If you haven’t we’ve got you covered today, we’ll tell you all about amazon and how big it is. Stay tuned and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos. Let’S start more than a decade ago. The idea of browsing online for almost anything that you wanted and having it delivered to your doorstep on the same day would have been a fictitious thought, but this is what amazon does in europe, the united states and other countries. Every day, amazon has streamlined and perfected its internal process so much that this fiction has become a reality. The company hosts the sale of 350 million products worldwide, but that’s, not all from scientific research to vast web servers. Amazon’S total capacity may surprise you, so how did it all start and how big are they today other than that? We’Ll tell you some interesting facts about amazon in this video like apple’s success story, amazon began in a garage, though in seattle and not silicon valley. The company’s founder and previous ceo jeff bezos had an idea in mind that first came to him. While i was working in a wall street firm, called escher and company, as vice president, the founder of the wall street firm david shaw, had used the internet during his days as a professor in the early 1990s, he saw its potential for the future. Imagine a world where every word, every written, every picture of a painting, every film ever shot could be viewed instantly in your home.

Vatos also saw the potential of the internet and noticed its rapid increase in users during discussions between batos and shaw. The concept of an online store with unlimited products came up and the idea for amazon was born. Batsos deduced that at first an online store that sold the whole shebang would be impractical. He decided to narrow down the list to 20 possible product categories, including computer software office supplies, apparel and music. The most feasible option to sell as the first product was books books were the same, no matter where you bought them from and offered diversity in terms of choice. Together with his wife, mackenzie batsos first registered his new idea in july 1994, as cadabra incorporated. Unfortunately, the name was often misheard, as cadaver incorporated a company name that could be misheard as a dead body wasn’t ideal. So they decided to pick a new one while searching for a new name. Batos came across amazon in the dictionary he used amazon because it was the largest river and mirrored his goal of becoming the most significant online retailer globally. Sites were also listed, alphabetically back then, and he wanted his place to be. Among the first web pages shown on november, 1st 1994 amazon.com was registered batsos leaving a high, paying high profile wall street job. To start an internet company in 1994 was taking a huge risk, but he had a strong vision upon beginning amazon. One of their driving goals was to build better products than existing online bookstores.

At the time the first book was sold in april 1995. It was a computer modeling book. A few months later, the site went, live and became visible to all users of the web. It opened a searchable database of over 1 million titles, even though it only had around 2 000 in stock at the seattle warehouse. The rest would be ordered as needed from wholesale sellers. Interestingly, no one was assigned to pack the books at amazon at the time, so they would take orders during the day and fill books during the night. The books would then be driven to the post office. The following day, after being featured on the home page of a website called yahoo, amazon became swamped with orders and within the first month they had sold books in 45 countries. In late 1995, amazon was granted 1 million dollars in investment capital to expand their business and keep up with increasing demand through server upgrades and the hiring of more staff, batos predicted 74 million dollars in sales by 2000. If things went moderately well and 144 million, if things went exceptionally well in actuality, sales in the year, 2000 amounted to 1.6 billion dollars. That’S bonkers after receiving the investment capital amazon began to expand the model frantically. At that time it was get big fast. In 1997, amazon had its ipo raising 54 million dollars and valuing the company at 438 million dollars. Jeff bezos predicted that the small reading community would be the bottleneck for their growth, so they decided to move into new products.

Dvds and music were chosen between 1998 and 2000 amazon acquired imdb and book pages, which gave them strategic access to customers in the uk and the german market. During this time they also expanded their product line to include toys and electronics. By this stage, amazon was rapidly growing and the world took notice. This was evident by jeff bezos being awarded the person of the year by time magazine in 1999.. Surprisingly, amazon didn’t post any profit until the last quarter of 2001, where they made five million dollars in profit. Bato said that this was because he emphasized customer experience over profits. Financial disaster struck in the year 2001, the dot com, tech bubble finally burst, and several of amazon’s companies went under an amazon’s stock price dropped from 107 to a brutal seven dollars. Amazon went into crisis mode and shifted its focus to cutting costs. Thirteen hundred employees were fired and a distribution facility was shut down. After some tough times, amazon began to recover and in 2003 they grew their product lineup to include a software development center amazon, prime and a paris hilton jury over the next seven years. Amazon would acquire a clothing site, a grocery store purchase the company audio wall for 300 million dollars, launch the kindle digital e reader and launch amazon web services. This provides many companies with a whole range of on demand computing from 2010 onward. Amazon went from strength to strength, solidifying its name as one of today’s tech giants.

Amazon currently employs around 1.3 million employees. This is a bit less than the number of employees at google. That being said, this does include both part time and full time workers during seasonal spikes. Thousands of additional workers are added to deal with the influx in sales. Amazon is the seventh largest site in terms of traffic volume. The company has warehouses as large as one million square feet. It has more than 80 of these worldwide for reference, these warehouses could hold more water than 10 000 olympic swimming pools. One former employee said that he walked 17.7 kilometers in a day to this day. Amazon’S worth is 1.7 trillion dollars for comparison. Apple’S net worth is 2 trillion dollars. Microsoft, 1 trillion and google 1.2 trillion there’s still a lot of room to grow for amazon, with that out of the way, let’s get a little deeper about how amazon gets its products to its customers. Vice president dave clark showed us how the process begins after the product arrived at the building. They are immediately scanned. The products are then placed by stackers and what seems to outsiders is a haphazard way. We have computers and algorithmic work that tells people the areas of the building that have the most space to put the product in that’s. Coming in at that time said, dave amazon has become so efficient with its stacking. It can now store twice as many goods in its centers as it did some years ago, once your order is placed a pick.

Ambassador walks, the aisles, plucking and scanning your items before placing them in bins. Those bins, eventually wind up in front of a packer. Who knows exactly how big of a box to use based on the weight and number of items your address is punched onto the box, and then a picture is taken of your address labels. The containers are then loaded onto a waiting truck assigned to a particular region based on the postal code. We hope you’re, not bored with this video, so we’re almost at the end, we’ll tell you some cool things about amazon amazon is taking to the skies. No we’re not talking about drones. Amazon is using planes to make deliveries faster and more efficient. The e commerce giant unveiled its first branded cargo plane. A boeing 767 300 named amazon, one it’s one of 40 planes, the company plans to lease to speed up and control more of its shipping networks. Amazon needs to control its own delivery process, as it spends an unnecessary amount of money. Getting you small and cheap stuff right to your door in a faster and faster time having control over the delivery would lower the cost for the company. What this allows us to do is that we’ll be able to run flights seven days a week, we’ll be able to run very custom point to point routes today that are optimized for our network versus a holistic transportation network that maybe some of our providers would operate.

Moreover, amazon prime air, now known as amazon air, is a future delivery system designed to get packages safely to consumers within 30 minutes or less using drones. These vehicles use obstacle avoidance technology to operate within a safe range of 10 miles. In 2020, amazon received federal approval to operate its fleet of prime air delivery drones. This is a milestone that allows the company to expand automated package delivery with a sales record of 600 million cells per second. The delivery from amazon’s warehouses needs to be streamlined as well to help streamline the process. Amazon purchased kiva, which makes factory automation robots at 775 million dollars. Today they are up to 200 000 bots. Not only does amazon plan on increasing the number, but it also plans on automating the process of picking items from shelves to achieve this. Amazon set up the amazon, picking challenge a competition where robotics researchers compete for a 25 000 prize to design the best picking robot can lift up to 750 pounds. They’Ve motion sensors to detect moving on. We have amazon web services. Amazon web services sells computer infrastructure, like storage databases and computing power startups and more established companies rent these in place of high powered servers. Amazon has some big name clients. These include pinterest general, electric tinder, reddit, adobe systems, netflix instagram, some major banks and even the cia. The servers that amazon is building for the cia to store its data are called a private cloud because they don’t want to be on the public cloud.

To give you an idea of how much data some of these clients use. Dropbox used a petabyte per day on amazon web services. The web server business has generated 386 billion dollars for amazon in 2020. The flexible, inexpensive and easily accessible web service allows thousands of new startups to flourish and play a large role in transforming and innovating industries such as finance, health, science and oil. According to some reports, amazon is now handling its own shipping for 2016.. Also, a fun fact is that amazon’s current logo has a hidden meaning behind it. The arrow that looks like a smile represents the wide range of available items for retail from a to z, cool. Another interesting fact is that amazon employees spend two days every two years. Working at the customer service desk, even the ceo, this ensures that every single employee understands the customer service process. Unfortunately, amazon’s relentless quest for customer satisfaction often happens at the expense of some employees, making it a problematic and unpleasant company to work in. Moreover, amazon is planning to build brick and mortar stores. The store is a rich bunch of books because all of them are proven bestsellers, so anything you’re looking at will be popular it’s, going to be a good, read, here’s, a couple more facts: in 2014, amazon launched amazon echo a voice activated assistant with its hardware. In the same year, they also acquired twitch a massive online streaming platform. Everything else about this gadget makes it one of the best smart speakers we’ve ever tested.

Lastly, to this day, jeff bezos is still the largest shareholder and currently holds 10 percent of shares. After selling a hefty amount of shares, he’s one of the wealthiest people on earth, valued at almost 70 billion dollars. With some of that money, he bought himself the washington post. All of what you’ve just seen and heard all began from just selling books online it’s, sometimes really mind boggling how things can turn out. If you go back in time, people were driving the packages to the post office themselves. An ordinary person’s visualization of success might one day be big enough to afford a nice car, sometimes being the first to do something and doing it better than your competitors can be an incredibly successful combination, more control over their supply chain. They can make sure to provide a better service. We hope you learned something from this video and got motivated to do amazing things in life, that’s, the story and some cool facts about amazon, hard work. What people dislike is being out of control, thanks for watching give this video a thumbs up. If you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to tech this while you’re here, you should check out more informative videos on our channel feel free to browse around this channel.