Everyone is gadgets boy. Welcome to another video in this one, we’re going to be reviewing the brand new 55 inch, samsung neoq led tv, the qn94a and it’s, also a smart tv. Of course this is 2021.. Now this tv is one of those tvs that covers every area for me, so if you’re someone who likes gaming, this is perfect for you, whether it’s pc gaming console gaming or even mobile gaming. This is actually really great for you, and also, if you want to just watch regular content like your netflix, apple, tv and so on. This is also really good and we’re going to dive into that and see what that’s all about in a second. But before we do that, though, if this is your first time around here, please do subscribe, smash the like button as well and at the end of the video if you’ve enjoyed it. Please do share it as well. It might help someone else out there and, if you like, more tech videos like this make sure you ding that bell notification as well. So every time i upload a new video like this one, you get notified as well. Let’S get on with it the samsung qn 948 neo qled tv is one of the tvs that was announced for this year’s and micro. Led tvs are very expensive and it’s very high up there when it comes to the premium that you have to pay for them, and the qr94a is actually one of those tvs that brings that technology in some form uh to regular customers like me, so i can Actually afford it and actually get that same sort of similar visual experience and audio experience as well.

It has mini, led mini, led technology. If i can get my words out, and it gives you 4k in terms of resolution and if you’re a gamer, you also benefit from things like 120 hertz refresh whether you’re gaming on pc uh, whether you’re gaming on xbox or even playstation as well, which is great, Not many tv supports that level of coverage in terms of both gaming consoles. In fact, my sony tv was one of the first that supported that, and eventually that was done via software update as well. So with this you get a really high resolution and you get some really good level of contrast and so on in the box you get everything you need to get started, so you get the tv itself, obviously, and also in the box. You get a quick start guide and some other paperwork in there that you need to give a read, and you get two remote controls with this as well. So you get standard remote tv from samsung and standard remote tv. What i like about it is you get all the media buttons on there, so you can quickly launch your netflix, for example. If you need to do so, the second control, the smart control – is actually quit pretty snazzy as well and what’s great about this. Is you don’t need a battery? You can charge it via usbc or if you turn it around, you can charge it. When you light it face flat, uh flat face flat on the surface, you can charge it using that solar power energy that’s on the back, which is pretty cool as well.

I don’t think i’ve seen this before on any remote control, so it’s actually nice, that samsung are pushing the boundaries when it comes to this and saving energy in some sort of way on this particular control. You have fewer buttons on there, but it does a lot of the things that you really need to do and it’s very simple and minimalist. You’Ve got your media buttons on there. You’Ve got microphone button on there as well, because this is actually compatible with google assistant and there’s amazon alexa on there as well. If you want to tinker with things and make it work, but google assistant by default, so you can ask things like the weather. You can ask it to change uh tv channels, uh, you can even ask it to launch things. For example, i did uh youtube, so it launched youtube for me, which is pretty cool in terms of design itself. The tv is pretty slim it’s, not the slimmest. On the market, because this is still lcd uh, but it actually looks pretty slim and it’s, not that thick. So if you were to mount this on the wall, it’s going to sit very flush as well and with that ambient mode, it just looks really nice on the wall. When you get it all nice and set up on the back, you get various ports available and, amongst those sports, are all the hdmi ports, including e arc, for your media consumption in terms of connecting it to a soundbar.

For example, i’ve got sono soundbar that is compatible with this, so i can enjoy adobe audio using that, although the tv itself there’s an adobe, audio or adobe vision built in what you’ll also notice is we don’t have that one connect box, which is a shame, but What we have to compromise here, though, is the tv standard itself. The base has some slats some lines in there, where you can feed the cables through so for cable management. So you can pretty much still manage your cable, especially if you don’t mount it on the wall, but you still get this line on the back as well, which allows you to place your cable in a nice uniform pattern. If you were to mount this on the wall, which is pretty cool as well, so i think samsung have sort of thought about a way to replace that thing, but i still prefer one connect box, though samsung you’ll be listening. The next version make sure it comes with that one connect box talk about mounting on the wall as well. The power cable is that l shaped uh format, so when you plug it in it, doesn’t stick out. So when you mount it on the wall, it’s not going to affect the way that you mount it so it’s not going to stick out in any way so that’s pretty much cool. What i love about this, though, is it works very well in different viewing angles with that wide angle display, so whether you’re viewing it from the side of the living room or gaming from the side of the living room.

You’Re not gon na lose visual quality which i’ve tested out here in the studio, and it works really well, even with all my lighting in there, the quality is still looking really good as well. So rest assured, if you’re living in a living room where it’s so bright in there you’re still going to get good level of contrast and all that kind of stuff setting up the tv is very easy as well. If you have a samsung, smartphone it’s, even much more easier using your samsung smartphone, because it recognizes it and allows you to do this order setup very quickly, but otherwise just follow the on screen. Setup information and you’re good to go. Just follow the step by step guide, otherwise, once you’ve set up here, the main screen gives you this option here, but if you scroll down you get a universal guide which gives you what’s on right now. It just makes it very easy. You can have a look at the news and trending free movies, samsung tv plus, which is also free by the way. So it gives you access to live tv broadcasts from around the world at no extra cost no strings attached and you can scroll all the way down there’s loads of different options available to you and if you get to the bottom there’s a button as well that You press dictation right back to the top of the screen, but what really works here? What really looks good is the weight of layout uh, the layout of everything.

So if you look here, you’ve got settings which, which gives you quick settings options like intelligent mode. Emanuel you’ve got amplify mode, tv, speaker, game mode on and off and subtitles as well. So those are the things that you might really need to change very quickly. If you go back down, you’ve got your sources, so you can change difference to different sources, and this also automatically and intelligently scans. Your audio uh, your tv sources as well. So if you plug in your gaming, console your xbox, for example, to your hdmi port, it would automatically scan and find where that what that is and do the setup accordingly. You’Ve got smart things, obviously, which is because the samsung product uh, which allows you to control your smart things uh. So my your smart things, internet things. So, like my front door motion, you can see everything there. I can adjust them and you know tamper with them from here from my tv, which is pretty cool. You go to search, you can search for different things, it’s up to you and then you go your applications where you can uh. Look at things like spotify bbc sounds google duo and if you go to motor view, motor view is pretty cool. It just allows you to have that picture in picture kind of thing and side by side, video sources. So if we go in here, you have your presets, which you can also create your own as well, but here you can add different views, so you have youtube uh different things.

That’S going on here you know content you can watch simultaneously. You can see everything that’s going on so, for example, we can have uh highlights from this football game here. So that goes on that side on the right you can see the highlighted, highlighted box, that’s what’s, going on right now and because that’s also highlighted the audio source. Right now would be from that side, and i can adjust that volume accordingly to the left. That’S not highlighted, i can change that audio source uh to maybe let’s go samsung tv plus, so that would allow me to watch both. At the same time, where i can see this uh becoming very useful is if you’re gaming, you can have your game on one side and have youtube on the other side, with a walkthrough of the game that you’re playing, so that can actually help you play your Game better, you can also adjust the screen size as well and swap them around as well. So you got things there. So if you click this button, you can adjust uh screen size, so you can see that changes screen size. Obviously to your priority and uh. You can also bring it in if you wish to do so. You can swap them around. You know it just it just works, it’s, really nice and you can also do picture and pictures. It can actually have that one thing just floating around on the screen as you’re doing so, and you can listen to the sound from two different screens connect a bluetooth speaker and you can just also exit as well, but once you exit you can either save it.

If you wish to do so or you can just exit only which i’ll do uh just for the sake of this video and that will take you back to the home screen and then it’s enlarged the big full display going back to the main home screen. You don’t have ambient mode which looks beautiful so especially, if you have this mounted on the wall, it will look really good as well, so it makes it a lot more functional than being just a tv, so it can be art a piece of art on the Wall, if you wish to do so, you have home uh, nothing really there and then at the bottom. You can scroll past all the media sources like prime video, netflix itv hub bbca player rocky tv. The list goes on and you also got samsung health as well. So this works with your samsung galaxy watch. If you want to do that, a bit like apple watch and how they do this with apple tv and apple fitness stuff, you got apple tv on here. You got internet, you got google alexa, you got uh, my5 and so on. So you got a plethora of different media applications that you can use without having to buy an extra media media box to be able to access all this all these things, but let’s go back into settings, though, which is where things get really serious. So if you go into intelligent mode, so this samsung tv uses adaptive and uses ai and all sorts of different things.

So, for example, we have a neo quantum processor which allows you to upscale pictures uh. We have quantum hdr2000 for that really good level of detail. When it comes to your highlights and your contrast as well, you have quantum matrix technology for that contrast level, which, which is really good, and this is hdr 10 plus certified as well. You also have 100 color volume in terms of dci p3 rating, and you have a wide angle view which i tested as well. So, if you’re in this, from different side of the room, you’re not going to lose visual quality, almost which looks really good, so intelligent mode just improves your viewing experience. You got adaptive picture which optimizes brightness and picture quality in real time as well, based on the light level in the room. So again, it just makes sure that a picture that you’re looking at is always as good as it can be. You’Ve got adaptive voice amplifier, which allows you to get the best from the voice from the tv. So you can hear every word. That’S been spoken if you’re watching the movie got adaptive sound plus as well for audio content and you’ve got adaptive volume as well, which is, i find really useful. So you don’t wake up the neighbors, for example. So if it all of a sudden goes loud in one part of the movie that you’re watching this will automatically adjust it. So again you don’t wake up your neighbors or all of a sudden jump out your seat, uh thinking what is going on here, uh.

So those are the main thing that’s happening there, that you need to remember and then onto gaming, though we go to external device manager, and then we have game mode settings on here, but make sure you go into input signal plus, first and adjust and activate that For the ports, which is hdr hdmi 4, which is the hdmi port for 2.1 and for gaming, all that gaming, goodness like 4k 120 hertz refresh, but before we get into game mode settings uh, we have to change uh to an external source. So we can get into that. So if we change the source here to game console, so at the moment i’ve got the xbox uh series x, sorry sirius s, which i normally have in my studio. I’Ve got that connected right now. So if we go back into that settings uh for example – so that should allow us to change that. But the good thing, though, is about it’s that quick settings option here again uh. So if we scroll all the way here, we can just go into game mode. Scroll up go to game mode settings and you can see what that is so before we do that. As i was saying, input signal make sure that’s on go to game settings, put game mode on so once you go into that game mode, you don’t have this options at the bottom, which is pretty cool. This reminds me of when you’re testing games on pcs and stuff.

You got your input lag. It tells you that it’s the fastest the frames per second right now – i’m, not gaming, so it’s still sitting at 60 frames per second you’ve got hdr uh. You got a freesync premium pro as well, so for your variable refresh rate, and it tells me my speaker, output, if i’m connected to a pc, you can change the aspect ratio on here from 16 by nine to 21 by nine aspect, ratio, change, the screen position And game mode settings as well uh, if you go into game mode settings it just takes you back to that gaming mode settings that we’ve been through already, but once you’ve got all that set up and you go into your console settings. So if you go to tv and display options for the xbox, for example, you don’t see the resolution available 4k ultra hd, you got refresh rate, so i can do 120hz refresh rate and if you’re going into 4k tv details, you can see that all this is Supported which is pretty cool right and if we go into video modes you can see the options available as well, so you can do auto low latency mode, uh so again, that’s another options available. You’Ve got your variable refresh rate and uh order, auto hdr and allow hdr10 as well so you’re, getting the full whack of what you can get in terms of video quality when it comes to gaming on the go and sorry gaming on your console and uh call Of duty, it just looks fantastic when you’re gaming on this uh, whether you’re playing it playing online input lag, is next to non existent here you can, you can just have that leg up over everyone else, that’s playing online.

So, and you know you get a really good graphics quality, the blacks looks really good uh when you’re watching movies as well. It just looks fantastic. The colors look rich, while still staying accurate you’ve got good level of highlights that still got loads of details in the bright side of the right side of things, and the contrast levels looks really good as well. Even the blacks looks almost identical to what you get on oled tvs, which i’m actually surprised that i’m saying that myself, but you’re getting really good package here, which gives you everything that you need all in one what’s missing for me is that dolby vision and it’s Also missing that one connect box that it could have in the uh as a package as a whole, which is something that we’re getting used to now with samsung tv, so it’s a shame. They didn’t include that with this as well. So, as you can see, the qa94a uh neoq led tv, smart tv, it’s, a mouthful, uh it’s, packed with loads of features and really good quality as well for what you’re paying for it offers so much more than what you’d normally get on the market right now. So in terms of uh, whether you’re gaming on the pc consoles, you get 4k 120hz with variable refresh rates freesync. For example, you get less tearing when you when you’re gaming for uh, which it just looks really good good level of contrast.

Brightness levels are really good as well, whilst not diminishing the video quality and audio is good as well. I just really love what samsung’s done with this tv and it’s, something that i would recommend as well for gamers, as well as people who just like to consume tv content on netflix and so on. I, like it, gives you all the options there to play with the design looks great as well. I mean it’s got near bezel less display, as you can see behind me there and uh. Also, it gives you that slim profile it’s, not the thinnest upseed, but still gives you a really good slim profile. So when you mount it on the wall, it just looks really good and you can just whack on that ambient mode as well, when you’re not using it, and it just becomes more than just a tv in your living room. But over to you guys, though, let me know what you think in the comments below is there anything you want to know about it, there’s loads of techy bits that i could go into, but i don’t want to go too much into that to make this more About my experience with it, but i’ll leave a link in the description. If you guys want to find out more about all those quantum technology and stuff that samsung has put into this and mini led, you can have a read yourself and understand a bit more about that as well.

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