We only get one night like this Music, okay, so the new york plaza. No okay, yes, it’s a six match tournament. All right, let’s go to the queues and i am gon na switch. I have a no. I have one special key on. Oh yes, i am talking about this demon. Q and i’m gon na go to the new york plaza. He didn’t hit the shot properly. Now it just went for this yellow bullet. I really oh wait. Wait wait. Can i can i go further? Yes, i can’t go for the green ball right now, only let’s add some backspin, all right, all right i’m going to touch the purple ball, but don’t be stuck. If anyone is new to this channel unsubscribe to this channel right now and hit the dislike button – and i really love you all for not supporting me man – this is incredible. Let’S go for. You know, let’s, add some top right. What the no man you can. You cannot tell me i i just did this and this is what you call a really professional shot again. I am yes uh. Some shots guys do not look very technical, you know, but only few people understand okay, first off very nicely executed game. This was hit. The like button right now, second game and i got denied and he got so lucky, and this is the sole reason that i don’t like the six any i mean any six mess tournament in this game, because you know you can’t get unlucky because of the probability.

However, i’m, focusing on the dynamo q right now and one thing i’m noticing this q has great force. This is a really nice q and good thing is. This: is a very nice break man wow? First, this cue is remarkable. The spin and all this really does uh perform like a demon. You know yeah wow, all right. So now i have three balls remaining on the table. I think i will go for the yellow ball right now and i’m. Gon na add some uh top right spin. Okay, i should have used only topsy. Can i go for the red ball? No, i cannot. I knew oh, my god. This is gon na be bad. I don’t know if this was a good shot or a bad shot see. I can go for the red ball and add some back spin. I think this shot is gon na go inside. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You cannot tell me that this uh happened, but what am i? No? No. This was a this. Was the first mistake i i mean mine was also very bad, but this was even worse. Uh let’s go for the last black ball shot. I think this is going to go inside demon q has enough backspin, very nice, i’m really lucky i’m. Actually i shouldn’t say, but i must no i’m, not a chain because he also made a similar mistake like and he has quit the game now, but in the end the result matters guys.

I really want to say once again i mean in the first game. I was obviously being sarcastic when i said you got ta hit the dislike, but you know, but thank you so much for the support man. Okay, i should have gone first right. I’Ll, be guys really happy if i will be able to somehow win this game right. So i will go for you, you people know what the blue to the brown with this combination and i’m gon na add some topspin, because i’m gon na, oh, my god very nice, shot once again now i’m gon na go for the yellow, and i personally think This game is over let’s try to go for again, wait. I was about to mess up. I have to go for this first, yes, because if i end it on the right side of the table, guys see here’s the trick. The black ball is not going in the top left pocket, so i have to end up near the blue ball in the last now i’m gon na go for this. Oh, my god. I was about to mess it up. So these small things you got ta always uh, keep your eye on. You know like what is possible, what’s, not possible. I was about to mess up on the table. Let’S go for this uh black ball. I think it’s. I i was about to mess this up. I mean this orange ball, but i can’t go for the green wall right now.

No, i think it’s not. I cannot clear the orange. Oh. I forgot this q is a beast. This q is an actual demon. This q has a very nice spin stat. There goes. I mean oh no, no, no! No! Yes, all right! So now, i’m gon na go for the brown ball. Now i have to go for a bang. I mean i don’t have to go for a back shot, but i’m gon na go for absolutely fantastic. Should i end the game with the bank shot as well? What do you people think let’s do it? You know this is one of the best queues that i’ve uh played up now now some people actually asked me this question that obviously my archangel q is less powerful as compared to my excalibur q maxed out, but still i say i prefer the archangel more. I mean there are some cues. I don’t know why maybe it’s an illusion i don’t know. But what see that’s? What i’m talking about man? There are some cues which are less in stats as compared to some other q, but they will give a better performance. I don’t know why, obviously it can’t be true it’s, just an illusion. It is that way. I feel the archangel q is better than my excalibur q and my max dot plasma q let’s go for because technically it’s not possible what i’m saying that’s. Why i’m saying it might be an illusion? Only oh.

I wanted to make a position for a bank shot but it’s, okay, man. This was an absolutely incredible game over here once again executed denial machine right now, Music. Sometimes i start singing like this. I don’t know: why is there? Is there anything that i need to do in this game, because this game is already over man uh, this it’s absolutely there’s, absolutely nothing that i can do okay i’m, not trying to make fun of this game. Sometimes i get really nice breaks. I’M. Not gon na lie like this one. I’M gon na lose this game. You know what, because i’m being careless i’m like this game, is so easy: i’m gon na lose it i’m just gon na just wait and watch no. This was actually the perfect shot that was possible in this situation. Just don’t quit the game is the black and the black ball. Did that what the hell did? I mess it up? I did not. I did not. Did you hear me? We did not all. I need to focus right now is on my orange ball and hold on yes, and i am not trying uh to lose these games. Oh, very nice, oh okay, sorry, calm down what type of sound was that all right: let’s go for the orange ball. Now like this, all right, big blunder is gon na happen. You know why, because i didn’t clear my red ball, but if i’m gon na add backspin luckiest human being that i did not put the yellow, but this is not.

This is not how this table was supposed to end. However, no, i mean sorry. This was exactly how it needed to end the shot on the yellow. Ball totally changed everything up, and there goes my blue, very nice berlin denial. I will be back to 2 billion coins on this account. Let’S go for the black phenomenal man play fast, otm that yellow ball shot in which i bought it. My cue ball, you know, was really unlucky. I’M gon na say: let’s go for this red down. Oh my god! Absolutely awesome shot the orange well right now: i’m. Gon na, i think i should add some backspin on this shot and actually full backspin on this shot and uh i’m more here now can i, but can i get it wait? Can i go for the great? I usually never want to say this. I in your. I only like to say in your face to someone who talks trash to me first and then messes up and then i’m in the game. Hopefully my cue ball man light with the oh. It does not. Thankfully i touched the knuckle. I think no it wouldn’t have collided anyway. I think we are going for back to back bank shots over here. Let’S go for the nine ball is the final shot. She is level five. That is exactly why we are going to lose this game and let that girl win good luck to your eight ball pool journey on this table.

You can see the looks of the demon queue. I always say if you have a dark colored table and if you want to see the looks go to the toronto table. If you have a light, colored cube got ta, go to mumbai, hell five, no one, two, three, four: six walls on the break man. This queue is unbelievable. Let’S start by going for this uh brown ball bank shot really nice, i mean not really nice and because see bank shots will again make me, lose the game, but then again, i’m, the most stubborn human being on this planet, i’m. Really lucky that i did not find my cue ball let’s, actually stop bank shots now and do whatever i can for the blog well. But the question wait: if i go for this shot, surely i will remove the platform over there, but where is the i did? Not remove the black, i did remove the green. I can win this game pretty easily, but i will actually go for this. A really long bank shot. You know he thinks i’ve called the pocket by mistake. Anyone would think you know why would a sane? Oh, my god unlucky, i pointed the ball, but he got really lucky. That was a very nice shot. You know a pretty daring, shot i’m gon na say because we would have easily won, but we still chose to do that. I mean i mean i’m trying to finish this video with the last rome colosseum match just spotted.

The yellow ball looks like this is a pretty simple to be honest. I’M now gon na go for the green ball like this, not one but double back. Oh, my am i stuck man. I will break my phone no, but i can’t go for the red ball. What were you thinking? I missed a straight shot. I’M. I will never fix this man, i i am bad. I mean i always miss uh straight shots. Some people think i try to make it up like some people think i miss it intentionally, but believe me, i am bad when it comes to long shots in eight ball pool very stupid move i know, but i don’t want to win. I mean i want to win, but i don’t want to win because hmm, this is a very easy, very easy, stripes game, but i will not absolutely phenomenal shot. This was the brown ball in the bottom. I think this is going to go inside i’m. Going to add some back spin well, only time will tell this if that blue star now this is pretty confusing uh so as to choose which ball to go for. So i just like tried to get my black ball away from that position where it was now i’m gon na go for the brown ball. I’M, i’m still pretty unsure how this game is gon na end, whether i will be able to put the black ball or not because see i will most likely go for the black.

I have to go for the black ball in a middle pocket. You know and that back shot it’s, not that difficult i mean it is for me, but making position for that bank shot is more difficult for me. If i use little lesser force, it would have been for no. This is this was not a mind. Blowing shot. Now i’m realizing let’s go for this purple. Let’S hope so. Let’S just hope guys. This shot is gon na go in. Did you say something man bro? Did you say? Oh i wanted to say in your face. These are the opponents where i want to stay in your face: okay, so i’m, going to end the video now guys, if you all did enjoy this video hit.