Today we got some massive massive news here inside of fortnite about a brand new basketball skin soon to come to the game, we got a joke to go along with the new skin as well. Ladies and gentlemen, i think this is a great one. Here we go what’s lebron james favorite, fast food, dunkin donuts, you get it because lebron james is a basketball player and they dunk and who doesn’t love a glazed donut in the morning. Man i bet lebron james. Does about a month and a half ago, we received a brand new event here inside a fortnight called the nba crossover event. It gave us some brand new nba skins inside of item shop. It also gave us a super fun, creative hub, as well as a bunch of free rewards for us to unlock through the challenges. Originally, this event was actually supposed to include a lebron james skins, ladies and gentlemen, but because of the apple vs, epic lawsuit. That was going on epic games decided to delay it, but now the wait is over. The lebron james skin is just about to be released here inside of fortnite season. Seven we’re gon na talk about everything and even showcase the skin right here in this video. Before we get into it don’t forget i get five subscribers in every single video here on the holman games channel and as a matter of fact, here’s three codes for each and every single console that you can play fortnite on and if you’re, the first one to Redeem it go ahead, enjoy your v bucks and get whatever you want in fortnite.

If we can somehow get 10 000 likes on this video, the next video i post will include a total of five codes. Instead of only three that being said seriously man, if you haven’t hit the thumbs up button, make sure you hit that if you’re not subscribed, make sure you hit the subscribe button without further ado, we’ve wasted too much time. Lebron james is arriving here inside of fortnite let’s, showcase him and talk about it. Oh here we go boys. We are on the fortnite spawn island and check out my skin man. What do you guys think, while it definitely 100 looks almost exactly like lebron james? This? Actually isn’t the lebron james skin. This was one of the new basketball skins that we got during may during the crossover event, and i got ta say while it isn’t lebron james. It looks almost spot on during one of the very first days of the apple vs, epic lawsuit that was going on. A collaboration got exposed of epic games actually planning to put in a lebron james skin. Originally, it was gon na release towards the end of 2020, but obviously it’s 2021, and there is no lebron james skin. Alongside this, a brand new mini game for fortnite actually got teased as well. This actually being an arcade style of basketball inside a fortnite. This mode would literally allow you to shoot baskets, steal, the basketball from enemy players and even perform dunks, which sounds awesome.

Not only was epic games planning on creating a brand new mini game inside of fortnite, literally allowing us to play basketball, but they were also planning a collaboration with the nba that would allow us to actually watch. Nba content live inside a party royale, and this is where we arrive at the lebron james skin. Ladies and gentlemen, because if you didn’t know the first nba watch party that is gon na take place is actually gon na be a live event featuring lebron james himself. This will be called zion, vs lebron, and it will literally feature a dunk contest where two of the best current basketball players literally go head to head. Oh, i just ran over that guy got one more right here, headshot and then we pickaxed them low key. That was kind of toxic and the last one. What is this guy doing this guy’s a bot? Oh, my goodness, that was free man. I love it. You’Ll notice on the poster for zion versus lebron. It doesn’t appear that there’s any date or any time or place while we’re not sure the exact time or date that this party royale live event where we get to watch zion face off against lebron is actually gon na be going down. We do know when the lebron james skin is gon na be released. A couple days ago, in my beautiful home city of chicago illinois, someone was actually able to spot what appeared to be a graffiti artist or a painter or someone who’s, very, very talented, actually painting something on the streets of chicago.

Once the artist had finished up and completed his mission, there was one massive painting left and it was actually a painting for fortnite that featured one the fortnite logo. It also featured a set of wings and it also featured a little crown right above it. It is believed that the wings and the crown inside of this little painting is actually directly related to an encrypted file that we have inside of fortnite, and this is actually for a bundle that sounds like it would go absolutely perfect, with lebron james known as the King’S bling bundle, if you’re a lebron james fan, then you also probably recognize the crown that is right above the wings, because lebron james actual logo that he has on his shoe line actually looks almost the exact same being once again yet another crown. Thankfully, epic games gave us a day too, with this painting as well, so we’re, not just sitting here guessing on when it’s gon na be released. The very very bottom of the painting is where you’ll actually find the date – and it says 7 14 – 21, meaning that in a little bit less than 10 days, we’re literally gon na get to purchase the lebron james skin and hopefully also be able to play that. Absolutely incredible little basketball mini game that we saw leaked from the apple epic lawsuit. Oh, what up dr sloane? Oh dear, oh dear, i got the leader of the io right here, man.

What are you doing? Oh no, oh dear, where you at come here, mrs sloane. Come here lad! Oh yes, thanks for playing holy cow, oh we’re! Not done yet! Though boys, we got a whole army in here literally, so many of them look at him. Ah, oh it goes. Oh dear, oh dear, boom come here mate. Yes, there we go. Yes, holy cow, ladies and gentlemen, how are we still alive dude? I got no clue man, since this promotional image that epic games decided to paint literally in the middle of downtown chicago actually includes some wings. I imagine that this skin won’t just be a basketball skin and instead it’ll probably be paired with a selectable style kind of like what we saw with the neymar skin. Oh it’s, busting over here boys let’s go clap these enemies. Shall we, sir, always running away here? We go boom laser we’re, trying to run away man, oh dear, that guy’s got shield bro wow. Where are you going mate? Where are you going? Oh dear he’s lasering us boom eliminated? Where do you think you’re going mate? Where do you think you’re going? Where are you going you’re going to the main menu that’s, where you’re going as soon as we get any more information on the lebron james skin, and this new nba event that may finally be happening and coming into fortnight, i’ll obviously make sure to keep you guys Plugged in and up to date over on, my twitter account at home and games yt so seriously.

If you’re not following me over there make sure you go follow me over there. Oh dear this isn’t good there’s, a superhero and then there’s a default boom defaults eliminated. Now let me get the superhero there. We go good, headshot, yes, back to the main menu thanks for playing some of the final enemies right in front of us boys. What are you doing? Oh, that was a good shot. Wait where’d you go boom. Bro he’s got a parasite on his head or something i can’t hit him. Okay, never mind hey and there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, last enemy literally got eliminated by the storm, but hey a victory. Royale is a victory royale. Thank you guys so much for watching this video here on the official channel of home of games. If you guys enjoyed, please feel free to hit that thumbs up button.