This isn’t, like the great conjunction of 2021, but the exact date of the conjunction is july 13th. So you can already start to feel this energy manifest, especially when you’re watching this video, i think it’s, probably like july 9th, but um it’s within venus and mars. Right now are within five degrees of each other, so usually you can start to feel conjunctions manifest within about six degrees, five degrees, but it goes exactly in the same degree in the sign of leo on the 13th of july. So this whole energy. I would say last maybe like two or three weeks, um it’s in the sign of leo, so it’s, really really strong, but that’s, just like the time frame you can expect with this conjunction, and the second thing you need to know with this conjunction is that venus Is about relationships you guys can guess that mars is about impulsivity aggression assertiveness. So when you put those two planets together, you get this really strong passion, this intensity, this magnetism and so we’ll get into it in a second. What that means in different houses of your chart, of course, but that energy is very intense magnetic and it can manifest as impulsive interactions in your dating life. Impulsive interactions with money, so all of those like venusy things can be kind of impulsive now so romance money. Um and something i learned from an astrologer recently is that when you put like a malefic planet with a banific planet, so mars is malefic.

Venus is benefic. This is like a side tangent, but mars wants to be next to venus. Venus doesn’t want to be next to mars, so you kind of get that tension there that pull there of like mars, enjoying like the luxuries that venus brings. But then venus is a little bit like. I don’t want to be near mars because mars is aggressive, assertive brash and impulsive and venus is like the princess right like the refined one. So it kind of creates that tension there of, like being too aggressive impulsive, really desirous lusty sexual um, that’s, really strong. With the venus mars conjunction and having a really beneficial planet with a malefic planet – and the third thing with this conjunction is that it does trigger really like light hearted energy. So this is definitely like the like summer, fling sort of vibe it’s, not really like serious relationship energy, and i want to emphasize that with this video just so that people don’t think like this is like the marriage transit of the year it’s kind of like very Lighthearted very cheeky, if you will so it’s, not super like serious or concrete, and the fourth thing with this conjunction is that it’s in the sign of leo and leo is about self. So this conjunction really has a lot to do with self confidence feeling your best. Looking your best feeling hot that’s, really the strong theme here and just putting energy into your own self esteem and for the fifth thing you need to know now, this one won’t apply to everyone, but i feel like it’s worth mentioning for some people and that this Energy of venus mars, conjunction in leo, is really great for beauty, surgical treatments.

So for someone who gets like surgical beauty, treatments like hydrafacials, which kind of count um, eyebrow, microblading lashes extensions, maybe fillers, botox things like that. It’S great for this energy since mars is surgery, and then venus is aesthetic. So you put that together, it is actually great energy for like beauty procedures that are kind of surgical. So with that being said, that is the top five main things you can expect with this energy of venus being conjunct, mars and leo and now we’ll get into the zodiac signs. So you can watch this mainly for your ascendant sign, but you can feel free to maybe peep your sun sign moon sign, but i would say it probably would resonate for your ascendant or sun sign time stamp so aries when it comes to this venus mars conjunction. It is activating your fifth house, so this energy couldn’t be any more passionate for you, intense magnetic, even sexual, for a lot of people and when it comes to attracting love into your life, you’ll probably attract a lot of attention and you might have been attracting attention. A lot recently um, just like in your dating life, attracting new partners, um rihanna, is in aries rising. She was just you know, photographed on a date with asap rocky, so there’s that really strong dating energy. For you romance flirting now i will say: it’s not terribly serious energy, it’s kind of like summer fling energy, but it is quite magnetic it’s, really charismatic.

You might be feeling magnetic charismatic, confident and you’re just attracting a lot more attention in a romantic sense with this conjunction and for you taurus. This conjunction is activating your fourth house, so you’re feeling that romantic theme, maybe with people from your past, maybe with people from like your hometown. If some of you guys are like home for the summer, you go back to your home country for the summer. Anything like that you can kind of find romance. There um find like a rekindling with someone from your past, but it can be very light. Hearted it’s not really that serious, it’s kind of like flirty romantic energy um with people from your hometown or your past, and for you gemini. This conjunction is impacting your third house. So what this means for you is that you could be attracting love and romance on the internet. You can be flirting online doing like sub tweets um. Maybe your crush likes your photo, something like that. Can’T happen for you and for some people it might be like online dating, and it can also mean texting as well, so you can be doing flirtatious texts romance through the internet. Your social media is strong here and for some people, even your neighbor. So if you’re, someone who lives near someone who you think is cute, you can kind of have like a romance there. Either way romance will come to you through social media through your neighbors. Even just messaging is strong here with this conjunction in your third house and for you, cancer you’re feeling this energy of the conjunction in your second house, and so what this means for you is that, honestly, you might be doing more like beauty treatments than usual on Your face, um, like we talked about in the like earlier in the video you might be doing like beauty procedures on your face, um like doing like fillers, or something like that: eyelash extensions, etc doing facials, and you also might be um just putting your face out There more in terms of dating, maybe you’re like in attraction mode, where you’re just putting yourself out there.

People are noticing you and really seeing how beautiful you really are something you might see manifest for you is gifts, money. If you have a person already, if you’re single, you might attract someone who wants to give you gifts or money or take you on a nice date that is possible with this energy, and for you leo, this energy is activating your first house, so you guys are Like the stars of the show here, venus mars conjunctions happening in your sign, so for you this can just manifest as feeling a lot more magnetic feeling. A lot more powerful, sexy feeling really hot hot girl summer is definitely activated now and speaking of hot girl summer. This energy can really put you in attraction mode um, putting you in this energy of attracting a new partner attracting romance attracting just flirting in general. This conjunction is really light, hearted and like fun, so you can attract sort of like that fun, energy dating um flirting with people um. It might not be the most serious energy, but it definitely does bring you a lot more romantic attention and a lot more admiration. Just in general and for you virgo this energy activates, your 12th house, so 12th house is kind of like a weird place for this conjunction to happen. Um, since leo energy is so bold and expressive, and the 12th house is hidden, but how this can manifest for some virgos is sort of like a secret admirer or someone who’s like secretly crushing on you and for some people it can manifest is like someone like Secretly, stalking you or somebody that’s been like watching your social media.

There is that kind of energy that can manifest um, since the 12th house is like your blind spot, and this romantic energy can come unexpectedly for you. But overall you can expect kind of like that theme of secrecy here that theme of someone coming towards you, you don’t know or like unexpected admirer, or something like that, and for those of you who travel maybe abroad in the next few weeks. Maybe the next couple weeks you might attract love overseas as well and for you libra this energy activates, your 11th house. So where are you attracting love? How are you attracting romance likely through social media and for you guys it can manifest as having your crush like your picture, dm’ing your crush um online dating flirting through tweets, anything like that can really manifest for you now. This can also manifest in real life, too. Of like going to parties socializing attracting new suitors at the parties, you do go to 11th house is already a very social house, so this magnetic passionate energy can manifest for you in any social circles, you’re a part of, and just like in general, in your social Life and on social media you’re attracting a lot of attention there for you, scorpio this energy activates, your 10th house, and what that means for you is that you can have a workplace romance, maybe even like a romance with someone who is superior to you, like a Boss, supervisor and i’m not encouraging any of that.

Behavior okay, call hr if you need to, but this energy can manifest in your work life. It can also manifest just like publicly so like public displays of affection are likely here. So, if you’re like with someone now, maybe that person gives you something in a public way or you go public with your relationship. There is that theme here of publicity in terms of your relationships and attracting romance in a very public sense and the other half of you guys will probably just feel it in your workplace, maybe even with supervisors or superiors, and for you sagittarius this energy activates. Your ninth house, and that can only mean one thing which is overseas romance so if you guys are traveling within the next couple weeks or just traveling in july, you can attract someone overseas wherever you’re traveling to in the airport. There is that energy activating for you for those of you who aren’t really traveling, you can just attract love in a very adventurous sense. Maybe you go on an adventurous date or you kind of like take the risk to do something or go somewhere with someone new. So there is like that risk taking kind of like adventure sort of date – i’m, not so much like sitting down at a table sort of date, but you guys might go on dates that are like really um just out of the norm, exciting adventures. So that is likely here overseas romance and maybe for some of you guys um just like adventurous dating and oh wait now that i think about it.

Ninth house is school as well or like upper higher education. If any of you guys are in high school or college, you can have a romance with your classmates or your schoolmates as well, and for you, capricorn you’re, feeling the energy of this conjunction in your eighth house and this couldn’t be any more passionate for you. Any more intense and magnetic – and this can mean a lot of intense experiences or like really passionate experiences with a new partner or like someone you’re dating or even your current partner. So there is that really strong magnetic pull happening and for some people you can attract someone who is more serious, like soul mate, i don’t want you to worry, but like slowly. Energy is really strong here, um with it happening in your eighth house, but for some people this can also manifest as like um getting money from someone or like getting gifts from someone, maybe you’re, giving a gift to someone. There is that kind of exchange of material items or goods here with it in your eighth house, for you, aquarius you’re, feeling this conjunction activate your seventh house. So this transit is definitely one where you’re attracting more people you’re attracting more partnerships, whether or not they’re, long term kind of depends on other factors, but generally speaking, it’s kind of like flirtatious energy, romantic, energy, very lighthearted energy. So you can attract new people, be in attraction mode. Um, go on a lot more dates during this time and just be a lot more of like a eligible bachelor, especially if you’re single.

This is great energy. To attract a new relationship again might not be too serious, but definitely attracting someone new is strong here with it happening in your seventh house and last but not least, pisces for you you’re feeling this energy activate your sixth house. So this is interesting energy to have in the sixth house, because the sixth house isn’t terribly romantic, but what happens here is that it can manifest as a workplace romance. So wherever you work, whoever your co workers are. You can attract someone through your job now or through work um and gain kind of like admiration from someone at your job. Maybe you didn’t expect, but they show you some sort of affection flirtation in um july or in the next few weeks, or so. Some of you pisces, you can find love overseas as well, since the 12th house is aspected here in your chart. Um, i think you guys have jupiter in the first house too, so you might attract love through travel going to the airport um wherever you’re going in the next few weeks for some people um and going back to that point about like beauty surgeries. Some of you guys might be doing that now during this conjunction um and it’s a good time if you want to get some sort of beauty, treatment done, botox, filler or something like that, not really like encouraging it, but like if you’re, like gon na schedule appointment.