Thank you so much for coming back for another video in this session, we’ll be looking at the introduction to python programming. Python is one of the most used programming languages of india and it is basically used web development. Mobile programming, ai and so many other platform that has been used. A python program can be used to create android applications. It can also be used to create desktop applications and, if you’re interested in learning this python programming, then you are much welcome to my youtube channel. So make sure you subscribe like and share this video so that i can be able to make more videos, and this will motivate me a lot. Another thing that i want to say is that in this video i expect you to have watched the previous video, where i show how to set up vs code so without wasting much time let us get started. So what i will do is that i will open my computer and go to dry volume. New volume e i’ll create a folder here, the folder that you’ll be using to do our programming in this tutorial, so i’ll name the the folder python then open the python folder go inside at the top. Here i can just type cmd that is command prompt and this one will open up what i’ll do so that i want to open the vs code. This is a shortcut or this is a bit a way to open vs code rather than going the wrong way.

So i’ll type code, then dot, then click enter. It will automatically open vs code in that directory. It will open ps code in that directory. You can close this welcome message, then. This is how to look at like your first time, opening it, and what i’ll do is that i will come at the top here and click where it says: new file or just click files and click new file. When you click new file, you will have this option. You can write any python program, so i can write, for example, print into bracket. Then code quotation marks then inside here i can write hello. While this is the first program that i have written based on python, uh way of writing programs, so i’ll just save the the code and for me to be able to save the code. I just write the name of the code, hello world. You can save using another name, not of mask that. You use lol, then make sure you have an extension that is dot p y. Then you click enter when you click enter. You have saved your python program successfully. The next thing is that we want to run these python program that we have written on our text. Editor. Then you come at the top here. Where it is written, run you click there. You can click run without debugging or start debugging, so i’ll click start debugging. Then sorry for that, then, after that just come at the right hand corner the top here.

Click this button like a play button, then click that so that you can be able to run your python program. When you click run, you can be able to see from the time you know that your program has been run or it has been compiled successfully down here you can be able to see it has been compiled successfully and it has printed the text that we have Entered at the top here so, for example, what if we rent another type of text, for example here and print then open brackets, then inside here welcome to price. Then click save ctrl s or you can just come at the top here and click.