First, i will give each of you a mac, a playstation 5 an iphone and a thousand dollar beast burger gift card. We need that we need that ready, guys, server drop, the gates, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, follow me and the challenge has begun guys we’re going too far to the right. You guys are splitting up right now. Each team captain has a circle around them and if their teammates go outside of the circle they get poisoned and their health goes down their way for your team come on blue’s behind us, i can’t stop carl. How are things going, they’re going great they’re going great holy cow we’re, actually making kind of progress? We can still win we’re not out yet get to the portal guys we’re at the portal. We finished the sun they’re all going through to get to the next planet. You have to enter the portal at the end of the planet, that’s how you jump around the solar system. Mercury. Everyone hit at the portal hit at the portal kill white team white. At the first portal chris and chandler’s team had a strategy camp and kill carl’s team he’s almost dead. I got one no i’m dead. You died it’s, just two of us: oh my god, yo they’re, right behind us and when people die in this race they don’t come back. They go to prison, shoot up. Chris you’re leaving your people behind the more you fight, the more you lose gail jailer blue’s hitting we got ta go, we got ta, go.

We got ta, go chris what’s your strategy right now, we’re trying to kill chandler early. If you die you’re dead. If you die that’s, it wait. You guys didn’t know that maybe you should get a better team. Captain blue’s, honest blues, honest holy, oh run, i’m dying i’m gon na die i’m gon na die. I think orange is actually thinning out like a lot we’re playing aggressive. This game, we see nothing but blood in the water. Wait carl where’d, your team go. They all died better off with just one person, because then we could run faster. We are only on planet number, two in the universe and chandler and carl. Both only have one player left on their team. This will be interesting, carl you’re, about to make it through mercury. Do you know what comes after mercury venus? Why does it look so cutesy? Oh carl, you left your teammate behind, come on man, hurry there’s, a creeper chris and chandler’s strategy against carl might have backfired. Look at how far ahead. He is oh blue’s behind us. Oh, we got ta go we’re now on venus and carl’s in first place, chandler’s in second place, and chris is right behind in third there’s giant e girl shooting lava at us. I didn’t know venus. Had this. Oh my god! Oh, oh, i got sniped by a blaze. I see team white, we got ta, pass them hurry, hurry, they’re behind us. I see him now.

I see him now. Carl’S teammate is lagging behind and slowly carl down and chandler took the opportunity to run ahead. We’Re passing carl: oh wait: did you just overtake carl yeah? I only have two people it’s just me and air stalker, even though chris isn’t dead last. He still has almost his entire team left. Oh no he’s gon na take us out. I see white team yeah cscs gang up on him. Go, go, go, go, go, oh, be careful! There’S lava right here! You might not believe your eyes, but chandler’s in first dude. These blades have aimbot. Oh, i almost fell in lava. Oh, i see the portal. Hey. Chandler chandler, i put you in a call with carl. I think you two should form a truce. Why a truce you guys in total have four people. Chris’S team has five. If you don’t work together, chris will destroy you guys. He’S right are we choosing yeah let’s truce truce we’re on earth baby? This way all right go for the portal go for the port of white. On the other side, we got ta go. We got ta book it. We got ta book, it it’s an amazing race. Where is the portal chris’s team is camping. The portal carl can’t make it. We need to run in the right direction. Somebody appointment uh this way. If chris catches up to us, we die get in my vote. Get in my vote i’m trying i can’t get in now.

All the teams are currently on earth, in real life and in the game. We didn’t tell the boys this, but the builders hid some very helpful items inside of earth’s landmarks. What is that? Do you see that it’s a distraction yeah we got ta stay in first, so we’re done? Is this? It wait. Beacons are loot, beacons are loot. I think they’re docking right there, we’re gon na go around this island yeah they’re talking right there. This is where we take the lead and jaina bread. We need to make ground now, we’re in russia, i’m. Pretty sure the portal is in china, oh yeah, i think it’s up here. I see it all right, we’re on mars, we’re on mars, holy crap. I can jump there’s ice. We should try an ice boat. You’Re right, let’s go let’s, go carl you’re, big braining it. I am yes, sir. Oh shoot we’re on mars now chandler’s in first place. Carl’S in second – and chris is still in third – is that white team that’s white team wait. Why team, where oh carl’s gaining on us all right we got to speed up mars, is cool. Maybe we should go to mars. I never noticed that planet in the sky that looks really cool and speaking of things that look cool. If you go through this portal, you’re teleported to the uno mobile arena cause they’re, the sponsor of the video and server passed the challenge and tp all the boys to the arena i’m challenging all of you guys to round up uno mobile in this coliseum.

Whoever wins this game of uno, your sister gets 10 grand carl you’re going down draw a card. Oh no, uno mobile is a free app that you can play anywhere even on mars. If you wanted, they have internet on mars and on top of that, uno is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a championship tournament running from the beginning of july to the end of august i’m, also going to be participating in this uno tournament, because i want to figure Out who the number one player is hey draw six chris. There are many game modes. You can play like high stakes all in or invite your friends and play 2v2. The app is literally free and there’s tons of prizes. You could win and if you use my link down below this video, you also get 200 coins for free. When installing what the heck are you waiting for download it now uno? Should i reverse it reverse? No, oh. I win easy. I’M. The best una player in the universe, congratulations, chandler, are winning 10 grand for your sister server teleport us back to the challenge and i’m, not done playing nudo. Yet no carl blue team’s right on your heels man. Oh my god, and i just got my freaking wither. Skeleton you fight i’m gon na keep going you’re, sacrificing you we’re, winning it. You understand, kill him, kill him, kill him, kill him. We can kill him on mars. No, oh, my god get him get him.

Get him get him, get him, get him die with honor freak? Oh no, nice go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! You saved me some time i’m, not gon na lie. I got away, though carl sacrificed his only teammate just to get a little bit ahead of chris he’s, all alone now we’re at the portal yo we’re, murdering them all right, we’re exiting mars, jupiter carl welcome to jupiter, i fall so much faster. I forgot that the gravity is different. Jupiter all right, welcome to jupiter. Oh, my god, there’s a cow tornado. Oh my gosh let’s go go, go we’ll all follow the same path. Yo! We are cooking 400 blocks ahead, there’s! Nothing out here. This is emptiness i’m, all alone by myself. You literally are the loneliest man in the world right now we can still do this. We’Ve got a couple more planets to go right now. We need to focus on speed. Ah, the cows there’s a cow nato blocking. Oh imagine losing because of a cow nado i made it. I made it saturn best hula hooper in the galaxy yo saturn cow i’m, just running alone, get away. Why is there’s a bee and two enderman’s on me, i’m, just gon na keep going. I don’t care! I’M, just ignoring them. Chris is also on saturn still in third place and is in a desperate need of a way to catch up. We got ta go, we got ta make ground saturn on the map looks insane.

Oh, we got enderman don’t, look at the enderman. Keep your eyes down: oh my goodness, we’re! Actually so far ahead! Oh let’s go! You know what comes after saturn the uranus it’s a funny planet name, i can’t wait to get in your anus, kill it yo this enderman’s hot! On your tail yeah bro! We can’t kill him. We’Ve hit him like eight times, yo he’s still chasing you here we go, i mean you’re is oh! Wait! Ice ice ice boats? Oh my god! What wait wait? Wait? How do you steer this thing? I’M? Not leaving the entrance of uranus until carl comes through huzzah welcome to uranus uranus. Oh my god guys. I know you’re not here to experience it, but i made it to uranus. Why is it so? Ah, neptune water’s wet ah go go, go chris and carl almost done with uranus and chandler’s. Halfway through neptune alone, i miss my team guys. We forgot to make a bunch of uranus jokes, sorry we’re, focusing on trying to win playstation 5.. Sorry, uranus i’m going and you might be thinking chandler easily – has it in the bag. There’S only one planet left, but pluto isn’t any ordinary planet it’s a giant nearly impossible to climb mountain okay, they’re catching up a little bit. That’S fine i’m, like 400 blocks behind chandler before you enter this last portal. I want to let you know the people you killed from chris’s team early on.

They are now turrets on this planet and they will be shooting you with arrows. Oh, i see him. Are you gon na? Let your teammates down, i got ta, get you the stuff i’m getting shot, go, go, go! Who just put loud what it’s? Switching between lava i’m gon na die. What the heck are these barriers? Where do i go it’s beautiful the portal i’m? On pluto, oh wait: i can go through here. It doesn’t turn into lava. Chandler carl’s catching up to you. Oh he’s, right behind. You ah run hey there’s, two of you and only one of them. No, oh, oh, maybe there’s, a small sliver of hope. Go! Go! Go go. I killed. One girl got me no frick. Oh chris is coming up. Wait. Are you guys gon na team up on chris see you guys later you nerds wait. How did you make it pass? Oh, my god, i have one heart. Oh, oh jailer, who’s! Shooting me, oh my god. Oh dear heavens, parkour! Oh no is there any way to get around it? Oh i’ve blocked that blocks that blocks that vlogs wait. Oh i did it. I did it. What happened? Teammates, congratulations! Spacex! Each one of you are gon na be getting a brand new iphone back playstation five and a thousand dollar beast burger gift card.