So for me, when the evidence no longer supports the story, it’s time for a new story, hence the new human story. It is the peer reviewed science that’s, showing us that the physical evidence does not support the story that we are all being told. We are steeped in this story of darwin’s idea of of evolution and, as a degree, geologist i’ve seen evolution in the fossil record, and it is a fact for some forms of life, insects, animals, plants, something so mysterious happened. 200, 000 years ago we appeared and evolution is not what led to our appearance. The the theory breaks down the physical evidence, doesn’t support it. I get really excited because we’ve known for a long time, the physical evidence didn’t support it. Where i get really excited is the new dna evidence that cannot be refuted, it’s, a problem for scientists who are steeped in the evolutionary theory of long slow, gradual changes over a long period of time because that’s not what happened. We appeared relatively suddenly 200 000 years ago with this advanced genetic structure, and this amazing uh extended neural network, unlike any other form of life, is known to have and when modern humans appeared 200 000 years ago, we showed up suddenly with this brain 50 percent larger Than any other primate, but it didn’t happen slowly and gradually we had a neocortex. That was a six layer neocortex and this sixth layer is really interesting, because this is where a lot of the innovation is coming from.

But we had a brain 50 percent larger than the other form of primate in the form of life. Previously we had the same body proportions. We have the same nervous system that we have now so there’s obviously been an evolution in consciousness. I think we have to say that, but we are wired today, the way we were when we appeared and what scientists say is that it appears that we are the result of some kind of an intervention that the biology appears to be intentional. The evolutionary process cannot account for the complexity of the changes and the fact that the changes happened. So many changes happened so quickly in such a brief period of time and all at the same time. So human chromosome number two is responsible for this brain 50 percent. Larger than any other primate brain chromosome, seven at the same time underwent mutations that allow complex speech, uh and and the way that no other form of life can can have and that’s that’s. Why we sing in chimpanzees don’t sing as a musician. That’S i’ve always wondered you know why aren’t chimpanzees singing because they share 98 of our dna, so where the scientific community is right now is there an agreement that we appeared 200 000 years ago? That is accepted? This is where it. It gets really interesting because now that we are able to do scientifically what used to be science fiction, we now can extract the dna from the bone marrow of the beings that we believed were our ancestors, including neanderthal, just like in the movie jurassic park.

That movie was science fiction when it was created, and it is now science fact we can extract the dna now in the movie. They reconstituted the dna and brought those forms of life to life into the best of my knowledge, we have not done that. I think if it can be tested, it’s, probably being tested somewhere, but what we can do and what is happening is that scientists are able to pull that dna from the bone marrow uh from the ribs, for example, of of a neanderthal infant, a baby girl that Was found in northern europe, 30 000 years old, as her body was dated 30 000 years before present and when they compared her dna to our modern dna. Today, lo and behold, there is not enough similarity there’s, not enough overlap, and this was published in the journal. Nature now they made the discovery in 1987, but they didn’t publish it until the year 2000.. This is where scientists are really up against against a brick wall here, because the evidence is no longer supporting the old story so so now we know that that neanderthal is not our ancestor. We we shared the earth with them. If we share the earth with them, we could not have descended from them, so we know who we are not, and we are not descendants of neanderthal or the other forms of life that we typically see on the evolutionary charts. What we have to say is that we actually probably don’t even fit on that tree.

We’Re, probably our own tree, a very small tree like a bush, because there’s no evolutionary path, leading to our appearance 200 000 years ago and that’s a problem for science. I wanted to share the peer reviewed science that simply is not trickling down into the mainstream, so you’re not seeing the mainstream classrooms. Textbooks, mainstream, cable television documentaries are not even showing this stuff, and i wanted to go beyond the evidence that shows what we are. Not. We are not the product of evolution. I wanted to show what is the potential that we were imbued with when we appeared 200 000 years ago and and what the scientific community, those that are honest about the evidence? What they’re saying is the genetic changes are so complex, they appeared so quickly, they appear to be intentional, and if they are intentional, they imply a purpose. So my question is: what is the purpose of this expanded neural network that we have and and the ability to consciously self regulate our biology in a way that no other form of life can do? What does that afford us? What kind of doors does that open for us in practical terms? How can we embrace these? What i call internal technologies in our everyday lives to help make our lives healthier, happier more productive, safer? There are a lot of scientists that say to me only when we find out where we came from. Can we really know what our potential is and i’m doing? Just the opposite.

My sense is if we follow the evidence, if we follow that dna we work backwards. We reverse engineer: what did it take for that dna to to become the dna? It is what what had to happen for the fusions to occur and portions of the dna being removed and portions of what had to happen to make those those things occur. And i think, as we work backwards, it’s going to lead us to the answer of who.