This awesome. Lebron james graffiti on walls and one such wall was in chicago, but now we’ve got a little more evidence there’s now something in game that represents this lebron james icon, series, skin and some very popular streamers and youtubers have received packages. So in believer beach, here there’s a basketball court, as you can see, and we’ve got our first in game teaser for lebron james, so there it is right there. It doesn’t look like much, but it will be a lebron james teaser. So i think all these walls – well, i guess there’s only two walls, so maybe one more teaser right here, but in the end it’s gon na be lebron james. Maybe this whole thing will fill up i’m really, not sure, but if you want to check this out in game, the exact location is right here on the basketball court in believer beach. So i don’t know if this is like a lion’s mane or what, but you can see the lakers, colors and it’s kind of cool. How they did this because, like i said in real life, they did the graffiti on a wall like this as well, and it was just a big pair of wings and the purple and gold and black awesome, so that’s, just one bit of evidence right there now, Like i said, some streamers and some youtubers received a package in the mail and in particular, cipher pk posted about this and here’s what he said.

So he’s got this huge, charlie and the chocolate factory golden ticket here, and it says fortnight, on july 14th. The fortnite item shop will be taken over by an icon, like no other until then feel free to consider yourself, fortnite’s interim king and then in parentheses. It says so long as the crown fits then there’s a taco at the bottom and then hashtag. The king has arrived, cipher, also posted an image, well it’s, an animated image of the crown he received at first. I thought this was fake, but this is a real crown. They legit sent him a golden crown and i’ll be honest. My jealousy factor is at over 9000 right now. I would just love to get things in the mail like this, even back when i did call of duty videos and they used to fly me out to events. I was never on the mailing list for things that got sent out to content creators. Never so there’d be guys getting hoodies or supply packages or things relating to the new season or the new game in the mail, and then i would never get it. It was just always disappointing, but i don’t know everyone gets jealous now and again so here’s another image of a streamer opening their gift box. This is booga and again you can see that they sent him a real crown. Well, i mean obviously it’s not a real crown, but it’s a crown replica pretty sweet, though they’re going all out for this lebron james icon, series i’m sure it’ll have to do with space jam as well.

Look how high this basketball hoop is by the way you kidding me. Nobody can dunk on that, not even bugs bunny from space jam. So, even if you’re, not a basketball fan, you’ve got to admit they’re doing a lot to promote this in game in real life packages in real life, it’s awesome and there should be some challenges and some quests associated with this skin and things you can unlock. So stay tuned for that it’s all happening july 14th, which is next week.