So i am back again with another unboxing and first impressions, video and this time, it’s from oppo it’s been a while oppo and yup the water guys it’s. The oppo reno 5 and the operino 5 5g pokemon little guys they are both different smartphones. The operino 5 obviously has a 4g network and the other operino, 5 5g from the name itself, has a capability of 5g anyway mamayanan guys there are rainbow everywhere. Just a very quick reno background now offering a smartphone sharks fin nah pop up camera capacity, sharks fin pop up camera. So let us now unbox it! Let us pull it and then, as you can see, it’s very colorful, meronsong artwork artwork the description box. This is how it looks like inside miranda unit, of course, the 5g and the 4g. We also have a black shirt and a white shirt. We also have a ring light at meronden shirt: oh it’s, big aye, guys it’s very different from their previews operino 4 opporino. 3, pasta in previous, so let’s start with the opporino 5 on boxnet unboxing. You guys get it again. It has a big number 5 here and a operino 5.. I super love the color guston blue android, with easy access to google apps that you use so it’s an all black box, oppo branding, but in sahara, pan let’s pull it up submarine smaller box pedito at inside. We have the basics, like the jelly case, the same ejector tool and, of course, some paperwork.

We have the smartphone itself. We have earphones and good news to guys because, obviously i’m putting headphone jack in opporino 5.. We also have a usb type c to usb type. A charging cable and a 50 watt flash charger after that, ethernet eternal, adding operino 5 5g or the operino 5 pro 5g. As you can see, the box is very, very similar, very subtle, 5g text here now i don’t think nikita your red casing, but on this smartphone you will be getting a higher 65 watt super book 2.0. What is actually enough already pero, they offered a higher and faster 65 watts 5g, but on this video guys we will focus more on the opporino 5 and again separate video for the opporino. 5 5g parenting. So let me set the smartphone aside. So what should you expect from the opporino 5 sabedito guys it has ai mixed portrait, a dual view: video ai highlight video, a 50 watt flash charge, catalog unboxing and, of course, a 90 hertz screen refresh rate. So those are the things that you expect: nito’s smart phone at all angle and not in plastic and guys. Can i just say look at that. Oh my god. To be honest, guys, it has a very different vibe again guys. If you will look closely at the greens or pr kit, you will notice the meronshang app at the cameras or a quad camera setup to be exact. It has 64 megapixels main camera with f 1.

7 aperture and 8 megapixels ultra wide angle, camera with f 2.2 aperture, a 2 megapixels macro lens and a 2 megapixels mono lens and lastly, a 44 megapixels for the front camera ang de la sacramento is fantasy silver. But if you nikki of anima flashy smartphones, then go for their starry black nakolor and guys on smartphone, i feel like it is made for me because it’s a fingerprint resistance. It weighs 171 grams and 7.8 millimeters thick only so yeah it’s a very slick and ultra thin talaga. So meranjang is microphones a bubble, a power button with green accent on the right side on the left. It has the sim tray, no pediment dual sim card 4g lte at isang micro sd card and expandable up to 256 gig tapas, new volume, rockers and lastly, a 3.5 millimeter audio port, another microphone, usb type c port and yonkanyang speaker grille, hello, sapling display number. Actually, you will notice 99 notch or you drop notch previously, among oppori, no regular smartphones to be exact. It has 6.4 inches of amoled display, with a full hd plus resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels and again, with a 90 hertz screen refresh rate with up to 180 hertz of touch sampling rate first impressions, i love the display maganda, no mention guys. To be honest, i love that it is also located left and hindi noticeable. Aside from that flat then display nathan and that curve. Also, there are two ways for you to unlock the device via face recognition or in display fingerprint sensor and natraiku.

No in display fingerprint sensor as of now and so far mobilized and consistent based five trisco. You are probably curious. It has the qualcomm snapdragon 720 g with eight nanometer processor, with octa core cpu up to 2.3 gigahertz, merry anong difference. Thank you regularly. Five sa operino five five g, actually guys it tongue operino five, five g. I know qualcomm snapdragon 765 gina, so you know, aside from the charging, i have yet to fully try guys in terms of gaming it on smartphone a topic. I will also be sharing with you guys some example shots taken by this smartphone and the co parenting shares features, but, based on my unboxing earlier meranjang mangabagon features katoladang a.i mixed portrait, dual review, video and ai highlight video i’m, actually kind of curious. What those can do they cater those people, natalagang very creative in terms of making videos photography Music for the battery capacity. It has 4130 milliamp hour and again 50 watt. Flash charging smartphone feeling fully charged five by the way already has the latest color os 11.1 based on android 11., so yeah. That is it guys for our very quick unboxing and first impressions for the operino 5 and the operino 5. We will definitely review and use it in real life, exciting offer saturn, especially young, big brother and, of course, the charging test in terms of price, guys, um pricing.