation should appear. So, congratulations to me because it is available or congratulations to you that we are in the installation of the windows level. So simply click next and install now and hold on okay. Now, here you can see that here is the windows. 11 versions all available in this iso, you can download it from the intuosum.

com. Just choose: windows: 11. Pro next click. I accept the license next choose custom and delete the drive and simply click next and it’s, going to install the windows 11. However, if you saw that you cannot bypass these problem, sorry, if you stuck here uh with the error of this pc, can’t install windows 11. So simply you have to go to one step back and then on the keyboard, press shift and then f10 sorry. I cannot uh my hand, cannot reach the okay i’m going to press this thing shift f10. Now you can see that i’m pressing here is the shift key, and here is the f10 key press this on the keyboard. Okay, unfortunately, is not opening, so i have to press these two is to where is f10 Music, f10, f10, f100 and f10. It is that one okay here it is shift f10. Oh now, i remember why it’s not working you have to simply also uh hold on the fn key, also, which is the function, key f and shift, and then f 10. Here is the f10. Now you can see that the uh black screen of the notepad is now available here. So here you have to type notepad.exe or notepad. Simply you can see that here is the notepad, so i have to zoom it. So you should not face any problem and then enter, and now you can see that it is the notepad window. Uh go to file click open, Music and from here you have to simply uh choose all files, and now you can see that okay go one step back and again all files, so it is pc and usb here is the usb here now you can see that Here is bypass tpm.

Remember if you face that this pc can’t install windows 11. You have to use this step. Otherwise do not use this step. Uh your pc has the intel, uh trust platform. I think that was that chip. Whenever that is available, you can simply install windows 11 without any issue. That is all man so for the moment, i’m going to exit all this stuff, because i’ve already performed a clean installation on this computer and now all the settings all each and everything is available. On the pc, so if i have to uh perform a clean installation again, it is going to basically remove all the data, all the preferences, all the settings which i just set up uh. It will be a waste of time for me. So here you can see that it is booting again into the windows 11, which i have already installed you can, if your pc has. I only wanted to show you that if your pc has the intel trust platform, i don’t know what was that something like that? One you can install the windows 11 uh inside your computer, so the way i have installed it here uh. So let me again, i have to show you what was the name of that thing: uh open with vlc. Now you can see that this is the windows. 11, which i am using for daily purposes at the moment, um yeah, that is uh, intel platform, trust technology, intel platform, trust technology.

So that is the name you have to remember. If your pc has intel trust platform technology, you can install windows 11 without any uh issue.