All my screenshots that i’ve been taking have been based off this pro calibrated tv. So just a quick look at the tv before it goes and then i’ll unveil the new one um. So there it is calibration mode, um, night and day dynamic, that’s horrible standard, natural and movie mode, which has been calibrated for hdr, 10 and 10 plus content so that’s it um that’s, uh, farewell to the tv um, sorry that the colors are off um. I can’t white balance at the moment because uh my microphone’s broke uh i’m having to use a different device, so um i’ll be back with the new tv soon. Okay, the new tv has arrived, the samsung 75 qn 900a, so the guys have just been and set it up for me. So just been tuning the equipment in um, just gon na zoom in okay, here’s, a quick look at the remote control that we have for the samsung model and the one that i’ll be using. Is this one it’s now in a black instead of silver and it’s solar solar powered, not batteries, but there is a usb saw slot at the bottom, so you can set it up. Okay, just have a quick look through the menus said they’ve, just this minute gone. So having a chance to set everything up, but first thing we did was we turned it into filmmaker mode and turned off motion things and just made sure everything was off and turned on high um high color, the the input signal plus we turn that on for All the devices, in fact i need to set that up because i’ve just this minute, unplugged it to get the er working um because it wasn’t working a minute ago.

So if i press that on the remote i’m now getting volume through two weeks on the partition, walls are in the. So if i hold for more information, put the washing machine in and out so i had to put the radiator on the wall there. So it was fish. Um let’s bring up the tv guide, okay, so same as before and switch to preview. I haven’t set up my motorized dish yet so let’s have a look at that. Not a bad hd picture. Okay and we’ve got channel icons appearing for some of these channels, okay, so as i’m, going on them, it’s getting the channel icon; okay, i’m, not recording on a tripod today, um! So, just a quick video because i’m quite excited to have this new uh nano neo, led mini, led whatever we want to call it um, okay, so just about to try some 4k content again. This is not recording in hdr with my usual equipment, so um. I can’t white balance like i usually do so. Please don’t take the colors to heart um. This is what i’m going to try and if you can see it, it’s blade runner 2049, so just going to load it on the pioneer lx 800. I don’t know that one and once again the equipment kicks in okay. So while that disk is loading i’m, just gon na try the settings to make sure that it is in filmmaker mode. Yes, it is okay, so let’s give this a try.

I will be getting this pro calibrated, but i need to run the hours in on the set first so for the next month or so i’ll be watching in filmmaker mode. Okay, so watch this film many times so let’s start over. Have a quick look: okay, that’s! Pretty bright, okay, so let’s have a look at the metadata on this okay, so we’re, looking at a 10 000 net mastered transfer and a max cll of 181 and an average light of 73 nit. So this tv should more than handle that okay let’s skip a bit just see how it reacts again. Please don’t take these images to heart because it’s not been white balanced. This video, okay, that’s, pretty nice. My side, you won’t, be able to see the the colors that i’m seeing we’ll say the bars at the top and at the bottom are pretty black. There is no light up there at all, just going to go and try and go back to the start. It’S missed the eye shot. Okay. This might actually be my film tonight to watch on it when it’s gone, dark, that’s, pretty good and skip to the bed with dave batista. That is crystal clear, where’s the bit with dave where he’s inside nice levels there again don’t take this video to heart i’m, just trying out a few things um. When i get my equipment back, i’ll be able to get some proper images on this, but so far yeah filmmaker mode will certainly do for the next month or so yeah so really pleased with it.

So far said i’ll give it a proper test. Tonight, um let’s go back to tv content, so yeah we’ve got some netflix buttons on the front prime video samsung tv plus. I suppose that will take us to their online yeah. So i do believe that they’ve got a hd uh, a uhd channel on here as well. It was bloomberg in 4k, yeah, well, that’s it for now um be back with some more reviews when i get my equipment back uh working.