We have chrome, safari, edge, firefox, opera and internet explorer and in sixth place we have internet explorer, which is at 1.45 and that’s. The reason for that is that internet explorer is basically being phased out and in windows 11 it will actually be disabled in the operating system, and then we have oprah, which is at 2.48 and then firefox at 7.16 percent edge at 8.1, and actually there was a Time um last year, which we’ll take a look at now with firefox, was actually um. You know had a bigger percentage market share than edge, so at the moment in june of 2021, it seems that edge has overtaken firefox in the uh. You know the market share. Regarding those browsers, and then we have the safari apple, safari, 9.71 and then chrome 68.74, and not any of these at the moment, are coming close to chrome, as this has been, you know in videos i have posted before regarding stat counter and market share results for Web browsers chrome for the last while has always been at the top and has been in the 60, so you know it goes up and down a little bit, but it basically stays between 60 and 70, and then we have our desktop browser market share worldwide. The you know the the chart where we can actually see those figures and these stats and what i’m going to do now is i’m just going to pop over i’ve downloaded this onto my machine.

So we can just take a better look at this and then stat counter global stats june of 2021 and then yeah in the red. We have oprah which, as you know, from july of 2020 up until june of 2021 that’s, basically a year, they have more or less state constant here at the bottom and then we have edge, which is in the slug pale blue and we can see here. May you know june july of 2020, they started basically yeah where oprah was and then they went right up here they came in line with firefox and now they have actually taken over firefox. According to those latest results which i did show you in those percentage figures of the market share just now, and then we have safari here in the purple, and this has been quite in you know in atari with firefox, and we can see it has gone up. A little bit over here and edge, which is the pale blue line over there, is in the process of actually catching up with safari. So it looks like in the next while maybe in the next year or so that edge will actually overtake safari when it comes to the browser percentage in the market share worldwide and then, as mentioned um just now. Here we have google chrome right at the top. In the green, which you know, none of these at the moment have have any chance of actually catching google chrome, but just wanted to point out in this video that edge, which is the pale blue lanyard, has steadily increased from may june.

You know july of 2020 and has actually come past firefox yeah in about march or april um may of 2021 and is now close to coming into second place regarding those market shares for desktop browsers worldwide. So i just wanted to update you. Microsoft edge is gaining in market share. Google chrome is still way out front, but you know it looks like edge is actually going to overtake safari. As i mentioned this time last year, firefox was actually basically in third place, and now it just moved up to third place and i’m sure in the next couple of months. Maybe within the next year we will see edge overtake safari.