Hi guys welcome to do info. Today we are going to talk about the windows 11 again, so microsoft has finally released the windows. 11. You can download it today. Yes, today, you can go ahead for your windows, update, search for window update and you can download windows 11 right now, as you can see in my pin my previous window, i just downloaded windows, 11 developer version. So now i will show you how to download. First of all, you need to register for windows, insider program, that’s, simple it’s, just like a one two three, i will show you how you we can re register so just go to google and type windows insider program. So click here first link inside it at windows.com, just click here, and it will take you to the insider windows program. You just need to click here. Register sign in now, and you need to sign in with any microsoft account so like any account which is linked with the microsoft once you sign in it will take you back to the main register window and you just click. One click register there’s no form to fill nothing anything else you once you register boom is done. You are registered for the windows insider program. That was the first step and second on your computer. You need to log in to the same microsoft account the one you have registered before how you can register your laptop or computer. With the same microsoft account you can click on windows go to here at the top sign in option right click here and click change account setting here you can see doing for yt gmail.

com. This account has been registered with the windows insider program, so i logged in using this account uh. You can click here sign in option and login to the same microsoft account. The next step is go to your windows, update, setting and turn on the developer mode. Just need to go to your cortana search, type, windows, insider and click. On the first link, it will open your windows insider program setting if this one is not coming up, you still can go to by clicking on the start option go to settings then update and security, and at the bottom you will see windows inside the program. You need to be local administrator on your computer to see this setting once you are in the setting. Just click on get started. Join the windows inside a program. You need an account it’s asking us to log in to the your microsoft account, so switch account here. You need to select your microsoft account. Click continue wait for a few second Music and it will show you the three option: the developer channel, the beta channel and the preview release. So if you need to install windows 11 right now, you have to be on the developer channel the first one click here and press the confirm – and this window press confirm again one more step to go here: windows asking to restart your computer. If you are ready, you can restart right now or restart later. You have to restart to accept all the settings, so press restart now Music.

Once the computer back on. You can go to your settings, windows and security and at the bottom you can check here. Windows. Insider program and the developer channel has been added. You need to make sure it shows the developer channel here before checking for windows update the first option need to be selected, then you can go to windows. Updates click here, search for windows, update Music, wait for a few seconds Music and boom. You can see number one option: windows, 11, insider preview: 10.0.1. It started downloading uh. We are successfully downloading windows 11, officially released from the microsoft as a developer once is download. It will take about 1 hour 1 hour 20 minutes depending on your internet. Speed once is fully downloaded, it will install itself like we usually install the windows update and it will show to restart your computer. You have to restart your computer once the computer back on you can see. Windows 11 has been applied. You can go to your computer setting and i will show you in a minute here. You can see windows 11 pro version developer version.