Introducing a windows 11 in a pc designed to bring you closer to what you love pass on. It always exciting for the world innovation, how microsoft has been the backbone of global businesses and where startups become household, and if you find those features that windows 11 is bringing to push out the door as fast as possible, with microsoft. Broadly hinting windows 11 to be released on 20 21st 4th quarter, microsoft announced windows 11 and it is slated to launch later this year, windows 11 downloaded and running on a smartphone one can easily use these windows 11 features in android devices and microsoft. Also, bringing android apps to windows, 11. windows, 11 app store, is finally getting those apps users want using via amazon, app store a third party app service provider. Some interesting and closer look of windows latest upgrade of operating system, simplify the design and user experience to empower productivity and inspire your creativity, modern, fresh, clean, attractive and treating treat towards a new start bottom and taskbar to each sound font and icon. Everything was done intentionally to put in control and bringing sense of calm and ease. Microsoft also put start at the center and make it easier to quickly find out what you need start. It utilizes the power of the cloud and microsoft 365 to so you, your recent file, no matter what platform or device you are viewing them on earlier windows has always been about helping your work.

How you want, by offering flexibility of multiple windows and ability to snap apps side by side, new in windows, 11 snap, layout snap groups and desktop to provide even more powerful way to multitasking and stay on top of what you need to get done. The new features designed to help you organize your windows and optimize your skin real estate. So you can see what you need just the way you want in a layout, that’s visually clean. You can also create separate desktop for each part of your life and customize them to your linking imagine having a desktop for work, gaming or any other personal purposes, the faster way to connect to the people. You care about another important thing that microsoft introduced the last 18 month drop new behavior for how it creates a meaningful connection with people digitally, even as we start to return to more in person interaction. We want to continue to make it easy for people to stay. Close to each other, no matter where they are, they don’t want the device or platform you are on to be a barrier some delivering the best pc gaming experience. Also, windows 11 provides and gives a more natural way to connect with friends and family to teams allowing you instantly mute and unmute or start presenting directly to the taskbar. Some attractive features of news and information segment to care about faster, with widget, a new personal personalized, fit powered by ai and best in class browser performance from microsoft, age, most importantly, it’s focused and creative.

We need breaks a moment to check it with outside world or give ourselves a mental reset. We often pick up our phones to check the news’s weather or notifications. Now you can open a similarly curated views directly from your desktop when you open your personalized feed it slides across your skin like a sheet of glass, so it does not disrupt what you are doing for creators and publishers. The new microsoft store is your single trusted location for apps and content to watch, create, play, work and learn. It’S revealed for speed, and it is all new design that is beautiful and simple to use. Not only will you bring you more apps ever before so making all content. Apps games shows movies, easier to search and discover with curated stories and collections. We are excited to be welcoming first and third party apps, like microsoft teams, visual studio, disney, plus adobe, creative cloud, zoom and canva to the microsoft store all offering incredible experience to entertain, inspire and connect you when you download and apps from the store you have, the Peace of mind, knowing that it tested for security and family safety, amazon app store, is firstly into first time introduced in the microsoft windows platform to access those android apps on your pc. Just like a smartphone experiences, people will be able to discover those android apps in the microsoft store and download them through the amazon, app store. Imagine recording and posting a video from tik tok and using a khan academy kits for virtual learning right from your pc.

We will have more to share about this experience in the coming month. We look forward to this partnership with amazon and intel using the intel bridge technology. That is an important deal: microsoft date with amazon and creating a more open ecosystem, unlocking new opportunities for developer and creator, enabling and independent software vendors to bring their apps, regardless of whether they are built on windows, 32, progressive web apps or universal windows app or any Other apps framework to engage with more people who are announcing progressive change to our revenue to share policy where app developer can now bring their home commerce into our store and keep hundred percent of the revenue microsoft takes nothing. Perhaps developer can still use these. Our commerce, with competitive revenue, share faster, more secured and familiar for iit infrastructure windows. 11 is built on the consistent compatible and familiar windows. 10 foundation. You know for the plan prepared and dev deploy windows 11, just as you do today, with windows, 10 upgrading to windows, 11 is likely taking a windows, 10 update, familiar experience.