I don’t really care that much but, like i don’t, think it’s, i guess from what i thought like i don’t know. I guess my what i think of it could change after i really whatever but yeah so i’m kind of just like i didn’t, really look at it, so i’m kind of, like i don’t know but i’m gon na play it with sound and then Music, Music, okay. So yeah um bob does look pretty cool, i guess but ash. I i feel, like she looks a little bit weird. Maybe it’s, just like her hair is different. So, like her face shape, looks weird. I guess her. Just i think her face looks weird when they do a bunch of changes to her hair. So it’s, like it doesn’t, really look like her all that much because her hair is up in, like i guess little braids little bun braid things i don’t know i can’t really see how her hair is put up, but it looks like it’s kind of i don’t Know but yeah she kind of doesn’t really look that much like herself, because her hair has changed, but whatever um the skin is actually called tiger. Huntress, which is kind of weird like since you know bob is a tiger, but i guess that could be just he could make tigers. Think that he’s one of them. So then they are like more chill. I don’t know, but well it looks like he has a collar thingy on, so it could be like she’s like controlling him or something i don’t know, but which that would be kind of sad, like it’s kind of sad that she has like this color thing on Him, maybe it could just be a trekking color, not really like a like.

It has a red light on it, which makes me think it could be like a tracking thing or um. I don’t want like if it’s a shock collar that’d be sad. Like i don’t know, i think, usually for shock collars like at least for dogs like they don’t, actually shock the dog, it’s kind of just like a little buzz thing, and if you turn it really high up, then it could possibly hurt. But, like usually people i think, keep it on the low so it’s not like it. Doesn’T hurt them, but yeah, but hopefully it’s just a tracker thing, and so she knows. If she runs away, then she knows where he is. I don’t know, but yeah it’s kind of like hopefully it’s, not a thing to hurt him or anything, maybe it’s, a safety thing for him and other people i don’t know but that’s just kind of what i’m whatever but yeah. So bob looks kind of cool ash. Again, she looks kind of weird with the hair being different but yeah other than that. I guess it’s kind of cool skin but yeah, so that is the ash tiger hunter skin. I guess so yeah um anyways – i guess that’ll – be it for this video, so yeah i’ll play it with sound again and then that’ll be it for this video.