I’Ve heard a rumor that you’ve got a new experience, space, absolutely back to the hills, completely full residential and commercial. Oh, i absolutely love it. When can i come and visit now now? No time really, i reckon i can catch the three o’clock go, go, go let’s! Do this! Yes, wow it’s good to be here. Welcome to the crestron experience space, london Applause, hi, phil, hey jason, good, to see you in the flesh, my man, i know not on zoom or two: do you look so like your zoom it’s uncanny? Are you not so much me better? Looking yeah, your virtual background. Does you more favors? Oh! Thank you very much that’s that’s, honest, but i’ll. Take it um! Okay, look crestron home, really exciting! All about it, so crestron home was was launched in september 2019 and we’ve always made class leading hardware, but never the software. That goes alongside it, we’ve, let that be designed by programmers, so it’s always been individual based systems or custom. This is now the user interface that you see here today is what you would receive in your own home, and i do like the idea of a hardware, software, integrated system and that’s exactly what this is. You know, based around a class leading enterprise grade secure end to end hardware, that we’ve always produced, but now we’re we’re also responsible for the software element too, which is a constant evolution, and so what am i looking at right now? So this is the this.

Is this is the same tablet, experience that i guess i’ll get on, say my phone, if i’m remotely connecting absolutely and it’s multiple properties, if you’re fortunate enough to have something that’s, that’s within a city, perhaps and then you’ve got somewhere that’s in the country or in Another country altogether it’s exactly the same user experience. I love the small one, that’s just great isn’t it really nice and neat for things like um, ensuite, bathrooms dressing rooms, smaller areas, children’s bedrooms, a little bit of music application or lighting and that’s. Another great thing about this as well is that you can switch see child’s play no, but it’s movie time. It set me up for watching a movie on my tv screen. This is the sort of scenario that people that are into crestron home will be looking for. Isn’T it so we need the brains, which i thought would be some big rack with air cooling, but it’s that’s. It that’s it that’s. What runs my entire house. This is our mc4r and, as you can see, in comparison to my hand, it could be situated behind a screen in your game’s room or indeed rack mounted. So basically, you don’t need a big um massive square footage apartment for this uh or house. You could do this in a two bedroom flat. The misconception is that the crestron is only for the big properties. This can start in something as simple as a single media room, so your little game space controlling just that dmx lighting on your game’s console rack.

To begin with, maybe a small screen in there with a little rf remote all from one little one, little processor i’m aware that you’ve deployed some really cool technology around your video compression delivery audio. I can get it not just in the traditional way, where i’d plug in an hdmi into an av amp, but you can also do that over ip yeah. So this is our latest generation of our digital media platforms. The digital media first came to market in 2008. This reiteration is network video, so it’s av over ip and we’re using a standard one gigabit network, your proper old cat5e cable that your house has been installed with 10 20 years ago and now we’re sending a 4k 60 444 signal across your house 444. What? What is what does that mean, it’s all to do with color sampling and the and the richness of colors on the display you’re getting the true rich image, that’s being presented from one end to the other? Okay, i want to ask more about the space. This is the experience space after all, and my guess is that this is where i experience what it is that you have to offer as a customer, or maybe an interior designer, an architect to get a sense to get hands on with with the kit and to Look at the different choices and and learn more about the functionality it’s it’s to take them through the journey of how simple it is to set up.

You know all the finishes within a drawer as an example, which is where we come to the end result of what actually goes on a wall. These are things that people want to touch and feel it’s the tactile response of a button it’s. What a five inch touchscreen in portrait looks like on a wall i’m inspired. We need to make changes. Shea bradbury that’s, all i’m, going to say we’ll have to get your wife in it: jason yeah, no don’t that’s a really bad idea. No, this is what i mean: hello, matt, hey jason, how you doing yeah good thanks good, so you’re responsible for the business side of what crestron did that’s right? Yes, yeah, yeah, so i’m responsible for looking after our commercial business. The whole workspace has completely changed over the last couple of years, so, whereas it used to be the majority of people would have been in offices or they would have brought somebody in via a video conference in special occasions, almost every single meeting now will have at Least one person remote well yeah because i mean because of what’s happened: uh we’re all now having virtual meetings, conferences and so on in spaces that we never expected to. So it might be your office, but equally it could be a workshop environment, couldn’t it a warehouse or or maybe even a church i’m very aware in my own small company, and i just employ three people, including myself, but i do all of my meetings.

I’D say 100 of my meetings now are virtual and i’ve also hosted a couple of conferences without even leaving my house. What i want is a turnkey solution. I just want one button yep, absolutely, which is what we have here. So this line of product is called flex it’s, quite an expansive range, so we have quite a few products that will fit. What we feel is every application that you and your business may well have, and it starts all the way from here the beginning of our journey that we have um our personal device. So part of the challenge that people have experienced is that by using microsoft, team, zoom or any other platform on their laptop they’re utilizing their their whole work space, which is their product they’re using at home. For that meeting, and not all people have extended desktops and multiple screens that they need to do their job, so you can replace that and have a separate device which has either let’s say a hot desking environment or your own personal workspace. Your microsoft teams account logged into this device, so you can really easily come here either. You can dial one of your contacts from here. Just like you would with the phone or that meeting that you said previously, it’s a one touch join yeah. I can really see a user case for this um because a lot of businesses aren’t particularly technical. You know they might do some form of artisan kind of upscaling, but not really be that conversant with, with with laptops and different platforms and meetings and all the rest of it in this case, it’s there on the screen, and i just what touch that button.

Absolutely touch that button. Okay. Well, then, take you straight into the meeting so you’re now in the lobby, ready for the host to admit you in i’ll, just cancel literally is so. This is your personal workspace device. If we move along one, we then go into what we classify as our our small room solution. So the heart of any of our microsoft teams, room systems is going to be this. This is our uc engine. Now we call it a uc engine, because, whilst it is a windows, 10 iot machine, it’s running one application, and that is microsoft teams. We pre build this plate like this. All these all these parts are actually screwed onto the factory and tested and then it’s shipped in one piece. The installer will then mount that up behind the display, so it would never get seen and the only time that it would ever need to be upgraded or changed is the point that you would see that again. Superb, the only thing that you’re going to see is the user is going to be, in this case the mercury. It is a tabletop microphone loudspeaker and touch panel, single console that allows you to be able to not only interface to your microsoft team system, but have your audio and, of course, your microphone pick up on that single device on the table. So this is a solution for small meeting rooms, but what about larger spaces? Okay, so once you go outside of what we would designate as a small, medium or large room, we then go into what we call our c series, so c stands for custom and it means that your audio, visual designer and integrator will specify the microphones loudspeakers and Camera they feel, is best suited for that space.

So, in this example, here we’ve got an avacam 520 pro that’s, a ptz camera we’ve got an amplifier we’ve got installed. Loudspeakers we’d have a distributed microphone system with a dsp so that won’t allow you to give exactly the same. One touch experience you’d have in that small room, but this could be in an auditorium or boardroom or any size space. Now, all of our systems allow you to present, which means that, without even being in a teams or a zoom meeting, you could just plug your laptop in and the content will appear in room and then, as soon as you join a meeting that content will get Shared to everybody, absolutely superb, something that really stuck with me from my last visit to this space was the sound bar with the camera in the middle of it. Ah, the b series that’s right it’s over here. Yes, this is the unit. I remember it’s just such a practical solution, because in this configuration at least you know on the stand with the wheels you know, i can imagine again in the workshop environment, where you want to bring it out into a meeting room or in an educational context or An office space like this with a few little cubby holes, it’s just really practical isn’t, it absolutely just bring it out and just fire straight into a meeting. In fact, do you want to see how it works? I’D love to go on in okay, so you’re going to fire up on there take a seat Music.

There you go: hey jason, how you doing i’m good fantastic! This is so straightforward, god, that’s, so good and you’re. So clear, you’re coming through this mercury unit, really really clearly that’s right, so that’s the bigger brother to the one that you saw earlier, that’s the full size, mercury. So on that, you’ve still got your loudspeaker across the back and you have your four microphones through a 360 degree, microphone pickup. That will give you a 20 foot radius. So you know your sort of 10 to 12 person meeting room that will cover. So i can. I can certainly i can sit back here and you can still hear me. Okay, i can hear you beautifully absolutely. I can see that the camera now is adjusted uh to take account of where you’re stood, that’s really clever, which is just below my monitor there is that right, that’s right so so that’s, the huddly iq, so the ai technology built into that camera. That comes in all our small and medium kits that you’re, seeing at the front of the room is identical, of course, to what i’ve got here within our soundbar, so that’s, counting the people it’s then gon na genius frame. You don’t have to touch anything on that console, so cool and i’d like to see actually uh the b series in action. Can we swap no problem at all come on out let’s? Do it there, you go god it’s such a clear image, really imposing it’s great isn’t, it it’s, really immersive it’s, just an elegant, simple piece of product design.

I really like it. What i love is how crestron have got this system, but you’ve managed to deploy it in a number of different kind of user case scenarios. Brilliant i’m just going to come and join. You come on in okay, jason, come on in cool, come take a seat right. One more thing to show you it’s exclusive to crestron: oh it’s byod. What does byod stand for so it’s bring your own device, so everything you’ve seen on our flex system so far, are all native, so they’re running microsoft teams? Okay! So you get that one touch! Joy and everything else, but what happens when you want to to join any other meeting from any other things? I think zoom think slack think anything else that you’ve got running from your laptop. You can do that on all of our advanced systems. So all you need to do is to take out a usb to plug in to your computer. We then have an hdmi that we plug in which i’ll take here. What will now happen is that the video from my laptop, my display, is going to appear at the front of the room up on the display. The touch panel here says: speakerphone and camera are initializing. Usb driverless technology don’t have to install anything on my laptop. My display is now up here. My microphones will now route back to my laptop. The loudspeaker will also route to my laptop and that webcam that hubby iq will now also work from here.

So you drive the meeting just like you’re working from home, so you’ve got the power and flexibility of your laptop, but you’ve got the room and you’ve got an infiniti of possibilities. So you’re saying that the flexibility offered by my pc to do whatever meeting, i want say a facebook meeting or any other type of platform uh. I can still do that. Facebook whatsapp anything that you’ve got that you’re running from your laptop, just like you’re working from home but i’m using the hudley using the homework and the microsoft array or whatever external microphone i’ve chosen. For my for my configuration correct, i love it all right. Phil. Give me the noise on the dm nax. I like what you did there audio over ip, so we had a little chat earlier on about dm nvx, very excited by this av over ip. This is the audio version, so this little box that you’ve got your hand on first in the country by the way, first into europe at present uh 8zsa 8 stream zone amplifier. So this has got eight physical streams built into this one single box you’ve also still got the ability to put in analog inputs to it, 150 watts per channel output, wow 2u footprint and much lighter than previous revisions of audio matrixes. That we’ve had before wow software limited at this particular point in time to 256 by 256., so even the biggest houses or vessels you’re not going to need more than that yeah you shouldn’t run out and you’re on your giga yacht.

It should sort shouldn’t run out of space and it’s got a lot of punch behind it. I apps 150 watts 150 watts per channel unbridged at 8, ohms wow, okay, so this is the ip so that’s your network, that’s. How you talk to the to the box and then what’s the other and that’s, your max port, if you like, this, will then go off and sit on the same network as your nvx product and you’re able to distribute the audio in that way over those nvx Boxes out to remote locations – ah i love it and at launch uh, which of these services at launch, so we’ve got spotify connect at launch as well as airplay 2, and then the others that are mentioned on here alexa is going to be the voice assistant. So you can sit within your dining room and say: uh, hey alexa play beethoven and it will know the room that you’re in and start playing beethoven off of one of your stream services and then others are to follow such as tidal, uh, amazon, deezer et cetera And i love the integration of voice assistants because, like it all loads, it that’s become the norm for so many consumer devices. Doesn’T it absolutely especially the younger generation it’s. The natural is to walk into a room and ask something to play for you versus reaching for a tablet or a another device to type a command in. I just want it.

I i want it too and to be fair i’m tempted to borrow that one. Okay, jason, so this is xo cloud. This is the glue that brings everything that crestron has to offer together. So one of the challenges people have with deploying enterprise grade technology is how not only deploy the product, but how do you monitor manage and upgrade that product going forward? So we have exo cloud. All crestron products can now be deployed, monitored and managed via this tool. It’S, a cloud based service it’s on the microsoft azure, iot tenant, so it’s the best highest quality, most enterprise grade secure, um solution that they offer and it allows us to see via dashboard all of the products that sit within our estate. So this is all of crestron emea here and we can simply at a glance, see all of our devices that are online any of the rooms that are occupied, so these are rooms that have got our occupancy sensor or, alternatively, maybe one of our flex systems in There so we can see the number of rooms at this point that are, but we also have a list down here of any of the rooms that may have an error. So, for example, if i simply clicked on here, i could see a list of all of the rooms that have errors and then over here the status of the product, so it’s online and any alert was showing with detail down here.

On the right hand, side something else that we can do with this is update our product, so we can schedule and manage firmware updates going forward to make sure that everything is all is all fully up to date. But let me show you this. This is this. Is cool so the b series that we looked at earlier that flex system that’s it here, so we have a touchscreen and our uc engine, but if i select into the touchscreen you can’t remotely operate it, i can remotely operate it. So i go into this remote control tab and that right there, just by simply putting request control that allows me to see that touch panel right now. So what i need to do, for example, is select on this join button. What will they mean? Is that, as you see on this system here, that has now taken us into that join and we’re going to get admitted into that meeting, hey phil! That is so good. How cool is that it’s great, so that now means that you can remotely control any crestron touch panel anywhere in the world, but also what’s really exciting is we’re now starting to support third party products, so there’s displays avr’s and other devices coming online as well. That you’ll be able to deploy, monitor and manage through xo cloud wow it’s really really proactive Laughter. I see you found the xbox, then jason. Yes right now. Let me blow your mind: okay yeah.

Where do you think the xbox is uh behind here? Nope, it isn’t. This is actually sat on our corporate network, okay, so it’s in our rack, okay, which is nowhere near this okay, so the video, the audio and the usb is all being transmitted over our corporate network. This is nvx. This is our av over ipv product. That phil was talking about earlier for the residential. This is 4k 60, 444 hdr, video distribution, so you’re getting perfect content and then you’re getting that zero latency control back from there over a standard, one gigabit ethernet network on a cat5 that’s. Absolutely amazing, because i mean i know this game rocket league and i and i’d know if there was latency i’d feel it, and it feels real real time to me. So you could have an xbox situated anywhere in the house, and could you have multiple versions of this absolutely so you can have an xbox which is going to be in your rack, and then you can pick up that anywhere that you wanted in the house just Plug in your controller and away you go, i like this. One of the most exciting technologies that crestron have been working on is mind. Control check this out, Music, have the lights going out yet. Ah didn’t work, Music, well, i’m, a huge crest front fan. I i was the first time i experienced their technology more than a year and a half ago, but i’m really surprised how far it’s come on.

Even in that short space of time and being here at the london experience, space has been a really great opportunity. For me to get in detail hands on touching it feeling it checking out how it all functions, meeting the team – and i would encourage you to do the same – find an experienced space near you and see what amazing work crestron are doing.