They call me big, no i’m kidding i’m, not gon na kill you mf, msg msg is tasty and i have no idea what it is. Music, what gun is it let’s see? Hey call me all right, ready, ready, Music, you poppy okay, what the i’m good what’s up? Okay, what the robber really i’m dead now run run two run boxes Music. I right there i’m going to shoot through the wall. Today. Oh, you are annoying, you guys are annoying. Why are you targeting me too poppy jeez? Oh whoa was i yeah. I did oh you want to play that game. Yeah. You robert. It said to me that you were behind that wall and still hit me. Oh Music. Should we kick dean, that’s kind of racist yeah that was kind of racist yeah, because you said white, you could you like, like you had white girls more than black girls? Okay, oh god, you’re like, and we were just on your computer, and it was our first time looking at that stuff, we were like what you get uh scs. I don’t know why her shook that up what stuff did he look up sex? What does that mean? How do you not know what that? Oh, my god, it’s? What dean you just floor died? I don’t know what it means guys, because i’m, a good boy on a daily basis. Okay, then i must have been wasn’t listening because i was in the bathroom.

I was in the bathroom every day, um doing anything listening to that doing anything delicious. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be learning about? I was just sitting thinking why i even bothered going to hell. I know what a toilet or someone sitting here james. I said it was in the back what that doesn’t make sense. James, i said i was in the bathroom who do you think was going to be in the girl, yep yeah james joined the drum gun from shotgun squad. I wasn’t saying i said james okay hit me up no shot.