This morning, i’m sick of all these e girls in my dms am i right. Fellas let’s talk about the chinese new year skins. A couple days ago. I made a video talking about the things that we can expect from the 2021 lunar new year event. You know i talked about redesigned maps with kanazaka. I also talked about a new game mode idea, but i also talked about some skins, or rather a skin, for a specific hero that we should at least expect to see for this year’s event, because it is the year of the ox. But i also found out that it’s the year of the iron ox, which only comes around every 100 years. So if that does not breed a possible ox skin for erisa this up and coming year, then i’ll know what’s going on with blizzard. You know they’re delaying overwatch too they’re making us yearn and cry for overwatch 2 information and they’re holding out on possible event skins for a hero that has about four event skins in the past three years. So blizzard, you have one opportunity to give us an ox. Orisa, skin or really any kind of legendary lunar event skin. Well, yes, i know she got the epic sony skin a couple events ago, i feel like, even if they weren’t, to bring an ox skin a dragon skin could easily suffice with her, because the dragon is sort of like the mascot of the chinese new year, and She could resemble a dragon, i mean all they would have to do is take the dragon or, i guess, it’s technically a lion from tracer’s highlight intro and make it into an orisa skin that’s what they did with lucioball.

They took the lucio ball and made it into a hammond skin, plus who wouldn’t want to see orisa as a dragon if they could make symmetra symmetra out of all heroes, get a dragon skin. Why not the hero that actually kinda already looks like a dragon plus that would be her best skin, which she’s desperate for man arisa, is so forgotten in so many aspects, she’s a forgotten main tank and she’s forgotten the skin department. This is her redemption year. I can feel it on my bones, but other than orisa getting an ox skin a lot of people in the comments section of that video really didn’t have a lot of cool ideas that would fit an eastern inspired event, mainly due to the fact that my audience Is from the western part of the world plus we’ve, also just gotten to the point where almost every single hero, except for orisa, has gotten a cool legendary skin. So that means for this lunar event, along with future overwatch events as a whole, we’re, probably going to start to see some heroes, get repeated skins, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If that just means we can get some cool skins for some really cool heroes, which is the first set of heroes which is featuring sombra mercy, and my boy winston, like can we just focus on my boy winston here for a second, this artist done literally made The scientists of overwatch winston into a straight up tiger with a jet pack and wooden armor and a little smoking pipe.

I don’t think you would have the smoking pipe included. These are the types of skins that i absolutely love. Where blizzard has the potential to transform a hero but not transform it completely to where it’s a completely different hero, because the thing is, though, a lot of people like to mistake, winston for a monkey or gorilla. What no he’s the scientist. But he does somewhat resemble a monkey in some cases, so transforming him into a tiger isn’t too crazy of an idea because well they’re, both animals, plus they already made him into a wukong. So what else could they do making him into a tiger which i wish? I knew the backstory behind this kind of transformation like what kind of mythological creature this is inspired from from chinese folklore plus, nobody else can really become a tiger other than winston, because nobody else is an animal, but besides hammond, but can you really make hammond into A tiger, but then next up we got someone like mercy, sporting, this angelic skin everyone loves a good mercy skin. I love mercy, you love mercy, even if you hate mercy, you like to see mercy skins, because i mean look at her. I mean definitely look at this skin bro. I love the angel wings. I wish blizzard would do more natural looking wings rather than just the yellow, angelic, robotic wings that she always is sporting in a lot of her skins. So here are the more natural looking wings and a more natural look for mercy, but it still does have that eastern inspired, look which you got ta have with a lot of these skins.

It can sometimes be difficult because well what else can you do other than just putting her in a red dress? Well, in this case, replacing her halo with a hair? Oh get it cause like her hair. Is the he’ll stop transforming her staff to have a flower at the end of it and then just giving her a simple little dress, which i always do appreciate the very simple casual look skins compared to the transformation of monkeys into tigers, you’re, sometimes gon na? Have the more casual look skins to have a good balance, but then we get to sombra. I don’t know why the artist decided to make sombra look extremely white in this picture, but the reason why i like this look more specifically is one it’s that simple dress. Look but it’s taking bits and pieces from her already simple high tech dress that she rocks in her classic skin to have a more eastern look to it and again i like the casual look, but this also still looks like somber, just as if she was shopping In asia, during the chinese new year, so all three of these skins come from the same artist and all three of them look fantastic, but especially that winston skin, but we’re not done yet. Oh, no, no, no, no, nowhere close baby boy, ash and bob are the next heroes that i want to receive a lunar new event skin. Now, why do i want ash and bop specifically? Well, i can tell you this much it’s not for the ash skin, but one thing that is also coming up is the japanese festival, and even though this is the lunar new year event, doesn’t japan also celebrate the chinese new year.

I know i typically do some research and i don’t know if it’s insensitive, to assume that the japanese festival can also be celebrated alongside the lunar new year event, but when i saw this ash and bob skin, i fell in love with it. Man enough to where i just want it in the game whether it’s gon na be with the anniversary event or with the lunar event. I just want it so bad mainly for bob, i mean look at it. You could see his chest fully exposed, who wouldn’t want that, plus these two new skins would pair perfectly with a brand new kanazaka map. Now, at that point, you may be like well what about the two actual japanese heroes, hanzo and genji like do? We really need a new hanzo skin, be honest, now genji yeah, we need some. We definitely need some more skins, but it seems, like blizzard, has forgotten about my boy. They just left him in the dust to rot away and skin purgatory. So hopefully, with this year’s event with the brand new map release, but i don’t know man, i can’t really think of any cool ideas that i haven’t already talked about in the past before, but speaking of a samurai skin. You want to know who i think should receive a samurai skin this up and coming lunar event, not genji, not hanzo. No, the one and only boy junkrat, coming from australia, yoinking the samurai skin, from both of the japanese heroes, but come on man doesn’t.

He look so cool in this samurai skin. No, he might not be a samurai necessarily, he might be uh like an oni or some kind of demon, because well i mean look at him. Look at those piercing green eyes and those scary looking teephases like what’s going inside is that yarn is my boy eating some yarn. Look at the grenades! Look at the gun! Look at the shoes he’s like he’s like orbeez, look at him. You can definitely tell i’m sick. The litter event can sometimes be difficult to plant skins around heroes, especially ones that aren’t from the eastern continent i mean you do have mae. That is quite literally the only chinese hero, but she did get two from 2016 with the very first lunar event, but maybe it’s time for her just to get a casual, traditional red and gold dress so that one it can fit the lunar event, but dude it’s Somewhat different than the luna one that she got i’m, not too sure. But what i’m really going for here or are cool menacing, looking skins but also ones that we really haven’t seen before the mass changer sombra skin, that we got the mass changer somber one that we got last time was the kind of skin that i want to See anime skins, but also ones that we really wouldn’t expect because well, we don’t expect an animated mass changer skin, but anyway guys. Let me know what you think is going to come from this year’s lunar new year event.

Do you think orisa is finally going to get ox skin? Do you think may is going to get a traditional red dress? Just let me know, but i love you guys.