Let’S talk about it. The plan is for branson to hit a ride on virgin galactic’s spaceship 2 unity on july 11th. The mission is called unity 22. This is the 22nd flight test for the rocket powered space, plane, vss unity. This is the fourth crude virgin spaceflight. This would also be the first time branson would get to space. Something he’s been trying to do for several years on whether he’s trying to beat amazon’s jeff bezos to space branson said that quote: it really doesn’t matter whether one of us goes a few days before the other. The timing does seem a little strange though bezos had already announced his intent to travel to space. His travel date is set for july 20th. Branson was not originally scheduled to be on the flight on july 11th. His announcement also happened on the same day. Bezos announced that wally funk would join him on his flight. Funk was a part of a group of women who passed the same tests as early nasa astronauts, but richard branson wants to go to space and he happens to be the founder of the space travel company virgin galactic. So he’s, headed to space, if you’re unfamiliar with richard branson let’s, give you a little bio. He founded virgin way back. In 1970, the company sold records, as in vinyl records through the mail at low prices over the years virgin, grew to include virgin records, virgin megastores virgin atlantic virgin, hyperloop and virgin brides.

That last one is not what you think it was a failed bridal store here. Are pictures of branson in a wedding dress to prove it? Richard branson is kind of a thrill seeker and a record seeker. In 1985 he tried to cross the atlantic ocean in record breaking fashion in a power boat. That attempt is frequently called a disaster as the ship sunk off the southwest coast of england in 1986. Branson tried again this time. He successfully set the world record he’s crossed the atlantic and pacific oceans via hot air. Balloon he’s also tried to go around the world in a balloon a couple of times, but that didn’t work out branson is also the oldest person to kite surf across the english channel. While he’s doing all this stuff, branson is also building the virgin empire and in 2004 virgin galactic is formed. Its spaceship 2 space plane was unveiled in 2009. That vehicle was designed for space tourism virgin galactic’s. First self powered flight happened in 2013. here’s. How spaceship 2 works it’s attached to another aircraft called white knight 2. spaceship 2 is then carried to a launch altitude by white knight 2.. When that altitude is reached, spaceship 2 is released. Then spaceship 2 goes into the upper atmosphere using its rocket engine. Spaceship 2 completed 54 test flights between 2009 and 2014. in 2014. Branson said that he hoped to be on the first commercial flight either in 2014 or 2015.

. Everything has not been perfect, with virgin galactic in 2014, spaceship 2 crashed during a test flight in the mojave desert. The accident claimed the life of one of the pilots, mike allsbury virgin galactic kept going in 2018. The company celebrated the first human space flight since the final space shuttle mission in 2011. it’s worth noting that virgin galactic’s flights do not enter low earth orbit, but reach about 90 kilometers in altitude. A couple of years later it looked like branson was going to space. What year was that 2020 yeah that got scrapped due to the pandemic? That brings us to now july 11th is the date branson is scheduled to head to space. This is virgin galactic’s first fully crewed flight test. It will have two pilots and four mission specialists, which includes branson. What will he do up there? The press release says branson will evaluate the private astronaut experience. The company will use his observations from his flight training and space flight experience to enhance their journey for all future astronaut customers. Meanwhile, jeff bezos is heading to space. On july 20th, the ship is called new shepard and it’s. The first crewed mission for blue origin, bezos’s company, all the other blue origin missions – have had no humans inside on july 20th. The whole blue origin mission is expected to last 10 to 15 minutes. How long will richard branson’s mission last well? A test flight in may lasted a little over an hour from takeoff to landing, whereas blue origin is automated virgin.

Galactic has human pilots at the controls, so the virgin galactic flight has a bit of flexibility. We will be live streaming. The unity 22 mission at cnet.com and our highlights channel on youtube. I’M.