I believe this is a 2v2 event, the summer series, 75 thousand dollars in prize pool on the line and just before trying to load up. You know waiting for the other two to join the lobby. Well, this guy joined instead and he seems like a hoot at parties. I want to meet him. Oh god, why’d you keep joining my lobby, um i’m, just bored you’re bored, so you just joined in my lobby for what reason because i’m bored no, i mean what do you want to say what i’m asking? What do you want to say? Oh right, uh, do you have any questions that you want answering for war zone, no any at all: zero! None zero! Not even like i’m doing this hey thief. He dev errored me again. No did he actually yeah, no bruh. Where is for pantheon what’s the pale um, so the prizing is dummy and chat. Oh and i’ve been deveried yeah me too. Hey they devoured, you this time, yeah! Oh, i got the code for him. I got the code. Yes, you’ve done me a favor! You dumb little, i was gon na, say the c word right there and did it again? Did you get five four? Seven? Six as well: uh yep, five, four, seven, six right! Yep! I got the same there either one of us and if one of us got knocked we were, i mean, is it too early? This is entertainment, a little ball of my way you can’t celebrate yet let’s go okay, dude dad’s lost it hello.

I like it he’s. Just leaving don’t talk now don’t joke now you make me, look bad Laughter, no pressure already it’s coming. Luckily, it didn’t stop fifa and tommy going on to win that summer series for 75k, which is awesome to see, but you know what could have been. I imagine more invite lobbies coming soon, but you have warzone players out there who now can join your lobbies and just crash you dev area right out of the game, it’s like what what what’s going on my goodness gracious we’ve, seen similar things and issues across a Lot of games out there but i’m hard pressed to say that warzone is not the worst of all of them. You know: cs go, has issues, apex has issues, fortnite has issues but warzone time and time again week after week. Now you got pro players discovering these kind of things and we have to talk about them, but while we talk about them, other people probably learning how to do them – fix your goddamn game, but before drink some water drink, some coffee, i’ll catch. You back here.