It took like four tries to get to that today. That was a good round, though, if you guys want to play fortnite with me, add me down below post your username and then maybe we can play but yeah in this video. I want to share with you guys, alibaba tips that have saved me. Thousands of dollars right and save my friends, thousands of dollars. In the past three years me and my team have been sourcing from alibaba in china and there’s a lot of different things that you guys want to know before you guys get started right or if you guys already have started using alibaba here are some tips that Are really really going to help you guys out so make sure you stay to the end, so you don’t make the main same mistakes that i did throughout my journey and how, like i lost like a couple hundred dollars a couple thousand dollars through, like dumb things. All right, Music, so first things first right when you’re using alibaba and you’re, trying to communicate with people in china, you’re going to want to create a new email address right completely new email address. You want to get a different google voice, number, probably hooked up to that same email and you’re going to have to set up skype right. So these are the three things that i highly highly make sure you guys do and get set up with. So first thing right: email, email! You want to get a new email address because you’re gon na get spammed after asked by the chinese suppliers.

Even if you block them, even if you send them to spam, they’re still going to get bombarded with emails from like a supplier, you talked to like three years ago. I still do they still follow up from time to time, they’re doing their job. But look your inbox is gon na get destroyed right so definitely have a separate email address for google voice. Uh it’s, not super 100 necessary, but sometimes their suppliers will ask for phone numbers. I prefer to give them a google voice number, because i’ve had chinese suppliers. That freaking call me on my cell phone and leave me voicemails and that’s. Like the last thing. I want to deal with and it’s usually like spam related um stuff. So because, when you register an account on like alibaba or something like that, and you like put in your business profile or phone number, you’re gon na get phone calls from the chinese suppliers or whoever you’re dealing with next skype. Skype is a really useful communication tool. It’S different than say, like whatsapp, i mean it’s kind of similar to whatsapp, actually but different than slack, and then some other communication tools you use skype is a really common one. That’S really used between china. So is whatsapp, i would say too, but i prefer using skype to communicate with my chinese suppliers. It’S pretty easy to use. You can call them, you can voice call them. You talk to them too, but most of the time when you’re talking to chinese suppliers, you’re gon na be generally either talking to them via email or using your skype chat.

One thing i wan na, let you know, is like for communication – do not use the alibaba chat, it freaking, sucks and it’s a waste of time we use at least from the time i made this video it’s, just not a good thing to use right. So in general, say you find a product on amazon and you want to search it on alibaba. The first thing you have to do is really identify what your main keywords are for that product all right. So, for example, i’m looking into metal lamp covers like this is a product that maybe i found interesting, uh and there’s, not too many sellers on it. Uh the ranks aren’t too high in terms of like the number of reviews so i’m, like okay, let’s, go check out alibaba and see like how competitive this market is right or how much i can get the goods for right. So you go If you guys don’t know what alibaba is it’s like one of the easiest sites to find manufacturers in general right. Not only will you find manufacturers in china, but you’ll find manufacturers from all over the planet that use alibaba. Generally, though, most of the suppliers are going to be chinese on the platform, so once around alibaba you’ll go ahead and type in whatever you’re looking for so meadow. So, for me this were to be like metal lamp cover right or you can look at like the different products and you can just see like they use the word industrial right, mesh, wire, cage, uh lamp cover uh bulb guard right, so these are different keywords that You’Re gon na wan na look and search for your product by and when you’re going through it.

Just keep that in mind that you want to look at different ones, because different suppliers will pop up. Not every supplier on alibaba has their keyword listing like optimized right for you to like find them. So you’re gon na have to do a little bit of dirty work yourself in order to find them, but once you search them uh, the first thing you want to kind of look at is uh the way i look at it is like i kind of look At all the pictures first right, so the pictures i see which one like matches, the design that i want and then next thing i’ll do is i look at the price thing you want to keep in mind. Is that sometimes there’s pieces? Sometimes there’s sets and there’s different things like that. So say like this one’s one of four dollars a set. You want to understand what a set is when you contact a manufacturer or before, if possible, right so for scrolling down here um. It has pictures of the product there’s, always like descriptions and different pictures of products. So for this product i looked through it and although this has a set, i really don’t know what a set means right. So you’re going to have to contact the manufacturer to be like hey, like how many come in a set or how many come in the law and then that’s. How you’ll get like your quote so keep in mind.

Note that when you’re using uh when you’re searching on alibaba people in china can use different slang, um and what i mean by different slang is they might be using like more british, like words right. So, instead of the word like color, they might spell like in the us color spell c o l o, but in europe – or i guess in the uk at least it’s about c o l, u r right – and i notice other words like the word like organizer In the uk is spelled with a z and then in the u.s it’s spelled with like an s in there, yo so there’s different versions of like how words are like formed on alibaba with the chinese search. So keep that in mind when you search so another thing i want to go over is alibaba trade assurance right. So what alibaba trade assurance is basically it’s a free service that protects the orders from payment to delivery, so certain suppliers will have this enabled on alibaba, and this gives you like more of a trust factor to work with them. What it just means is you can ship the money you can wire the money to alibaba and alibaba will wire the money to the supplier once you’re happy with the product right and if you want to dive in deeper into like how to pay your supplier, make Sure you guys watch that video okay, so the other thing i want to tell you about is another thing that alibaba has called the gold supplier.

So it’s like this little icon right here. This left, one in terms of being a gold supplier on amazon there’s, a setting for factories to become like gold plus suppliers on amazon. I guess it’s gold plus now that’s new new change, uh used to be just called gold suppliers, but essentially it’s just them paying alibaba like a 2 000 fee. I think or something to be, like hey like uh, i want alibaba to recognize us as a premium supplier. It doesn’t really mean anything after the end of the day, because you just pay for it from what i understand so trust that badge with a grain of salt. So the other thing that i really want you guys to really check on to save your time is the average response time and average response rate okay. So different suppliers have like these metrics here on the search page um. This one is the average response rate right. So they only respond to like 76 percent of people. This one responds to 88. anytime it’s like really low, then, like their communication, is just kind of bad and it might be very annoying or long till they respond. But another thing is like: once you click onto like, say a listing. You can see how many transactions they’ve done right um and how many how much money people have spent right and then the response time you know. Generally, they respond in less than 20 benchmark number.

They take longer than like 48 hours, then i don’t know their communication is probably slow and then, in terms of response rate right uh like i was saying, this is how often they respond to every single inquiry, because you know keep in mind these suppliers get. I don’t want to say hundreds of inquiries a day, but just dozens of like inquiries a day and like they have to filter through, like who’s the serious buyer versus who is not another metric that i also want you guys to look at is just starting at The top here right, it says the supplier has been on alibaba for two years, so generally suppliers that’s been on there for like two plus years. You can generally trust, they’ve been on the market for a while, and then this is like, maybe like some of the people your competitors may be using right, especially if they’ve been on there a while. It also tells you the location of the manufacturer right and then also really important. Is that it they’ll tell you if they’re a manufacturer or trading company, not all trading companies will say they’re trading companies just because that people feel like training. Companies are middlemen and they take a huge cut right, which they can do, but sometimes it’s easier working with a training company, because they have access to all these factories and you can kind of source everything through them right that’s. What happened to some of my friends and that’s how they found their sourcing agents? They were working with a manufacturer, but then they found a trading company that just happened to have their products that they were carrying too.

The training company was just like hey if there’s anything else, you guys need to find like let us know and we’ll go, find it and that’s. How a lot of my friends found like their sourcing agents, basically and then another thing to note about trading companies too. I realized that sure you might be paying a premium because they do they’re like kind of head hunting and sourcing their products for you, but generally their communication is a lot better right because they want to make the sell and they’re like really adamant about uh. Just closing deals because they’re, not the manufacturers or products they’re, just the middlemen, just like you trying to connect you with a factory, but if i had to choose between working directly with a manufacturer directing working directly with a training company, i would always always always choose Working directly with the manufacturer, it’s just better at the end of the day, the less people that are in between that touch the product right. That means you’re always going gon na make more money, okay and then once we’re on, like this page two, you kind of just want to look at the pictures of the product, make sure, like the quality kind of looks good to you and you cannotice different things And as you scroll down you’ll just see like what materials they’re made of, i know it says iron but i’m, not sure how iron works, but with steel there’s different grades of steel.

So you have to keep that in mind. It’S, like you, want this kind of steel or, like you, want like a kitchen grade steel or it’s like industrial straight steel, but different materials have different levels of quality, even like plastic right there’s like pvc, abs and different ones like that. So make sure you ask the supplier like hey what kind of raw materials is this product made with? Another good tip is like when you’re asking what material is they’ll tell you right, but eventually a lot of you guys are going to deal with this. Your supplier is going to be like the material costs have gone up and if you don’t know what materials it is you can’t really double check them or cross check them because sometimes they’re like oh, no, the cost of paper has gone up uh. The cost still has gone up, the cost of plastic has gone up, has gone up, and if you don’t know what that raw material is, then you won’t be able to double check them. That’S, a very common tactic that suppliers will use to like try not to give you a price break or like ask you to pay more, sometimes it’s. True, though, most of the time is true but that’s, just like a common tactic that most people don’t know how to double check in a way. So keep that in mind. So as you scroll through it just make sure you, like you, kind of look at the different products they carry maybe there’s like a different line.

You want to carry right and then it’s nice to see like pictures of like their factory, their workshop, their warehouse, their team, the different products packing and delivery. This is also really important right. You kind of want to understand like how they’re going to pack your products. What packaging options they do have they’re always not going to show all of it generally on the alibaba website, so you’re going to have to ask for that whenever you contact them after you’re, basically happy with the price right. So first thing, you’re always going to ask, is like price, um and whatnot. Another point i want to bring up too is depending on what your product is you’re going to need, certifications right. So in terms of maybe toys, you need like astm um testing, and that comes from like the sgs testing center and then with like any health related products consumables. Things like that, you’re gon na need fda approval, especially if it’s related to, if you’re like making any scientific claims or anything like that or health claims. You definitely need fda approval, so be careful on that. So, like blood pressure monitors things like that medical equipment, like all require like fda approval, so make sure you have your certifications in place. Make sure you ask the factory like hey what kind of certifications do you guys have and it’s always nice knowing that uh, if they do have certification, because it just makes it that much easier because they already paid for it generally split the cost? With your manufacturer of getting the item certified and you can be like hey if i’m paying half for this, i want this to be an exclusive certification for just my line of products.

You can’t use this with other your other clients or anything like that. Okay, so keep that in mind, because some suppliers will do that once they get to certification, they’ll share it with all their other clients too, but they know they can like offset the cost on you and then for me right when i’m contacting these manufacturers. I generally do not like talking to them on alibaba i’ll. Send them a message with my skype info i’ll have a template that you guys can use in the comments below, but essentially i don’t like communicating through alibaba it’s, just like not really like easy and uh intuitive to navigate so just generally use skype and that’s the Best way to continue the relationship going forward, so in terms of how many suppliers to contact right, i highly recommend contacting at least three right at least three related to the product that you want right. The benefits of that is you’re gon na get different prices. We’Re gon na get different ideas on like how to manufacture and the quality of it right. So one supplier, like especially if you notice one price, is like a dollar another guy’s charging two dollars like that’s, a huge gap right, so you need to understand like and ask them like, hey like. Why is your product, a dollar but like some of the other suppliers, are selling it for like two dollars, like what’s different between your product and their product, and then ask all of them that right and they’re gon na kind of like talk about each other, because They want your business right and they’ll.

Tell you like. Oh this guy doesn’t have you know, certifications or this guy’s material isn’t as good right or this guy’s material like when it’s hot, outside it’s like starts to melt or something so things like that. You really want to ask your supplier and then other places, source right. You can don’t always have to source from alibaba right. If you have a sourcing agent, you know that’s one way to make it way way way easier: sourcing agent that’s. What i highly recommend once you like, start scaling the business and you have more capital to spend, get a sourcing agent that’ll make your life so much easier because you want to be staying up to like 12 o’clock talking to chinese suppliers overseas and also i’ve talked About like sites like and 1658 they’re on chinese but go watch my product research series, videos, and i talk about like how it sourced from there right. You can use google translate or you can use your sourcing agent to like really help you source on those websites. Jd and 1688 are like chinese websites that are like really huge over there right and usually generally. Pricing is better on, like 1688 than it is on. Alibaba, so another thing i wanted to do in these videos is start uh answering some of the questions. You know that you guys leave in the comments and within the youtube comments here on the video live, so the first one that we have today is by sebastian.

Pahera – and he asked is, do you guys, drop ship or buy bulk from alibaba or your manufacturer and send it to fba? So when it comes to amazon, fba private label, i always buy from alibaba and send it straight to fba drop shipping. Doesn’T necessarily work very well on amazon. In my experience, especially you can’t do fda with drop shipping because with drop shipping, you don’t have the item on hand in order to drop ship. The item right in order to use fba, you have to have your items at amazon’s warehouse, a workaround around that is using solar field, prime, but like paying for your own shipping through. That method can be very expensive and most people. I know that dropship drop shipped from asia, so you’re not going to be able to get your product, be a prime item right because it’s gon na take more than two days to deliver from china to the u.s. And if you pay for really really expensive shipping. That’S, probably just going to destroy your margins, so i hope that helps you sebastian’s tommy gun asses shouldn’t other products being sold on alibaba by a manufacturer, be okay for me to sell on amazon. No all right. Definitely not every single product that’s on alibaba is allowed for you to sell on amazon, so first things, first uh, nick and for nano are trying to sell, lock, picks and they had like 70 000 of inventory, and then amazon banned, lock, picks from amazon right.

So not every product is you’re allowed to sell on amazon right. So, like lock this stuff like weapon stuff generally, anything marijuana related, you cannot sell. Amazon has a list of like things you can’t sell on amazon. The other thing you want to keep in mind, too, is that amazon def is starting to like ask for more certifications for certain products right. So if your product, you know doesn’t, have the certifications that it needs and amazon acids for it, your asians, just going to get blocked until you get those certifications and so that’s. Why it’s really important to like make sure your manufacturer has those certifications so when amazon asks right or when a customer complains about something or you get sued and you don’t have these certifications, then you’re gon na get screwed essentially and no from like different to The uk, to like different amazon platforms, the rules are all different right and different and between, like the different countries too, like the countries itself have their own rules and their own testing uh certifications that they require, like in europe, it’s like a different thing that they Require versus like the us when it comes to like toys or like health and different products like that right. The state of california requires like different things too, for like youtube label under product too brandon weston. This was a question within uh. The facebook group, though he asked, is anybody ever source a product from dhgate instead of alibaba.

So dhgate is like another chinese website, but i found dhgate to be full of trading companies and, like you, actually don’t get the best price on dhk. In my personal experience right, so i highly recommend you just stick to alibaba and that’s, where, like the meat of like the wheel, manufacturers are, in my opinion and in my experience the good thing about. Dhgate, though, is i found that if you’re like testing out a product, you can get lower moqs on dhgate than you can on alibaba, so i’m glad you guys enjoyed this entire video, but make sure you guys do not forget to make it to the workshop, where I break down the three major discoveries that i made along the way to building a million dollar business on amazon, see the link in the comments below for details to attend that workshop, but other than that, like, i hope you guys enjoyed this video leave me some Comments on like what other questions you have about, alibaba or anything in general right and then make sure you give guys give this video a thumbs up. That really helps me out, and let me know if you guys have any other tips that we should share with the community too.