This is the first final for the england men’s team in europe’s top football tournament, they’re, hoping to defeat italy who last lifted the trophy in 1968, adam rainey is standing by for us in rome, but first let’s go to paul brennan, who is at wembley stadium, where, As i said, the final is being held: uh paul what’s, the atmosphere like there, how are england fans feeling boisterous confident as well? I think, even though some of the data crunchers put england’s chances of victory tonight at only around 53 it’s, a very, very tight game. This is going to be we’ve got the best attacking team in the tournament uh in england, against uh, sorry in italy, being the best attacking team in the tournament versus england, who are the best defensive team. They’Ve only conceded one goal uh during the matches that have led up to this final. The gates opened around 45 minutes ago. Fans are already starting to stream into the stadium over my shoulder. All of them have had to be negative, show negative coronavirus tests and the stadium itself only 75 full because of the covert restrictions which are still in place here in the uk um only around 7 000 italy fans will be here, a thousand of them uh brought Direct from italy in a special, almost hermetically sealed bubble, um to be attending the game and then taken straight back where they’ll have to quarantine. The rest of those italian fans are actually from here in the uk sort of expat italians and looking at the match itself.

The expectation is for a very tight game. Indeed, you know italy has the experience. You look at that back to kyolina their captain 37 years old versus the much younger england team, most of them in their mid 20s, but the two teams are have shown themselves to be. You know really the match for anything that they’ve come up against so far and the expectation for the wider country well i’ll show you the front page of the sunday times here, which pretty much sums it up. That’S, the captain harry kane that’s in georgia’s flag across the front of it and uh yeah, now it’s a bit it’s a bit creased because it’s it’s been folded but yeah the expectation in the wider country as well enormous. The feeling is basically if, if this, if this isn’t england’s time, then frankly, when is they’ve had home advantage for most of the matches, um they’ve got this great squad of players and, frankly, to have made it through to the final at this time. With those advantages, it really should be england’s time and paul. If you don’t mind passing on to the teams there, i want a nice clean game. I don’t want any penalty shootouts. I don’t think that my nerves can take it pass that on for me, would you let’s go to adam rainey now uh, who is standing by for us in rome adam tell us? How are italy fans preparing well kim much like what paul said about the fans there in london there’s a certain buoyancy here, just a few hundred meters from where i’m staying at the coliseum, one of the the few nodes or gathering spots for fans is opened up And people are starting to file in some 2500 people can attend there there’s another one across from us another part of the center, where another 2500 fans must have tickets to get in they’re, not going in with any covet testing, as is happening at wembley.

But what we’re seeing is concern across the country that this event with these big screen, televisions and gathering points across the country could help push the delta variant into full force. Here i haven’t seen as many cases of course here in italy, as you have seen in the uk, so people are hopeful, they think it’s their time, although they don’t have the drought that the english side has. They feel that in 2018, not making the world cup finals was a huge pain, an opening wound actually here in italy, and they see this kind of 33 game streak of undefeated plays against internationals right now. Is this proof that they’re on the upward trajectory, and also on the same day, that they’re going to face off against england for this title for the european title? They have a beloved tennis player, mateo bertini the first italian ever to make it into a singles fine. On wimbledon he’s, currently playing against the world number one djokovic it’s unclear how that’s going to shake out but there’s this sense in the air that this is italy’s moment after a very hard year from cove. Of course, the whole world has had a hard year, but italians like to have a little drama and think, since they were the first western country to suffer so bad from it that this is some sort of redemption for them, and they also see that they’re fighting For the whole european union, they point out that the the chief executive of the european union, ursula uh, uh the line.

She says that she have underlined. She herself has said she support an italian side and many see this as a strong response to brexit that all of europe is now fighting for italy to win out whether that’s going to make a difference. It’S not clear but that’s. How people see things here kim all right, hey! Thank you very much for that.