All of this mirroring the movement going on in the country right now, cubans on the island demanding freedom and help amid a humanitarian crisis, it’s a battle that’s stretched for generations, but may now be reaching the boiling point. Our team is converging and covering every angle of this story. Local tim tatovela leads us off tonight with the latest developments just into the newsroom hatsell, so larry and alex in communist cuba. We have seen protests before, but never in the 62 years since fidel castro took over, have we seen protests this massive and as expensive down with the dictatorship down with the castros not sound from miami but from havana. Proof cubans have lost their fear of government as the country plunges into a serious political, social and economic downturn. The government has money to build hotels. This man tells us, but the cuban people are starving, lack of food medicine, an out of control pandemic and a failing state run economy are partly the reason thousands of cubans are taking to the streets throughout the day the videos kept popping up on social media. It seems like the first social outcry started in san antonio de los banos, a small town 20 miles south of havana. Then we heard people took to the streets in matanzas, palma, soriano, santiago de cuba and in havana. This is video from the famous waterfront malikon, where you hear people chanting. This man tells the camera it’s over likely talking about the 62 year old revolution, people chanting, freedom at times, cubans without fear, confronting the police and the fight scene.

Here in this video cubans turn over a police car hundreds also seen at the center of town near the historic capitolia building, this catholic priest told us cubans simply came out to express themselves freely and they’re oppressing and beating people adding. This was unacceptable despite years of religious oppression. Today in the town of behukal also south of havana, we saw people gather around the image of the patron saints while asking for freedom. The government is cracking down, arresting many and sending out the military to patrol the streets. Cuba’S president blames the protest on u.s intervention and urges pro government revolutionaries to take to the streets and counter protest, and so some tonight are telling us that’s. Concerning my sources in cuba. Tell me they fear that this call to action by the president is simply pitting cubans against cubans and there could be bloodshed. They say, federal reporting live from the newsroom hatzabella, send it back to you and hatson. You mentioned bloodshed. There have you had any reports from any of your sources that that in fact is happening to a certain extent. Are we hearing those types of reports at this hour? You’Re right it’s happening to a certain extent and when i say that just minor incidents with police, we have seen some video where we have seen some folks with bloody faces. And again, we also saw an associated press photographer, who was injured, but we’re told he’s doing just fine that they’re checking to make sure everything’s, okay, but he’s expected to be okay, all right, hatzel.

Thank you, and our team coverage now turns from havana to right here. At home, local 10’s jerrell fournette is live in little havana, with the massive show of support, that’s still going strong hours later, terrell – and here we are just after 11 o’clock tonight, and take a look at just how many people are behind me. These folks have just as much momentum now as they did when they first arrived just after three o’clock this afternoon. One man actually came up to me a short time ago and tells me that he’s been very moved by what he is seeing out of those images in cuba. He really says that he’s waited 62 years to see a day just like today. Music, their message is just as symbolic as it is meticulous. The cuban people have been demanding human rights for 62 years, it’s been a long time coming. We just want to be free, one fool: we want supplies 90 miles away from the communist island of cuba, south floridians gathered by the hundreds with cuban flags and signs right outside of versailles, restaurant in little havana and even as far south as key west, where demonstrators Used more horns and other noise makers to draw attention to cuba’s humanitarian crisis, which has hit a boiling point for people living there and their loved ones, who feel helpless here hope, it’s, really bad. We don’t have vaccine, we don’t have enough supplies in the hospitals, people aren’t dying and right now we just we just want to get back to our people.

Man cause. We come from that struggle. I want to see the president to see something and to do something for you and now, because this is the moment, if not they’re, going to kill the people in cuba and it is going to be for nothing. So many people moved by the risky protests in cuba showed up to line southwest 8th street for much of sunday, so much so that police were forced to shut down the roadway for safety and to give demonstrators space the end of the castro regime. The end of the communist regime in cuba is not negotiable. Today is the day that cubans want their freedom city of miami mayor. Francis suarez showed up to express his solidarity for the cuban people and county mayor daniela. Levine cava was moved enough to make an impromptu appearance hope that all of this incredible support will help move the island to freedom. I hope that we’re going to be able to to bring democracy to cuba with the center. This is a first step, and this is a first for many steps. First of many steps, because change does not happen overnight, but people here are really optimistic that this really is the dawn of a new day for the people who live in cuba. The city of miami police department – they have been out here in force, rerouting traffic around this area and keeping an eye on the crowd. In fact, as of right now, southwest 32nd avenue between 32nd avenue and 37th avenues remains shut down here, along southwest 8th street.