We were playing obviously in venice i’m, playing against juwan, jose, i think, that’s, how you pronounce it going for the brown ball. Don’T bought it, but i also bought my q. It happens whenever i play now. This is a difficult one. You know i have to be careful, and i see you i i could not do anything intentionally over there. So it was my luck that the cue ball didn’t polite orange ball goes inside. I thought the green also will, but it did not so now it’s gon na go in like this. My cue ball is gon na, come below the black ball and i’m gon na call the bottom left pocket because we were also playing trick shots. That is what i was talking about. That was a voice correct by the way, but that was okay. I leveled up as well after this game and now okay watch his incredible gameplay guys this game. He was on fire. He goes for the blue ball right now. Uh now he’s gon na go for the purple in the top right. He was unstoppable i’m telling you. He was a great player time for his yellow ball in the top left, and i think now even for the brown ball yeah same pocket as the yellow ball. With a double bank shot, the precision required on this shot was really crucial and he managed to do it and now he’s gon na go for the top middle.

I would have gone for the top right, but he went for the top middle, which was even more. I mean difficult, i mean now it’s time for the green ball. Despite that green stripe, he made it picture perfectly now: he’s gon na go for the black ball and he does but the black ball, meaning this was an indirect denial wow man. Respect to this play is a great player. I know obviously now i’m going to play one last time with this player, yellow is going to go and also the blue same shot. I was about to run out of time, but somehow i managed to put the purple ball like this in the top left pocket and after this it’s time for the red ball in the top right pocket and we’re. Okay, now it okay, so it’s, i missed. I think the brown that’s, why there’s a cut in the video and now it is time for him again, a back to back ridiculous bank shots he’s, making man. He was he he was totally on fire and okay. He messes up he messes up. I forgot now. I’M gon na call the top right pocket, because i did edit this. You know my. I mean editor edited this uh and i just spotted the black ball. First attempt same thing happened the previous game. Also, it was the first attempt that i made the quick shot in this game also, and i think i played one last time again.

No, it was somewhere else yeah check this. He makes such a great shot, but he he got unlucky. You know that he potted the cue ball along with the black, but nonetheless this was a great shot, and now this is a game number two i mean for the video against this player. I’M gon na go for this gon na add top right spin so that my cue ball doesn’t collide, which it didn’t oh watch this i mean the aim needed to be perfect and it was perfect. You know you people understand how difficult that job was. I mean not incense has a trick shot, but you know aiming and now i’m gon na go for the orange ball and oh check this i’m gon na add backspin on this shot and now i’m gon na put the purple ball in the top right pocket and Uh i set something really arrogant over here. Yes, i play as good as i look now it’s time for the red and now actually oh watch. This attempt guys just imagine if this shot went inside man. This would have been a great shot. It was about to go in and again again same pocket, Music, just barely all right top right bucket now and again, just barely so these were three amazing shot. Attempts hey seal the deal, that’s, how you do it bro. So this is my secret rare backup emergency account, whatever you want to say and i’m, not sure if you people have seen this account previously or not, but i’m gon na go to uh.

Definitely i was planning to do this. I am playing very very nicely right now. I hope so. My amazing spree doesn’t get spoiled whoa man all right now, it’s time for the last uh shot and it’s gon na be a phenomenal win. It’S not gon na be of end because i’m gon na let my player win, because this was a small coin match hit the like button right now. This was a great great match. I was trying to use. I was trying to find a reason to use that in my video and i finally found a reason today only because i wanted to go for a bank shot, i went for that shot the yeah, oh, oh, i think i have just changed the entire dynamics of This game with one shot. Yes, this game should be over. From this point, i’m gon na go for the yellow. Now see i have to switch back, i mean for the orange well. I have to switch uh sides on the table to get my orange ball. So now i’m gon na go for the red and uh. You know what i’m gon na do: i’m gon na add backspin i’m gon na hit it with this much. Oh, very nice superb shot. This was and uh we can i’m trying to make. I will try to make position for a bank shot on the black ball. I think i was successful. Yes, i’m gon na go for the oh fitting chat back now, i’m gon na go for the black by the way guys.

Thank you. I’M gon na begin. This video, with this match with some stupidity, there goes my okay, i’m, really lucky that nothing bad has happened on the table. Actually, how many people will believe if i’m gon na say that this game is absolutely destroyed? Already, this game is over let’s, go for the yellow, okay! More! Yes, yes, yes, perfect force! This game is gon na, be or not just gon na. Add some backspin wow man. This was a very quick match. Uh let’s go. Should i try? Should i try to attempt a bank shot on the black, let i am going to go for this brown ball? Oh sorry, i’m. Really, sorry for speaking in this manner! No! But why am i sorry, oh nice, two back to back bank shots, and now i will go for the yellow ball over here like this and yes, now the yellow, solid ball went up over there. It is time to go for this green ball. Okay, but my purple, i know my purple man, i get a watcher for my purple ball. Wow very nice, see yeah. So if i’m gon na add backspin, i mean that’s. All i can do. Oh no. This this view does not have q collection stats. Oh, oh, very well, this was great what a nice game this was, i think, i’m, pretty sure the black ball is gon na go inside. Yes, it will don’t. Thank you bye. I was really lucky, but a very nice match quick match as well.

Now, if we have a table like this, how to clear it pretty simple you don’t have to do anything, because this is such an easy table and i just messed it up because now my purple ball is not in a very nice position and wait. Wait! Wait, if i can do this, then why not do that? All right can someone please make this game more difficult. Okay, imagine i am saying all this and i lose you know because it happens. I mean this is a ballpool. You can lose the easiest game that and i’m never like. Yes, i do get angry, but it’s not like i’m ashamed that’s. Why? I always show my losses as well in my videos. My mind is telling me that one bank shot plays just one bang shot on the black ball. So no, no, no, i don’t think so. Yeah the red would not have gone inside now. I’M gon na go for this orange ball. Why am i being so careless right now? Oh yes, it’s going in i’m, really lucky and the red ball is also gon na go inside, okay, i’m, really lucky again, that nothing is stuck. However, the brown ball is not stuck but it’s, not in a very nice place. Oh, i think i’m gon na make position for the brown i will. I will go for the brumble because i don’t think so i will get a better chance. How did i not put the black ball all right now? It is time for the purple in the bottom middle pocket very nice game.

It looked as if it looked many times that i’m gon na lose this game. Why is everyone quitting? This is berlin and the problem yeah i mean the. There are many problems on this table. Man guys tell me, i want to clear my yellow ball. What to do? I will i will i just oh, my god that was a very nice shot. Now i’m gon na go for the yellow ball and oh good once again awesome. I just need to go for the blue and add some uh don’t put the cube, don’t put the q, it will not go and now no, no. No. I can’t send your face. That was obviously an accident by the way random chat pack, oh so lucky and nice to spin. Both please go in. Oh, my god that was a nice game that’s the last game.