Welcome welcome to our channel welcome to another one of our videos today we’re going to discuss uh virgin galactic this weekend. As we know, uh the flight’s going to happen on sunday we’re going to cover quickly some of the breaking news from some of the analysts that just came out and then we’ll. Look at our option trades that we performed today in the rope that we performed and then we’ll refuse the short positions and then we’ll also go through the charts as well. We’Ll make this a quick video if you’re new to our channel go ahead and click any of the money icons below to review our past videos smash the like button and subscribe, so let’s get busy here’s our current position in spce. Now we roll over the previous position that we had on seven two and we collected 516 dollars. We had to get back 41 because we rolled over the position to a lower strike price. Instead of the 40s. We went down to 30, so they gave us a less of a premium for the next following week for this week’s profits. Uh, we made 690 over the last two weeks. We profited 12.81, a total of 2267 in premiums just in july. The market is currently still open. As you can see, the price has been dropping. It dropped around five percent because the stock got ahead of itself. Yesterday, i wanted to show you these premiums down here on these options.

They’Re just out of this world here there there’s more call volume and there are put volumes, but i went deep down here in the money you can still get. Those same puts that i have uh at around 60 cents per share. Remember i sell to open these puts all the indices were all in the green over one percent trying to recover. From the other day event, the handle analyst still projects the lows of twenty dollars to high of fifty one dollars and the average of thirty five and we’re at the high right now. The short interests are still at uh about twenty one percent here’s. The first news, article investors, business daily and they’re, stating that the next flight is about more than richard branson, beating off jeff bezos it’s, pretty much a proof of concept of them going into space and they’re talking about the different tests. And then they talked about the the stock price and the faa is preparing for new additional launches i’m going to put this down below remember i’m, trying to keep this a short video. I got one more article here and then we’re going to go right on to the charts. Now motley flu fool guys just put on an article saying virgin. Galactic investors are getting excited ahead of the the launch and the launch would officially kick off the space tourism industry, but more work needs to be done before virgin. Galactic initiates, routine commercial service.

The stock has been very volatile and investors should trade cautiously at these levels. Trade cautiously at these levels. I said that twice for a reason. If all goes to plan, branson will take his first flight on sunday winning the race. The analysts are all lukewarm. One analyst raised their price to price target from 23 to 51 on thursday, but, as you know, the stock is still not profitable, yet it’s still they’re still performing a proof of concept. I want you guys to realize that here’s a 15 minute chart. I wanted to bring this one up real quick, because, as you can see, we took that dip right there and the 50 day is above the 200 day and even if we’re very successful at this launch, unless the reddit guys come in on monday. I see us coming back down here somewhere around 43 to 45 levels, where it pulled back to so we could come back down here and touch this 43 level for a while that’s, if we’re, very successful or unless the reddit folks pump. This thing up on monday. Now, if we’re not as successful, then we’re going to be visiting down here at the 35 levels, so it just depends on how successful we are on sunday is what our price is going to be next week. If we still have to go and do a couple more flights to do proof of concepts, if it’s going to cost a lot more money, then you know the share price is going to show that i appreciate you guys watching our quick video today i’ll keep you Guys updated on anything that i see coming out.

I’Ll do these five minute videos, if i have to do them every couple of days. I just have to do them every couple of days, just to get you guys. The information out now just be careful. On monday, the stock could fall, even though we were successful. Remember there’s a lot of shorts in this play and they like to make money. Please click the like button and subscribe and if you have any questions or comments, please place them down below. Thank you all. For watching you guys take care of yourself on this friday and enjoy your weekend.