Your host robert all right ring of honor best in the world pay per view this sunday, i believe, it’s a sunday, maybe it’s saturday. I don’t remember right now. Actually, i know it’s coming up and that’s gon na be a pretty decent show: i’m gon na get the exact date here, i’m on our best in the world, so 7, eleven, which is sunday we got the one hour pre show which is free. Then we got the full show which is on fight tv. I believe the pre show is also on fire. I think it’s also on youtube as well. Two big pre show matches the first one. We have dan house and teaming up with pco taking on the bouncers brian malone’s and beer city bruisers. I don’t really expect a lot of this more of a squash than anything. I’Ve got the bouncers winning now the second pre show match. I am expecting it to be good and i am definitely going to watch it before i watch the main show we have demonic from you know: flamina versus rey, horse um. These two have had one match against each other, who visits from 6 4 tv tv on june 4th they are former six man tag team champions with bandito uh. If you like, luchador lucha, libre style wrestling, which i do if you’ve seen robert sports show. You know i do um yeah this match is going to be pretty pretty epic uh.

I was hoping to be on the main main card, but you know what a 15 20 minute match on the free show to get his height for this card i’m. All for it, i ain’t picking the right horse to win. But again i don’t cancel me the wins it’s gon na be worth watching match. Once we hit the main card, we have nine big matches. There’S 11 total, including those two pre, show matches unless they’ve added anything else, that’s what i’m double checking now they have not so the first match. We have the roh world television title on the line we have champion tony deppen versus dragon lee uh dragon lean west champion. He was the second longest tv champion in rural water history at 469 days only trailing jade, legal’s 545 dave run now dragon lee lost the title at the 19th anniversary show, but he did not lose the title. He was sick at the time. I believe he was kobe related bring him honor. Let one of his uh foundation, members kenny king, no wait wrong faction too many factions in marijuana right now: oh lost uh, lincoln, no blaze team member kenny king um takes place kenny king lost to tony deppen uh. One thing that’s been really cool about this tony deputy. I think it’s 110 day run, i believe, that’s. What we’re at um he’s actually taken that title into other companies and has actually had it around his waist.

He hasn’t defended it, which is fine with me, but the fact that he showed up on game changer. It showed up on beyond wrestling coming out wearing the ring bond or television championship, and the announcers are going we’re gon na waters, television champion tony that but i’m. Like that’s, just that’s cool to me, that’s one of those things where that’s only i like about independent wrestling, you can do something like that. You know you know. This is the realm of our champion with the title belts in his hand, impacting women, tactiles, fire and flavor. If they’ve done that, jordan grace has done that with multiple titles she’s held um let’s, see where is his tatter? What is what i was looking up here? He is currently at oh it’s. Our 65 day title run from the anniversary show where he uh, where he beat tracy williams, for it on regular wrestling tv show and then, and it aired on may 1. Dragonly lost to tracy won the 19th anniversary so 65 days ago, dragon at least title was officially 469. lethals was 567.. Those are the two longest tv title range in history. I actually looked at dragonly, getting this title back to being one of four two time. Uh ring of honor television champions besides kenny king salish, young ruddock, strong and jay lethal um, i think putting it on definitely just kind of that. You know here give the indie guy the title. You know let him kind of travel with a little bit and we’re gon na put in all of our guys um either way.

This match goes i’m, all in at least a pretty good match, because you get two different styles here you get the high flying luchador dragon lee you’ve got the kind of a more matte based wrestling and more kind of catches, cat scan style and tony deppen. Um i’m picking dragon lean to win, but i believe it’s going to be a really good match. Next up, we have a last name cindy match which yeah, if you care less about this match, just we have the free ship. You asked me josh. The goods woods versus saddle show um the kind of way this match got. Built style look was looking for a young boy to teach a celestion that’s, the last real man, and he started teaching taking josh woods under his wing. They were attacking partners for a while, solos ended up turning on woods. They had two matches on the ring of water television. They were one one, so each guy wan na want a match. Now. This is the payoff match. It’S last man standing. I honestly doesn’t feel like it is any good for stylish i’m going to win this. I think josh woods will get a little bit from it if he wins if he loses it’s going to hurt him. So i am picking just woods to win next up with your ring of honor world six man, titles on the line, and we have shane shane taylor productions, who only actually had the titles right now.

Shane taylor, colin and moses, one up against three guys that were just randomly thrown together: um dexter april dalton castle, eli iso um these guys that really haven’t been working together at all it’s, been kind of just randomly thrown together. Um they’ve had the title of shane taylor production it’s 141 days, that’s amazing. They won in february of this year. Um they ended up beating a mixed squad for it. It was part of all the tv tapings and everything um but yeah. I just there’s. No reason really at this point to take it off shane taylor productions. Let these three rain guys win. I mean as big as shin taylor is kind of moses aren’t, small guys elastin is this little guy. That draper is not really goes with duncan castle, so it’s like this would be the most random. If you look at the history of these six mans the kingdom, had it the briscoes and bully raiders kind of ringing them don’t castle in the boys, who actually wrestle in in um ovw right now, uh the hung bucks, which was young bucks and adam page, so Called so socal and censored, the kingdom bullet club so you’ve actually been on enterprises next to squad, so you’ve had true teamful, just like shane taylor productions, so you’re not putting the title on these three random dudes. So i got shane taylor brook productions routine in the touch can be a squash match. Next up we have the briscoes j mark briscoe versus brian johnson pj black honestly.

I don’t expect a whole lot from this match. If you follow random honor television, the weekly shows we had mark fresco versus g briscoe fight on the farm holy hell. This was just it was. It was a fight two guys fighting i mean literally, they have a an all ring fall apart in the barn and their papa. Briscoe was there kind of the referee, and i mean just kind of that. You know, and as you guys are, i mean they felt all over the freaking farm he kept going. You got it done yet. Yeah we’re done they just love one another it’s like they just had some been up frustration. They said it beat it out of each other and they’re fine. Now so they’re teaming up here, i think it’s going to be just a squash it’s, going to kind of get the pressures back on the same page, get them back to be their 11 time tag. Team champion selves, they haven’t been less than they were attacking champions. It’S been a minute. I don’t care yeah. They haven’t been champion since 2019, that was 146 day. Tyler run um, so yeah they’re due. So i think this is more. They get them back. On the same page, they fought each other let’s get everything out in the open. Let’S get back on the same page. Let’S move on let’s regain become a 12 time attacking champion. Oh then, boys and boys from sandy fork: delaware, um, but yeah.

We got the briscoes winning that handling that’s, going to be a squash as well. Next up we have the ring of honor roll tactiles on the line we have the foundation which is rhett titus and tracy williams, along with jay leto and uh jonathan gresham that’s, the full foundation um they’ve held the titles for 102 days. They ended up beating lava federation and graveley, which is dragon league, kenny, kang roosh, um, so yeah. I look at this being a really good match. They’Re, going up going up against violence, unlimited, which is chris dickenson, their daddy and home, and homicide along with brody, king and tony definite are also a member of violence. Unlimited just faction glory water right now, which is great. I love these four, these forming infections. They have but yeah um violence unlimited, i think they debuted 19th anniversary um, so birdie king tony deppen, dirty daddy, chris dickinson who’s been huge on the indies for a while. Now and homicide is actually a former marijuana world champion um. So he’s back in room of honor, i actually have the foundation to retain. You’Ve only had the titles for 102 days um. If you look at ring of honor 425 day for the foundation, the first time 146 for the briscoes 219 168., this isn’t a long title run um, which i have no problem with balance uh. Let me get the titles here, but i think the foundation they’re going to retain.

Can we damn good match, though uh next up kind of just kind of a little put together match? We have ec3 versus flip gordon um. I look kind of excited to see what comes out of this um. I am picking flip gordon to win, but i want to see what they do with ec3, because he is supposedly signed with impact wrestling and with ring of honor. I want to see and he’s been doing some stuff on the indies as well, so i want to really see what they do with him here, flip gordon. We all know he used to be part of the elite ball club, um, he’s kind of been a hired gun of late. He was revealing enterprises. He was feeding with bully ray well villain. Enterprises is gone, he’s, just kind of got left to do nothing so it’s kind of on his own. Now so we’ll see where this goes um, but i am picking flipkart to win this. I want to see him get kind of back in the title picture where he belongs: he’s, a talented wrestler who just needs a direction right now, uh next up we’re about to pure title on the line give champion jonathan gresham versus mike bennett. Yes, that mike bennett from on mergamonder wwe on to released into rehab back to grant of honor um, supposedly he’s got everything under control and he is on his way back up with matt tavin as part of the original um kingdom.

On the okay, the original kingdom. Um but yeah john aggression, pure title. If you’re never seen a pure title, pure rules match you get three breaks: that’s it once you use your three rope brakes, you can get pinned in the ropes um. You get one close fish to the face and the second one you get dequeued. If anybody gets involved, they are fired from work of honor. They brought the pure title back here, while back um. Oh, i forgot the ring of honor tech titles foundation versus violence. Unlimited is a fight without honor, which in room of honor means no disqualification kind of anything, goes there’s no water involved. We can do whatever we want um, but the pure title was re. Well, that sucker redone it was redone in 2020, so it was unified with the world title by nigel maguire’s and brian danielson. At 06. it was redeveloped back in 20 2020 to bring honor back to ring of honor uh john. The gresham is the one to hold it since it’s been back. This is his fifth title. Defense he’s had 307 plus days, but he is the prototypical kind of map based octopus is his nickname. It does it right there um ground, guy peter wrestling. I don’t look at him taking his hat off anytime soon. I would love to see zack saber junior come and have them to just have a map based wrestling match and for the title that would be fun, but i grab some beating mike bennett here.

Next up. We have jay lethal. First is brother king kind of leader, i mean jay lethal is kind of the leader of the foundation, him aggression together and bernie. King is the leader of violence, unlimited so kind of two faction leaders going against each other, so i’m picking j lee to win that and then the main event. We have the ring of honor world giveaway timeline. We have champion roosh versus bandito. Bandito has held several titles for one of the six man and the attack titles. He has never been a world champion, but he is young, talented um. He is the type of guy that you can build on same way with bruce. They have one match these two have ever had against each other in their history. That was amazing when i wrote that um, which roosh is he’s actually still pretty young he’s 32. he’s. Actually, the brother to dragon lee his brother is mystico2 as well um, so he’s coming from a luchador family of wrestlers, the same way with bandito. He is the let’s see here: yeah he’s, a fourth generation, great grandfather, yeah he’s, a fourth generation luchador he’s only 26. He is young as hell um, so he was treated by the ultimate guerrero, so yeah he’s had a career in pwg and triple a in mexico he’s a little distinct in new japan. Now of honor multiple time tag team champion, he’s, you know, he’s held the six main titles of honor.

He saw the progress tactiles with lumita. Please function right, horse, he’s won the battle of los angeles, he’s current and reigning pwg world heavyweight champion. Pwg should be beginning shows again here in 2021 um but yeah as a young, talented guy, that i think the only thing you can do at this point. Um is uh. Give him the title. This is actually a rematch from two years ago, a room of honor and the 17th anniversary. There was no title line. It was roche versus bandita rouge, one um right now. Roosh has the third longest title run in ring of honor history at 456 days, joe 645 and nigel 545. The only two longer, if bruce loses here and then regains the title down the line. He would be one of five to be two time champion, um so yeah. I i like bruce, i don’t like uh, i mean i don’t want to take the title off him. He’S held it he’s, actually, two time champion right now, so he’s one of five. Two time champions cole is a three time champion: heiress lethal jay, briscoe and bruce they’re. All two time. Champions he’s held this title since february 29, 2020 488 days, so bringing honors last big show before the pandemic was insane and then saint charles missouri gateway to honor. He won the title from pco he’s held ever since, obviously because the pain didn’t mean um, so i think it’s actually time for them to move on with that title, which this match should be match of the night, which it shows me that um, but that is I’M, again, i’m picking big gear to win.

So i got the world title. Changing i got the pure title retained. I got the tag. Titles retained, i got the six man title, um retain and i had the tv title: changing um it’s a couple: little freshen. It up as we move forward. We have already announced glory by honor uh. When did we have that announced already? Second, here pull that up, which is, if you look at wwe terms best in the world, is kind of like their rumble, summerslam kind of and then bounce or um glory by honor is their mania. So they’ve already announced their glory by honor show in philadelphia. I believe it’s at the 2300 arena, um it’s, going to be on the 20th and 21st. The two day show which makes sense, because if you look at it, their big show is blurry about it. It’S two days, wrestlemania’s been two days wrestle. Kingdom has been two days, i know triple mania. Fourth, i know it’s going to only be one day and i think about for glory for impact wrestling, which is there for wrestlemania show will be one day um, but yeah i can’t wait. I think this show is going to be pretty good there’s going to be some trash here i mean solid challenge. Josh woods is not going to be good. Six man title that’s, gon na, be there briscoes versus johnson, blacks, obviously um, but yeah. The good match is that um, some you know versus ray horse pre show match, is gon na be great.

Tv titles should be pretty good on the world tag. Title should be good violence, unlimited foundation, you see three and flip four be good. Pure title should be all right: lethal king will be good and then rush and mandito will be good all right, so that wraps up the ring of honor best in the world preview stay tuned. Harvard sports show for the review sometime early next week. Once i get the show watch to be able to do it i’m. Also taking the rubber sports show for the lead up for summerversary, which is the 17th. I believe yeah, some anniversaries, the 17th warrior wrestling um stadium show is the 17th and then money in the bank is on the 18th. So i’ve got a couple, big videos for slime anniversary, and i have some stuff for money in the bank as well plus previews. On them and ask our stuff as well so there’s a lot of videos coming this next week or so here on robert’s fortune. As always, thanks for watching our sports show, don’t just have a great day have a spiffy day.