Thank you again for taking this video. I would like to take you back to when i traveled up north to the spectacular country of iceland, Music Music. I was thankful enough to visit iceland last october 2019 few months before the coronavirus pandemic hits the world. It was one of my bucket list countries and i am fortunate enough that i was able to celebrate my birthday in this country. At that time. We mostly traveled by bus, which i pre booked online. Iceland is a nordic island country located in the north atlantic ocean. It is also known as the land of ice and fire. Hence, the topography of this country is beyond words, Music. We did the renowned golden circle. Tour where we visited the geyser hot springs area and the gold plus, also known as the golden falls cascade, plunges a little over 30 meters and has two drops Music. We also visited the carried, which is a volcanic crater lake in the grimsness area of south iceland. It is close to the three major sites that comprise iceland’s world famous golden circle, sightseeing tour, fine horses were also one of the trips highlights. During our visit there. We are even told that no other force is ever allowed in the country and when a horse is exported from iceland, it is not allowed back in highly active. Gazer hot springs are pretty common and popular in iceland it’s one of the most popular tourist stop here.

Music, we also visited the race miss jara, black sand beach with its peach, black volcanic sand round, pebbles all inspiring basset columns, towering sea stalks and a fantastic basalt column, Music cave. I cannot emphasize enough its beaches and yes with floating icebox located at the yuco salon. Glaciers lagoon and the infamous diamond beach – i bet you do not see that every day Music Music, another highlight of this marvelous country is a visit to the ige worthy blue lagoon, which is actually a man made geothermal spa according to the spa attendance. During our visit, the water has this blue color because of the way the elements silica reflects visible light, but what really made it more prominent is that the silica can actually help alleviate psoriasis symptoms. I do not suffer from psoriasis, but when we went there and took a dip into the water, i can feel that my skin has become smoother. The tolerable hot water temperature makes it even more relaxing and soothing to my mind and senses, i’ll be linking down below the blue lagoon website, where i booked directly and where you can also see the different available packages to choose from. We actually opted for the premium package with two masks: a pair of sleepers and the use of a bathroom Music last, but not the least the world renowned and the most breathtaking view of iceland, the northern lights. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful the northern lights are also known as the aurora borealis on our first night.

We were not able to spot it on, despite staying until 1 in the morning out in the city, in the middle of nowhere. There are actually things you have to consider to be able to spot on this elusive and yet magical phenomenon. First, it is highly suggestible to visit isan during its winter months, so you have longer nights, meaning a longer time to chase these lights. Second, you must get out of the city so that there will be zero to minimal light pollution. You want to see the skies in absolute darkness. You may also want to check the weather and aurora forecasts to make sure that you have a high chance of seeing them. Finally, before our last day in iceland, we were able to witness the most amazing natural light show known to men, Music. There you go. Thank you again for joining me today in reminiscing my trip to iceland. If you find this video entertaining, i highly suggest for you to like and share this video. If you also fancies of visiting iceland and have some questions for me, please feel free to write down your comments below.