Cecil has been journeying together with tidus and inferior, but he has yet to find a clue to the crystal as the seeds of misgiving. Take root in his heart, a shadow approaches. Could the words from the dark emissary give hope to cecil Music. I thought, if only i were diligent, what i thought would soon be mine, yet still the true path eludes me Music. What must i do to find the crystal the world isn’t waiting for me to you seem to be in a pensive mood. Cecil brother lose yourself in the fog of doubt and reverie, and you will never reach the crystal. It will forever remain, but a dream i lose my way because it is a dream. What exactly do you think the crystals are? The true brilliance of the crystal is not visible to the eye. Casting about your gaze will not reveal a single moat of its light. What does that mean cecil? Where are you? What are you doing if you want to know the secret of the crystal follow my shadow? Are you all right that was gobez wasn’t, it isn’t? He sided with chaos. He’S also my brother, be that as it may, he’s with the enemy Music. What did he say to you? He said he knows the secret of the crystal that i should follow him if i want it cecil. This is hard for me to say, but lower your guard and the darkness may lead you to a trap that can’t be come on guys what’s, going on over there let’s go titus is getting impatient, it’s better to forget what he told you i don’t want to See my friend walk into danger.

What should i do what you doing out here? I was just thinking about what my brother said. You mean that thing about the secret of the crystal the same. I wish i knew what he was trying to tell me, then why don’t you just go: ask him what that’s, what you really want to do, isn’t it! Yes, when i think about the risks my brother must have taken to come. See me. I save it cecil! You want to see him that’s all that counts, but firion was concerned that who cares what firion says all that matters is that you come back in one piece. Let me worry about furion, okay, just hurry up and go already truly. Are you sure, try listening to your friends more often, thank you, i’ll not be long. You have my word on it family. So how will i explain this one so you’ve come cecil. Why tell me the secret of the crystal, and why have you come all this way, most likely? For the same reason, a brother cares for his kin cecil. I am here to gauge whether or not you are worthy of obtaining the crystal worthy. Indeed. That is why two lost souls wandering in the dark, or is this what they mean by brotherly love? I did not expect you to be bound yet to the other side. Goldbergs, you are a fool and a coward longing for the light it’s. None of your concern on the contrary, feeble mortal for it is i who shall punish those who betray us.

I won’t let you lay a finger on him cecil. I don’t know if you’ll deem me worthy, but at least i can show you my strength. So you would willingly defend a traitor. What fools you are, the both of you, you and your ignorance shall return to the voice. My brother is not the same as you. There is no difference light and dark have the same root as do harmony and disorder. Why has the crystal not appeared what’s wrong? You took on ex death yourself without, depending on my aid, you’ve shown you have the ability to achieve what you desire. The crystal shines upon those who exhibit the strongest will. That is its secret. Seeing you as you are now, i thought you would be able to obtain it. I only fought him for you. Please won’t. You join me what i must tell my friends what you just told me: they too seek their own crystals once the crystals are gathered. The battle will be over, then you and i we could enough. I am merely your shadow. I could not accept the darkness yet i do not belong to the light. What you disappoint me cecil, like this, you will not receive the crystal’s eternal light brother. Why? I should return to my friends but brother: you came to set you on the proper path. What you cling to the skirts of your companions is that the sign of a strong will the crystal will never shine on those who always depend on others.

You must act alone to accomplish the goal you have been given, but i cannot abandon my friends if they are in need. All i want is for us to look for our crystals together, so i see in that case, what are you now? Do you see the bonds between people are unreliably fragile? The friendship you believe in is nothing but Music, brother, Music, still confused cosmos i’m, not sure of anything anymore. Not once did i doubt that we could find the crystals by working together. In fact, i believed cooperation to be the only way, but my brother golbez says that i must seek the crystal alone. Have i been naive to think we could work together is the bond i have with my friends really only an illusion. Do you look to me for answers? The crystal does not shine on those who only depend on others. What your brother says is absolutely true. How could that do not be troubled cast? Your worries aside, for that which you seek lies near what you already know in your heart, to depend on others and to work together with others. Are they the same things to you? I know that you can reach the light because you are worthy cosmos. Does that mean the answer can be found inside you, i Music? I must do this. There is a different air about you. You seem to have made a decision. Yes, i will return to my friends what brother i do not travel with companions to cover my own weakness.

Their presence gives me strength. They encourage and support me. I travel with them so that i can aid them as they have aided me. A certain strength can only be born in the presence of my friends that’s why? This is what i believe it looks as though our differences are irreconcilable brother. You are a knight if there is such determination behind your thoughts, prove it with your blade. My brother Applause it’s, because i have friends that i can fight both light and darkness, give me the guidance i need. Thus, i can turn darkness into hallowed light. Behold, Music, you’re, naive cecil, even knowing betrayal and despair, you would depend on the whims of others. I swear on this blade. I will not be Music. Dissuaded, Music, Music darkness, be with me: Music, Music, darkness, Music darkness, be with me, darkness, be with me: Music, oh Music, Music, Music, freaking, way, Music, Music beneath the light comes Music, Music, light and darkness Music. I will not stop, i see the strength of which you spoke. The crystal this is ours brother. We found this light together. Spare me the falder all you found that on your own, but this is only the beginning. Do your eyes see as far as the light shines, Music, brother, Music, no matter the hardship i’ll face it head on together with my friends and someday with you as well, because our bond is my guiding light. My mind will not waver Music great after the fierce battle with his own brother light.

Finally shines on the gentle night, whatever trials and tribulations he may face the belief in the bond he has with his friends shall never fade under the crystal’s gentle glow. He makes a wish that he and his friends might overcome this adversity and that someday he might walk alongside his brother, Music, again Music. You should have seen it just in the nick of time to save the day, and then i bumped into you guys shortly afterwards and that my friends is my story.