Kh3 you don’t get to explore the final stage like you do, when you play remind the dlc that you have to purchase for about 30 bucks. You don’t get to do that. You know what you get. Instead, you get to look at it and not explore it. That’S what you get it’s very jarring to see that opening scene and not be expected to think oh yeah. We can definitely explore that but i’m not here to talk about things that we can’t do in kh, all the entire series i’m talking about things that nomura made us do in kingdom hearts. I love kingdom hearts. I think i made a 30 minute video about it. A few days ago, maybe yeah yeah, so i i love kingdom hearts i like talking about it. I like discussing it in great length and fashion, and i just want to talk about how tatsuya namura has robbed everybody at the same time constructively and bullshittingly. So let’s talk about let’s, go back, let’s let’s just take a minute and go back. What was the first kingdom hearts? You know, kingdom hearts was pretty simple. It was a very light. Hearted story about your oc sora. You know you’re deviant roc and he used to have a lion tail or something like that and i loved the entirety of kh one. I didn’t know what was going on. It was a story where i got to travel through a bunch of disney worlds, with a character that had a key that could unlock other disney worlds is about unlocking things and it felt very symbolic.

We didn’t understand anything about the worlds, but we had a guy with a key that was willing to open the doors of exploration and journey, to go to different worlds, to uncover the truth behind everything behind every closed door. As long as the key was big enough and our hearts were bright enough, we could understand everything we can unlock the mysteries with our giant keyblade and that felt very symbolic, and i thought that was the reason why we had the keyblade was to get answers, because, When you open doors, you discover and get answers, but it seems as though we should have just had a lock more than anything should have had a lock blade, because we we don’t, get a lot of answers at all and the entire, the first kingdom hearts didn’t. Really have a reason to have a bunch of questions it really didn’t. We got concise, endings to a lot of character, arts and things of that nature and a clear way to go to the next story, which soared down on a goofy all walking off in the distance, and that made sense. Riku was on the other side of the door of light or darkness things of that nature. Kyrie was somewhere. It all made sense to me, but you see when i loaded up kingdom hearts 2. I was a bit confused what i love the most about kingdom. Hearts. 2 is that it doesn’t try to explain in the beginning.

Oh my god. That was the best thing you could have done tomorrow, and i praise you for your excellent story. Writing in this part, because it got me intrigued. It made me want to get through this part of the story and seeing this this this this beginning part with the static and the rewinds that scared, the out of me, i’m, not gon na lie as a kid. I was terrified. I thought they were rewriting history. I don’t know why it made me scared. It was very confusing. It messed me up a little bit time. Travel kind of scares me a little bit. I thought it was time travel and i was like okay, no it’s, not time travel when we got the answers later, but we get this kid who i thought i i kid you not when i first saw him, i thought this was a sore redesign or something Or maybe some different form of sora or i i didn’t know what to expect. I i wanted to know who roxas was so. I played through the entirety of the kingdom march 2 nonsense and we got our answers to who roxas was he’s a member of organization. 13 and he’s nobody of sora that’s what we got but the beginning part i didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know why we potentially had this. We get our answers in another game. This is kingdom hearts 358 over two days, which gives us all the answers to who roxas is why we’re starting off in this area in kingdom hearts 2 and things of that nature and you’re, probably saying to yourself? Oh, you could have just played 358 over two days uh.

You know prior to obviously playing kingdom hearts too, but no. This game came out a few years later after kingdom. Hearts too, which you know that’s kind of cool. I think that’s, very nice, i’m happy. I experienced this in this way, but this is the part where he begins to rob. Us namura begins to rob us at this exact moment. I have to pay for a 3ds to get the story of a game that should have the actual story in it. Why am i doing that? Why do i have to pay for a game system that i don’t i didn’t even own, a 3ds. I i donated blood. There was an incentive going on at csl plasma for 100 extra dollars. If you donated blood to get 358 over two days, i did that and it costed me like 300. In total, i donated blood three times i hate needles. I didn’t have a job at the time. I could have got a job and got the game. I was living with my parents at the time and i would have been very simple and easy, but i took the crazy way out because i’m stupid, but i really wanted the game that bad. I need money fast and it took me like a week to get the money was like 300 a week which felt like a lot to me. So i did that and i didn’t even like the gameplay of 358 over 2.

I didn’t even like the gameplay, but this is where it still me up, because even if you play this game, even if you play 358 over two days, the entirety of the entire game, there’s still something that you wouldn’t get that me up, and i hate it. Why and the actual sam is sora in an egg. Why why? Why is he in an egg? Why was he there? You want to know why he was there, because in this game called chain of memories that was on the game, boy, that’s right. This game was on the game boy, which was a spin off. We understand why he’s in there, because his memories are getting put back into him, because nominee took his memories somewhere else and marluxia was manipulating nominates and manipulates through his memories and i’m. Just like. Oh okay, that’s cool – i i never would have known that. I genuinely never would have known that because there’s no chance in sam that i’m buying a game boy there’s no way and i didn’t have crazy good internet back. Then i was using. I was getting the story like through the game that’s what i was hoping to get that’s what i was trying to do and granted we got a little bit of story behind nominee. You could read the reports and get more story that way, but i would have preferred it to just be answered in that capacity because, from the end of kingdom, hearts 1 to the beginning of 2 there’s.

So much unanswered and games that are called spin offs. But they’re actually mainline story games, that’s nomura. Why did you do that? Why? Why did you make me buy whole other systems to get the story of a game that i’m obviously dedicated in, and you know what the i did. I actually got a game boy and played the game, and it has this weird car battle system that i didn’t really grasp that good, but i was able to play it at work and actually got a better hold of the car battle system. So i was able to replay it on the ps2 with the hd remixes that came out later for the ps3, and then i re bought them for the ps4. Now you’re probably wondering why did you re buy them for the ps4? Because i thought i was going to get a bonus because kh3 was going to come out on the ps4 and i thought i’d get some kind of bonus for playing 1.5 and 2.5 remix. That was my entire thing process in my mind, and then i got 2.8 remix and then then i began to realize it was when i bought 2.8 at gamestop. I remember this. I had this moment in my mind like. Why did i buy so many different things for this story that i could just watch on youtube it’s, because i wanted so deeply to get the story of kh3. I really wanted that, but namor is blindly robbing us by making us buy system after system buying a 3d.

Did i wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I don’t think drink dream drop distance on the 3ds 2 358 over two days. I think that was on the regular ds. I don’t remember exactly what it was on. I know i had a new 3ds xl and i played definitely dreamed out distance on a new 3ds xl. I know that for a fact, so there was so many systems. I was buying, then i bought a psp for birth by sleep and this felt like monster hunter, but much different with monster hunter. I had to get a 3ds, a psp, a ps2, a wii, a nintendo switch, and that was just a lot of extra. I got to get a ps4 at one point as well for monster world, but that’s. I digress, but it felt like that. Why do series go through so many different systems to get what they want out? Most owner isn’t a great offender of this, because monsanto was trying his best to get a support on a system. Kingdom hearts. However, i don’t know what the they were doing. I don’t even grasp what they were doing. I i just don’t even regret i don’t know i genuinely don’t know and the best thing about kingdom. Wars. 2 is obviously it has a crazy good battle system, probably better than ks3 to me personally, and it was very refined and detailed and dedicated i could replay cage to a thousand times over.

I could do it a hundred times over. I really could kh2 was a very concise and good game, but then we got kh3 and i was expecting plot story because i had bought the mobile game and i had gotten all this stuff from from recoded and chain of memories and all these other games. 2.8. Prologue and birth by sleep – and i was like okay. This is the culmination of everything and guess what we got. Every keyblade master axel, all of them rocks adventure, sword, everybody’s just gathered and they all die. Everything all die like literally that’s, not even a joke about the story, the everybody dies and so entirely dies. Everybody dies and i’m. Like huh wow. You telling me you can’t handle these heartless with what was it nine keyblade masters? You you’re really telling me this right. Now is that what you’re really pitching to me nomura, is that what you’re really telling me right now you can’t handle this at the bare minimum. I expect you to be to handle this like i, i just expected. The reason they died was so they could potentially make kingdom hearts for, because sora dies at the end of the entirety of kingdom. Hearts iii, that’s that’s literally it that’s the entirety and even when we got the special epitome episode with yazora was dozara yazora. You get zora yozara, whatever his name is the video game character. We still don’t even get a concise answer with that, because they’re still pushing out for kingdom hearts 4, which is crazy, because this was supposed to be at the end of an era.

This game, kingdom hearts 3, is supposed to be the wrap up. The nice nicely knit bow of an era, but i will give this game is props right, quick. I i can’t disrespect the game completely because that’s not fair, we got the end of just about every character arc of all the organization members, venetas fences, aqua, terra. We got every end of the character arc and that’s something. I really liked a lot like the ending of the character arcs. Even replica riku, who i don’t understand, is that i don’t get how he’s. Here i don’t i i. Why is replica riku i i don’t get it i i jin, i just i just like the story. I’M. So sorry, it doesn’t make much i’m just here for the story, but the character. Arcs are really cool and i’ll. Give them points for that, because the character, arcs they’re, pretty solid. You know that’s a good point, but i feel robbed of how it got put everything got pushed to the very end of the game, and i mean not just like a little part of it. I like one piece of it or something like that: no every single contriving part of what it could be story for kingdom hearts, all the disney world and kmart street didn’t matter and it hasn’t. This is how it’s not it’s not like a little bit it doesn’t matter. You could go through this entire game. If you just want the story, kingdom hearts, you could play the in part, just the end part, and you get way more story at everything.

As a matter of fact, the entire remind dlc wasn’t, even concerning about the disney worlds. It was just concerned about the ending that’s it it’s, so it kills me so much to have to go through this with games that i love so much to not get a concise and cohesive story out of everything, because the plot falls apart on itself and i Don’T want the plot to fall apart in itself. I want good story. I want a great story and people say well. The story of kingdom hearts has always been confusing. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! The story of kingdom hearts was at a time very good because it relied on its own logic and the reason i’m showing this riku singer right now, because this out of context confuses the out of me and i’m just showing this, because it genuinely baffles me. It will always destroy and bathroom i just don’t get it if somebody could explain in the comments. I’D really appreciate it like a non bullshit. Explanation for this scene would be very appreciated, but i wanted an actual ending to the story, but you know we got at the ending of kingdom hearts 3. When i paid for the dlc i spent you know 30 bucks on extra dlc. You know what i got. I’M gon na show you guys what i got you’re. Definitely gon na love this after every single villain gets kind of redeemed, like all of them xemnas and some all the organized 13 members after they all get sort of resumed.

We got this secret ending right. We got this secret ending and i’ve never been so angry in my actual life, ever i’m i’ve never been so pissed and there are times where i’ve lost thing. I lost two thousand dollars one time at a club and this trumps that anger, i don’t, even know how it does. I didn’t beat the mobile game right. I didn’t beat. I don’t know who the these guys are. Who are these people and horse? Who are these right? So i had to look up an explanation for who these guys were and turns out. They’Re, like the people you get to decide which faction you want to be in the keyblade war in the mobile game and there’s like okay. So this guy in the middle is the master of masters right that’s, what i’m assuming all right – and i think they call him luchu or something like that, like some chinese name, luchu so i’m, just like okay, all right, that’s, that’s cool. He has that keyblade. That is a very important keyblade and that that’s, how keyblade has a crazy amount of significance right? You look different and it’s it’s it’s it’s zig bar. What the is this this doesn’t make any sense. This genuinely doesn’t make any sad. I don’t understand anymore. I i was so angry with this ending and they’re, just like it’s going to get really mysterious you’re not going to understand this doesn’t make any this doesn’t make any sense.

I i don’t get it. I i genuinely don’t get it. I don’t. I i and what’s in the box what’s going on is luchu the master of masters. Is he the guy is the see the apprentice of master masters and what i’m so angry at this it’s, not just the story it’s the fact that i paid so much money. I paid over 370 dollars right, not even including systems just to get a story that didn’t complete itself. How do you do that? How do you actually do that? How do you build us up? This much tell us it’s the end of an era. What the ending of xanar! Maybe i guarantee you they’re, going to find a way to bring xian right back into this, because because, if you’re, relying on this past mobile game nonsense, because the spin offs are mainline stories now at this point? Because if you don’t play the spin offs, you just play cage one. Two and three none of this makes any sense not even a little bit the riku replica doesn’t make any sense if you don’t play cage one two and three, but they expect you to play all these games and get all this story. Over 90 hours of cutscenes mind you just to get the story: that’s, not fair, that’s, not fair to a fan base and and kingdom hearts is robbing us blind. It’S, a bunch of jar.