A quick trade before work and uh let’s go ahead and place the trade today and see what i can make out of it and, of course, it’s not going to be a lot of money because of the uh. The time today is the expiration date for the weeklies, and i don’t expect much. But you know what money is money i’m gon na i’m, just gon na bend down pick up a couple dollars here and there and just wait for next week. But uh let’s see what i can pick up today. Actually before i place the tray, i want to go over this email that i got from apple. Basically, the subject is your local apple store is open and we’re. Welcome we’re excited to welcome you back and that news alone made me very bullish, because now that all the brick and mortars are open apple can uh confidently provide guidance in this upcoming earning and that’s what wall street really looking for right? They want. They don’t want to be in the dark, like i mentioned in previous video, so if apple can provide guidance, this quarter, i think that’s not going to spike up uh quite a bit uh to make up for the whole year of consolidation. As we know, it’s been frustrating we’ve been holding and holding that’s been flat, so that’s my take on it and the other one. I see on the news that the warren buffett apple mistake caused berkshire hathaway 18 billion dollars.

Now this goes to show you that, even if you’re billionaires right, you cannot know what apple is doing inside right. So, of course you know, hopefully warren buffett will take this. As a lesson learned, he will probably reduce his other position and continue to load more apple in his next earning review. So we’ll see, hopefully that’s that’s. What he learned from it, because apple is very secretive, right and plus apple, does what it does it doesn’t care? If the market read apple could be green, and if the market is green, apple could be red. So let this just buy and hold because apple is um, it’s, fundamentally very strong right. So i can sleep well at night, holding apple uh. So this goes to show you that even billionaires make mistake. You know, like you know, a retailer invested like us. We make even uh worse mistake than that, but uh but uh you know, 18 billion is a lot of money for billionaires, so it’s not really champion to him, but he will learn he’ll, probably move on and continue to invest in apple. I think i think his holding is still five percent of apple, and hopefully he wants to be 100 holding into apple, so anyway, let’s get into the trading here. So that way, the premium doesn’t go down, so let’s go ahead and do a trade so um, as you can see, uh the markets up quite a little bit today, not much yesterday.

My account was a 215 000. Today is 217.. So, of course, you see my buying power has now been dropped down because i place a cover. Put for another 1′ strike price for next week, and you can see here are the options that i have that are expiring today and as well as next week. So today i have pltr expiring, uh, cciv, expiring and apple 160 call expiring, and you can see they are all gon na expire, worthless, meaning you know at the beginning of the week, people are so excited at uh at the huge run up. But, of course you know, i use those to my advantage and it helps being a long term holder right. I understand how the stock behaves and that’s my advantage, and you can see i’m not using any chart to place any of these options. But, of course, if i use charging, if i study chart, then of course i can be more aggressive, but of course, and right now, i’m, a long term holder. So i don’t really. I want to take that route and plus buying options require time and a lot of effort to track your stock throughout the days, and i don’t have that time at the moment. Maybe when i retire, then i can have a fun account to just play around with, but not in the moment. So let’s go ahead and place a tray here before uh the premium drop down quite a bit because again we’re running out time right today, it’s expiration date, so let’s do trade of apple.

I can do three contracts, so let’s go ahead and do a trade option and today sell car i’m. Just gon na do one 140 148 and pick up a couple dollars here like three dollar and it’s, asking 0.01 i’m just asking 4.01, so that’s three dollars right! There for the last minute squeeze so let’s review and swipe up okay, so i just pick up three dollars for 148 strike i’m, not sure if i’m going to hit 148 today, if so again, i’m just going to turn around and sell cover put for the following Week on monday, anyways let’s take a look at my total for the week, because right now, it’s friday, so let’s see. I have my calculator out here and let’s go ahead and go through the total for this week. So starting off with the hundred bucks, so 100 plus eight plus 14 plus 16 plus 6 plus 88 plus 3, today so that’s 235. On this account and let me go ahead and switch over to the td ameritrade and see what we get in that account as well, so we can add to that 235 dollar for this week, hang on here guy. Let me log in really quick. Okay, so here i have the tdma trade open up with the apple cover card, that’s also expiring, today, july 9, so let’s go ahead and add them up so 235 plus 7 plus 7 is 14 and then plus 667., so total.

Today is 255, so again, that’s that’s just one week guys. So if let’s say an average, i make 200 bucks a week so times 4 that’s 800 a month and that’s, really the meaning of passive income uh. For for you guys right that’s what passive income means, meaning i just have to do a couple. Click at the beginning of the day set it and forget it and uh let’s just wait until it expire; okay, so, hopefully uh. This helps you guys again. You know this boys down to put your shares to work and also put your idle cash to work and uh. You are in control when you sell cover, call and cover put so if it’s strike, you know there’s nothing to cry about, because you wanted to. You want to add that price anyway, so you have the upper advantage and if you are greedy, then you set the premium or you set the strike price close to the trading price. And if that hits, you know you get a high premium, but that offsets with you know losing your shares or being assigned shares being converted cash to to share, but either way. I see that you are in control, but of course again do this with the long term and strong fundamental stock. You cannot do this with a very volatile stock because you could end up holding the shares for a very very long time. Otherwise, you know if you like, the video please continue to subscribe like and share to anyone and hit that notification button for the new video uploads.