Finally, there is some relief for all those asking us about the 5g network after jio airtel has confirmed that it has been working on the technology, but, as we all know, everything depends on the proper infrastructure anyway you’re watching india. Today tech. I am pavni jhan and this is our latest q. A let’s get techie video for all those who are new to our channel. This is how it works. You just put your question in the comments. Use the hashtag let’s get techy and we’ll pick your question in the next week’s video. Without further ado, let’s begin with the questions. Question number one is from sumit tulsian and it is hi. Can you please advise the cheapest over the year headphone, which offers a mute option? Um i’m, assuming that you’re looking for a headset for a gaming or video calls a cloud core headset, which is priced at rupees 6419. India comes with a usb remote that has a slider to mute the microphone. You can also use the same to adjust the volume levels and it also has a detachable microphone for better audio input. Ajay deedle writes: when will ruleme x7 series come in india, i’m waiting for last three and a half months. Please leak launch the real me x7 series will launch on february 4.. We will probably have two smartphones uh one realme x7 and another one is real. Me. X7 pro both of these smartphones have already been launched in china sometime in september 2020, and now we will finally have them in india.

So ajay your wait is going to get over very soon. Aron jude has a question. Can you suggest a laptop under rupees? 60. 000, that can be used for a data science student with deep learning, syllabus um. You can go for dell inspired in 14, which comes with a 10th generation intel core i5 processor and also with 8gb of ram and 512gb ssd. The laptop comes with fairly decent screen. As well, it has got 15 inch, full hd display and it can last up to eight hours. You also get several connectivity options with this laptop google are right, which is the best smart band around rupees, three thousand three thousand. You can get a good fitness band for even less than that. The two you should check out are me band 5 and honor band 5. Both of these feature amoled displays and cover all the basics. The best part is, you can get both of these smart bands for less than 2500 rupees next question is from ram and he writes hi pavni, hey ram, kindly suggest a wired type c headset under rupees 1500 to 2000.. Kindly note that i already have a wireless one uh, then you can buy a pair of vision, shift jp 55p uh i’ll mention the name here from amazon for rupees 700.. There are not a lot of options when it comes to type c, wired, headphones or earphones. So if you’re not sure about vision shift, then what i suggest is you go and buy an extra 3.

5 mm to type c cable and look for better earphones from brands like sony or jbl or others. Sangeet writes what about oneplus 9 realme x7 rog5 iq 5r7. Samsung guest 21 fe, okay, let’s, take it one by one uh, one plus nine will launch sometime in mid march. Me x7 is arriving on february 4., rog 5. The launch date is yet to be announced. I could five or seven iq 5 didn’t release in india, but we might have ik 7 coming in march, samsung s21 fe. What next question mahi vardhan singh ra thought right best laptop under rupees, one lakh for normal office use with more battery backup, or you should definitely go for macbook air with m1 chip apple claims to offer 15 hours of web usage with the new macbook, which is More than enough to get you through the long day at work, he also writes best laser printer under rupees 8 000 uh check out hp, deskjet 2621. It is an all in one printer and is also compatible with smart hp apps. The printer also works with the alexa and google for voice commands. You can grab this at around rupee 6400, so that’s all for this week’s video. Now you know the drill, if you like this video, give it a big fat thumbs up share this video with your friends and subscribe to india.