Who is a regular wizard captain with a deckhand mob and bloated corpse? The course doesn’t really count yeah, but the garrison is a gunnery white with two pole arm depth guard three regular depth guard two sirens: two deck gunners three um hand gunnery mob one bombardier, a necrophx colossus, two morn gulls, two rotting promethean gunners and mortars. Jesus so they’re actually giving them a slight advantage, but yeah. I wonder why but um on my side, aside from my two vampires, one being an actual vampire lord and the other one being a um agent, no, the the be still ones. I can’t remember what they are at the moment: it’s been since you played them anyway, um. I have grave guard great weapons karen rays. These are all damaged units, though skeletons from zombies, hex raids, mortis engine crypt horrors, um corpse, carts, black coaches. That morrison is gon na, be your best friend yeah we’ll see. This will be interesting to watch i’m, counting on them having too many range units for my cavalry and they since it’s a field battle, they should have to walk in their colossus, which means i can bum rush, the first yeah and taking out one of the vampires. The one that actually uses magic, no less, is important because that’s all their heels, is on that one character. I understand if you’re feeling a little betrayed right now. This is this: is the loudest? Not my content. I’Ve ever heard it’s totally different from what you’ve seen before the thing is actually good surf.

What you’re crashing my stream with someone else’s content, i had my mic: muted yeah, but not not your audi. I guess the way. You’Re! Writing your audio. It takes over your watching, no, i know what’s going on. I bet you, i know what’s going on. Damn it skype you, son of a or you could just be invested in the stream you’re participating. I was watching while i was loading. Can you hear me now, but you sound better yeah, it’s webcast, what a god ever since i bought it. It windows keeps routing it as a default comm device. Sorry, i do apologize okay, so my other army is coming from that side. There are other armies coming in from there, so it’s going to make a long field battle. There are three units in between, but i don’t know exactly where right right, yet they’re not standing in the middle. Well, they don’t actually touch the ground, so you can do whatever they want. You can have forward deploying cavalry and you can have for whatever reason, not for deploying cavalry um. Wonderful, so let’s put these back here as a support. The question is: do i give you the mortise engine? No, my unit group i’m running more strategic units than the mortar center will allow me to control. Morrison is going to be going to be best at the center of whatever your, whatever blob, you’re running right that’s, like your only two bits of healing.

Until my other stack comes in yeah, so i’ll start with the zombies they can get shot up by all their guns and then i’ll put the skele bones. Next i’m gon na run the black knights right into here as a good diversion. The reinforcements start coming in makes sense the other two more powerful units i’m going to keep back for more strategic uses. Music. There we go Music put my graveguard back here. My strigoi is going to be right there. What was up with the thing of um thermal paste to deal sent me earlier today by the way, i was just wondering how long it would take to set after we put it in. Apparently it takes like 200 hours of use to settle down well yeah, but isn’t that it’s not like you have to wait. It’S not like using an epoxy right. Yeah put it on put the thing together. It runs just fine. I think this is as good as i’m gon na get. I have a level one invocation and command of the unliving as well as four fireballs. The fireball is gon na be important. Okay, here we go, knew it all right. All right, dark knights, black knights, let’s ride. Well yeah, i have a white king. Those deck gunners are about to get wrecked good. That bloated corpse does worry me, though she’s in the sacrificial dire wolves and to deal with it. I held him that held him into the car race, got there what their whole purpose in life was.

Those are pull arms. These are pull arms, pull out, pull out, pull out. All right, perfect needs a boost i can’t get around. Can i get around? Can i get around, i think i can yes get right into those deck gunners get into those duck gunners and stay on that ass. Don’T forget about your hex raids, yeah! I know they’re not in combat yet i’m trying to keep it that way. For the moment, just because i’m, trying to micro these black knights, the best i can to deal with their range – does that make sense yep. Their mortars are basically toast, too hey let’s start sending in these wraiths now come on, get those mortars dealt with crumbling good yeah. Those mortars are basically useless now get into those zombie. Pirate handgun mobs you’ve got to debilitate all of their ranged i’m trying to push through but there’s sides. Oh, the sirens are holding up my black coach and then those hex rays need to get in here, they’re moving they’re moving now they’re moving now they’re moving where you want them, uh supporting the black. I want to support the mortise engine, real quick. There. You go sirens are basically done, worn goals are about to basically be done. One part of one part or one bit of ranged pirates is basically done as well. Okay and i’ve got the var guys moving in as well all right i’m. The depth guard with pole, arms are trying to back attack some black knights i’m, going to send the mortise engine there, since the um x rays have they’re pretty well handled, yeah let’s see if i can get another i’m not going to do another charge.

I don’t think we’ll move on those move on this move on this. You guys go clean up those mourn goals, good deal with x rays over there on this other unit of sirens and gunnery mob. I think the more okay, the mortise engine is gon na go down. I think yeah there’s, nothing. I can do about it i’m, trying to deal with those mourn goals and necro effects. Sorry yeah sacrifices. One of the enemy lords is dead, zombie, gunnery, mobs and everything over here about to go down some of those gunnery or sort of those depth guards. Yeah i’m gon na leave the hex rays and a bit of combat actually no i’m gon na pull them they’re. Taking too many losses, i think we’ve done so much damage to them that their army is going to fall apart, then i’m, going to pull them i’m, going to pull the hex rays i’m going to get them over there and help to have them start working on That colossus that colossus goes down, their entire army is done that’s their last strong unit. I think yeah then they’re rotting, prometheus is over here yeah. Well, um i’m gon na send the um white king to go duel with their gunnery white and that’ll, be all their leadership gone in x rays. Just got all up in that ass. Those black knights, i’m gon na pull too. Actually, no, they got any deck gunners over. Here they can go, get out, go get after yeah they’re done they’re done, they’re done that’s it they’re done yeah.

I popped all my buffs and my white king slammed into their gunnery white and his morale was gone. Well done good victory, mr schneider, that and since there’s total losses i might just take the settlement. I don’t know if it’ll just take it, i mean it’s their turn. So i know if i get it as a result of that loss or not, i guess it depends if they’re dead rise man, those black knights, did work. Look at that. Oh and the mortise engine came back to life sick worst engine’s such a good unit. Um sack for 27 000 dark magic or loot and occupy for 15 000.