You may be asking yourself right now electrics: why are you uploading bo4 when cold war and war zone are thriving right now? Well, to put it simply i’m, just trying to spice up the content on the channel? You know people don’t want to see cold war videos every day or you know war zone videos every day, so i’m gon na try to start branching out into other call of duty’s, maybe even other games as you’ve seen with the mlb. The show videos on my channel, so i may start branching out into doing other different games at the moment, because right now, uh cold war is such a bad state right now, within the you know, the sbm and the game there’s no content in the game, but You know war zone war zone, just war zone war zones just fill a bunch of hackers anyway. So who really wants to even watch videos about that so i’m trying to bring you guys different uh videos for the time being until uh? The next call of duty comes out uh in november, so in this video i’m going to teach you guys a couple different ways to skip tears in black ops 4. It came about because, as of late, i’ve, actually been playing a lot of black ops 4. Instead of cold war, because i think black ops 4 is more enjoyable, especially with the um, mercenary uh mosh pit, where you just play by yourself with a bunch of other solos, so let’s get into it one last thing before we get into it, it was brought To my attention that there’s, actually some boost, jumping glitch in black ops 4 and i actually figured out how to do it.

So if you guys want to see that video, if this video gets to 200 likes i’ll drop that video for you guys, it’s um, actually a pretty complicated glitch because you have to have a pc for it. So uh now without further ado, let’s get into how to skip tears in black ops 4.. So for the glitch we’re going to be talking about in this video, this glitch is for the ps4 and the ps5. So this might work for the xbox and the xbox series x, i’m, not sure because i don’t know if the what you need to do for this glitch is an application on the ps4 and ps5 itself. I don’t own a series x, so i can’t tell you if this application’s on the series x, but if you’re a series x user, you could probably you know, figure that out yourself, but for this video um, this tier skip glitch is very similar to the one. In black ops 3, so if you watch my black ops, 3 tier skip videos it’s pretty much the exact same thing. So what you’re going to want to do is you’re from the ps4 ps5 go to the tv or video app and if you have a ps4, some people have it as media players still. So if you remember the media player glitch, my cousin actually still has a ps4 and hers actually still says media player instead of tv and video. So if you don’t see media player go to tv and video and if you don’t see tv and video go to media player, if that makes sense.

So what you want to do is when you’re loading up into a game of black ops 4 at the loading screen so before the game is about to start right back out. Go into media player. Sit there for about 45 seconds, make sure it’s 45 seconds, because for some reason, if you wait like 15 or 20 that doesn’t work, but if you wait about 45 seconds or so go back into black ops 4, it will kick you out and put you into Your own lobby right your own lobby, and you can invite your friends and you know, have a custom public lobby where xp counts challenges are going to count and all that so it’s really like a reverse, boosting or boosting session lobby it’s, actually really cool. I’Ve done this with my friends in black ops 4 on black ops 3 plenty of times, and if you want to still do this on black ops 3, it still works like the black ops. 3 is gon na, be what like six years old in november, and the glitch still has not been patched. It never will either same with the black ops. Four one it’ll never get patched. I wish this would be a good way like a method in cold war, but sadly, this method doesn’t work in cold war, unfortunately, but guys that is it for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you guys so much for 11.

000. Subscribers on the channel i’m gon na do some big giveaway here in the summer to give back to you guys, for you know, uh sticking with me for the last three or four years so, like i said in the earlier in the video 200 likes, i’ll drop That other video and i’ll see you guys in the next video fine enemy uav, going up deleted, release deploying disruptor we’re, losing the fight enemy, rc xd in your aorta enemy, uav above enemy uav above online ice pick, is good to go. Ice pick running ice pick, enemy, uav above injecting malware tdosing control. Some chaos. We can still take this rigging.