This is absolute chaos, so stick around for my turn to be loki. I use a different style of a combo and also, if you remember loki from the avengers movies hit the like button down below this video and if you’re not lying, the like button will turn blue what hit the subscribe button hope you enjoy loki. There is a loki among us guys, look at the map. Look at this. Oh, my brain. We just ran on dirt how this works for you guys to among us. I am a crew member. I have all these tasks right. If i finish all my tasks and all the other crewmen finish, all their tests filled the green bar we win. The imposter is loki. Look at this map dude. This is low key lit! No okay, okay, wait! No god guys i’m mind control i’m, mind control zone run. No put me down i’m, not my mind cuz. I know i’m. Mind controlled i’m. Still mind control, oh don’t, you put me in here. I can control myself again they’re going to suss me so hard after that one. Let me go ahead and do these really quick? Oh hey! Get away! No! Oh! Okay! Oh i’m! Out of the map, okay, okay, this is the perch. This is the low keeper get out singles. Okay, so how the purge works? We all go on a mass murder spree the last person standing, whoever. Oh, this i’ll explain it.

This is hi Music! Oh listen! I came in here with look um and we saw his dead body. No, no that’s right. I killed son, i killed sod, i was mind controlled at the start of the round and i killed zod so how the purge works. It starts to purge. We all become loki, we all have to kill each other until the last man standing is alive, then we all get teleported back here. When the purge starts, the impostor chooses one person, whoever that one person is the first person they kill in the purge is permanently dead. That’S, why i was trying to figure that out, it’s confusing, but it’s awesome. Ah mind control, pivotal mind control? Oh! No! No! Please! Don’T kill anybody: hey hey whoever you are imposter mind controlling me: no run kate people work together, let’s work together, let’s work together, let’s work together, i’ll go down; i’ll, go down here: okay, okay, okay, one’s in reactor one’s in admin, two’s and locker let’s go down The locker let’s go to react. Let’S go through the reactor get out of my house it’s. Also. Why dude i clicked the button? Oh, oh guys, i killed sigils first, i guess so that means the killer chose me run away right away. Is he being mind controlled guys get away from me? You just claimed that you were getting mind control. I thought there was four people left. There is four people. No, i mean five.

I meant five. I okay, okay, okay, okay, i don’t know which fifth was the real. That was an upstairs wait. Are you seeing two biffles right now? Yeah, two biffles, i don’t know: okay, nico. You vote for loaf nico, you vote for loaf. No, i think. Oh, i voted myself nico. Hopefully, oh i can’t see two of me. I’M. Sorry, oh, go go. Can we report that out? Listen take sunday night Music? Oh, i just went on a rampage so there’s. I am the loki so how this works. You saw the illusion that is a purge. Everybody can kill each other and how it works. If i select somebody right, the first person they kill, die legitimately it’s, actually insane. I also check this out change decisions. I can also do something watch this watch watch this. So let me make sure he’s coming okay, nobody’s coming. Let me transform i’m gon na. Do this i’m gon na. Do this check this? I have some combos. I wan na test, so i’m gon na place a guard right there. If somebody gets close to that, they’ll get shot and die now. I’M gon na do a tesseract on let’s, take out loaf tesseract right next to the guard. Here we go oh that’s, so good. I have another combo that i want to try i’m going to un illusionize i’m going to give myself an alibi. Let me teleport up to there um hello. It was all me it was all me.

I was that guy what’s up, i just got teleported. Why? I don’t know i got teleported, i didn’t like it. Did you see anything i did not see anything. Did you see anything? I saw someone hit the like button that’s all i saw what what did you see? Uh i’m gon na do another person, i’m gon na give the kill to heaven. Okay, have you have you guys seen? Okay, Laughter, there’s, still more there’s, still more there’s still more and we just killed people up there. Somebody’S gon na die whenever this is over i’m gon na go, take out headway, we’re gon na take out henry he’s dancing on him watch this watch this watch. This niko Laughter get lit boy get out of my house. I am glad, oh no guys. I killed kate. Can we? Oh no. Can we oh no i’m, alright where’s logan, i just farted, i just farted, okay. I can also use mind control i’m gon na. Do that. I could also fake mind control. Oh yeah. I forgot. I could do that i’m gon na go fake, mind, control in front of a bunch of people, i’m gon na stay on mind, control, guys guys i’m mind controlled. No, no, i mind controlled. I might control him. No look! No! No! I was mind controlled. No, my best friend is best friends. Should we talk about this with the rest of the group or just leave them uh? I don’t know.

What do you guys? Think i mean where did phil just go? Okay, listen, listen, listen! I have a confession. I killed lookums. Okay is Music, kill, lookums, and i would do it again in control. It was entirely used to do it again. That’S pretty much guys wait. Loaf died. I didn’t even pay attention that’s. What i was going to ask. It was kate, kate, Music, Laughter, Music. Oh, who died my skull: okay, i’m gon na try. My next combo i’m gon na try my next combo, okay here’s. What i’m gon na do who’s gon na do i’m gon na become loki i’m gon na put a guard. No, no! I can’t teleport! I can’t! Do tesseract, okay, let’s do tesseract on me right there, okay get out get up, get up, get out. Okay, i’m gon na put a guard right there now i’m, going to mind control film Music leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me up. No i’m gon na i’m gon na cry i’m gon na walk him into the garage. Oh, can we no? No? No, no okay, so they all saw an angry looking man in the corner. He! Well probably, he said we could be friends. We could be friends. I said phil don’t take another step, wait, so he walked into the garden sweetie. I think he had purchased. I think he had this shield. First, okay, okay, let’s turn into loki, make sure he’s around is okay, guys, listen, listen, here’s the deal if we get purged just let me win okay, let me win.

Let me win the perch. Why would you why are we? I want to win the birds? I want to fight my way out of my punch. I don’t care, no you’re not allowed you’re, not allowed okay let’s go. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. Mod is so much fun. Okay, okay, let’s! Do another purge i’m gon na put this purge on nico yeah. Here we go let’s put this purge on nico. This is so fun here we go boys it’s killing time. Okay, somebody’s here wait till they come up. I want flico to kill somebody. I need to run until he takes him out. Flinco needs to take him out. So i get a win. Pat’S gon na go up there. Felico’S gon na kill him. No, he killed flinco. Where is he get out of my house? Wait, oh, nobody died. Oh, nobody died again. I’D, just like to point out: nobody died and ian one. So we got the best of all the world, guys, listen, i’m clock dang it that didn’t work nico’s a bot flick is a bot okay. What can i do let’s do this? Okay, here’s, what we’re doing i’m gon na put a guard right. There. Oh got a mind: control stuff, Music! Oh no! No! Where are you taking me? No! No! Where are you taking me? What are you doing with my put it? Stop? No! No! No! No! No! No, no! No! No! No! No don’t! Take me over there! Please! Please don’t! Take me over there! No! No! No! Please at least i’m begging.

You don’t don’t do this! We can work together. We can work together. Please not like this not like Laughter that this so fun. Okay, make sure nobody presses button to make sure you’re pressing the button. Okay, i’m gon na call a purge on flicko. If he fails this, he is a bot. If he fails this, he is a bot. Okay, let’s do flico Music, he failed he’s, so bad wow. All right, you are literally so bad nico. All you had to do was win that’s. All you had to do was win flinko. You are a bad minion. You are a bad minion Music. Thank what do you mean you win not in now i win. Now i win. No, now i win. No go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead! Stab me go ahead. You can stab me. I will never stab my master lucky Music, henry and phil. I am very sorry henry and phil no you’re not guys hit the like button if you haven’t enjoyed hit the subscribe button right here, click this next video to watch the next video and, as always, give us more mod ideas down in the comments.