Richard branson a launch nearly two decades in the making. Tell me, how do you feel um well, i’ve managed to avoid getting excited for 17 years, since we started building spaceships and motherships and spaceports, and all these things – and i finally got the call from our chief engineer, saying that uh every single box had been ticked On the safety aspect and that i was um um, would i like to go to space and i hit i hit the roof. I was so excited. The virgin galactic rocket powered space plane is set to take off tomorrow from new mexico. The mother ship will release the spaceship at around 40 000 feet. The rocket will ignite and take branson two pilots and three others on a 2400 mile per hour, ride more than 50 miles up to touch the inner edge of space as defined by the us military and nasa. The crew will experience a few minutes of weightlessness before gliding back to earth when you’re up there. The spaceship will turn turn over and these enormous windows when it’s going to be able to float around and look back at earth. If successful, the space baron will edge out fellow billionaire and world’s richest man, jeff bezos, who is set to ride his own company’s rocket into space. In the coming days, the two men have jockeyed for the astronomical bragging rights that come with being first branson has insisted there’s no space race with bezos and that the missions are different.

The kind of experience you’re going to get with the two the two companies are almost as different as talking as chalk and cheese. So we we don’t, see ourselves as a direct competitor, two one while bezos flight will be after branson’s his rocket system. New shepard will go even higher past the carmen line, which is the altitude internationally recognized to be the demarcation of space. His company blue origin, taking a shot at branson’s trip. Tweeting. Their rocket was quote designed to fly above the carmen line, so none of our astronauts have an asterisk next to their name. If you fly at 50 miles or 62 miles you’re in space, i mean you’re not going to notice the difference between those 12 miles. Neither of these vehicles go into orbit by the way they touch space, and then they come right back down. Both space companies have had successful suborbital test flights over the past decade, but with space travel comes inherent risk. In 2014, a co pilot for virgin galactic was killed during a test flight of a previous model of their spacecraft. I like to say that you can do risky things safely. If you know the risks you’re taking. You know the controls you have in place and you verify that they are active and – and we do just that – i don’t think the risk of this flight is is high, it’s, not zero, two one zero and liftoff in the ten years since the launch of atlantis Nasa’S final space shuttle mission, the privatization of space flight, has quickly expanded.

Today, the commercial aerospace company spacex, founded by yet another billionaire elon musk, regularly takes nasa astronauts and supplies into orbit at a fraction of the cost of the space shuttle. So far, nasa has been supportive of the billionaire’s endeavors, especially after the successes of spacex. We are seeing the result of these billionaires that you call them putting their wealth into the research and development of a space program we’re, seeing a lot of advancing of technology, which is good for our country, it’s good for building american jobs as well. If tomorrow’s mission is successful, it could launch yet a new era of space travel and the final frontier could soon open to space tourism. So far, hundreds of people have signed up for future virgin galactic flights, some paying more than two hundred thousand dollars. Each branson hopes that someday will be soon i’ve had to wait almost a lifetime to be able to go into space, and hopefully we can speed that process up for um.