So you know if you’re seeing a bro, you act, video on monday, it’s gon na be a hype, video and boy. Oh boy, is it hype, because not only did we get one big announcement, but we got two announcements in the form of blizzcon online goodies and the new lunar new year event. First things: first let’s talk about the lunar new event, because earlier this morning the official overwatch twitter tweeted out this little teaser trailer of the year of the ox event. We all kind of expected it. We just didn’t know what day and it is gon na be on february 4th going all the way through february 25th, but that’s kind of surprising, because during that time, frame that’s also when blizzcon online is happening. So you think that something would be reserved for blizzcon within overwatch, but i guess not. I guess they wanted the year of the ox event to go through blizzcon, so that can kind of tell you that maybe we’re not going to be getting overwatch too during the month of february. But something big is also going to be announced during blizzcon for overwatch. 2., you just kind of know it at this point after a year and a half of not talking about it it’s kind of dude, but in the year of the ox teaser trailer, we don’t see a new skin from the event, but rather a new highlight intro, Where diva snaps her fingers to detonate her mech, which i absolutely love that hilar intro, but that also leads us to believe that diva, probably won’t, be receiving a skin from this event, because you think they would also feature it within that highlander intro, which is fine.

I’M sure they’re going to be bringing tons of awesome skins featuring other asian continent heroes, be it mei, genji hanzo. You know heroes like that, but come february 4th. I will have a video for you where i talk about new skins. Hiding shows victory poses every single item that comes from the year of the ox event, along with opening 100 lunar new year loot boxes. But the next thing that i want to talk about is the big announcement of blizzcon online 2021 in regards of the celebration collection. No overwatch 2 news just yet, but again there will be something, but before the blizzcon festivities even start, you can purchase different packs that have in game items that celebrate blizzard ips, whether it’s starcraft world of warcraft, hearthstone or most notably overwatch blizzard. Does this every single year, where they have different cosmetic items that cross over into the other video games and this time around in overwatch, specifically we’re gon na get a new skin featuring reinhardt? That is from the starcraft series now i’ll, keep it a fat buck with y’all. I actually never played starcraft. I knew it was one of the classes from the starcraft series, like the protos of the zerg. This is actually one of the characters jim raynor crossing over with reinhardt, which i think is a nice crossover, because what reinhardt is the big beefy leader of overwatch – and this is kind of like the main character of that class from starcraft, which is a nice crossover.

Now i’ll be honest: it’s, not my favorite blizzcon skin. I mean it’s, definitely better than the 2016 2017 skins that we got featuring winston and bastian, where it’s, just literally a blue and gray skin, but it’s supposed to be a celebration of blizzard games in this case. They’Re celebrating starcraft within overwatch, where last year they celebrated world of warcraft and within overwatch with genji and symmetra. So if you’re ryan hermaine and you love starcraft, then you’re gon na go absolutely berserk for this skin, but the only way that you can get it is, if you get the heroic or epic pack which it does cost 40 or 60 respectfully. There is an essential pack where you can get other items as well, but if you want the reinhardt skin or the tracer motorcycle and heroes of the storm, then you have to get the heroic pack or the epic pack, which has everything in the blizzcon online celebration. Collection and the other overwatch items that you can get are five regular loot boxes in every single one of these packs. Three legendary loot boxes, which is only available in the epic pack, which guarantees you a legendary item and the blizzcon 30th anniversary spray and player icon. Blizzardfeness overwatch player is good. Today they finally announced the lunar events and they gave us a new crossover, reinhardt skin, which there’d be some people that are mad, that doesn’t look good and also mad, because you have to buy the skin.

But you have to remember they do this every single year. I mean they did this with the symmetra and genji skin last year, which they haven’t made available to the public yet, but they also did this with a demon hunter sombra skin which later on they finally made available during the 2019 halloween event. That was like one of the skin challenges that you can get after winning nine games during that week. So if you’re, reinharmane and you’re upset the fact that the only way to get this skin is by purchasing, these packs realize that this is blizzard’s way of trying to fund blizzcon online. I actually heard somewhere that blizzard loses money by putting on blizzcon every single year and the fact that they don’t have an in person event where they can make money from ticket sales. This is really their only way that they can make money, because the whole entire show is free, like all the panels, all the announcements, everything that’s gon na come with blizzcon online. Besides, the cosmetic items are gon na be available for everybody to view. So this is really their only way to make money by putting on this year’s show, and that show, of course, is gon na be starting on february 19th, going through february 20th, so it’s gon na be a good month for overwatch a good month for blizzard and Just a good month as a gamer, because we’re gon na get tons of announcements for other blizzard games, but anyway, guys.

Let me know what you’re most excited for from the lunar event and also from blizzcon, probably overwatch too. Hopefully, we’ll just have to see i’m not expecting anything at this point, but just a little smidge a little crumb of overwatch 2 information but hopefully deliver a whole entire meal. But i love you guys.