Connection is real. The roh experience experience is real. Welcome to ring of honor wrestling honor it’s, real Music. Welcome back to ring of honor wrestling ian ricobani international wrestling star caprice, coleman, caprice. It is war of the worlds weekend, but it is main event time here tonight on ring of honor television and what a first time matchup we are seeing here, one on one, absolutely shane, taylor, bandito. I have no idea what i’m going to see but i’m excited. This is your television internet. It is set for one paul introducing, firstly, wrestling out of twig wind ohio. We fight the way we who’s impressed quite a bit as of late i’m, tired taylor’s. Looking for those big money matchups, he wants to get himself into the title picture. One of the quickest ways to do that is to take on one of the fastest rising stars in wrestling like plus bandito caprice. Well, you say, looking for the big money matches all i’ve seen taylor in his big money matches and he’s been doing it over and over again at a very high level. This opposite, in contrast to styles, is what got me into this match, because these two guys are total opposites. But the house had the same thing in mind and that’s going straight to the top. We could be in for an instant classic in this week’s main event. Of course, next week, huge 400th episode of ring about a wrestling roads, world six man champs villain enterprises will take on the dream team of tv, champ, jeff job bruce and the former world jimmy j lethal, and the ring of honor world championship is on the line.

Defending against flip guard 400th episode. Are you kidding me, mexico, weighing 183 pounds, it’s reasoning, Music. We got a wrap up ‘9 and i can’t think of a better main event than what we are about to see bandito international star. We talked about him doing it. His own way, taylor, made pout, could have had it all instead sought out his own training trained under ultimo guerrero mexican independency u.s independencies may have event all in and here and ring of honor a bona fide made of star bandito born with the golden ticket. Willy wonka but chose to take his own path and his own path has been a path of win after win, getting to madison square gardens now i’m facing like this right here, i can’t help but get excited when he comes out. Applause: oh, come on keep playing around calling for the bell: it’s taylor, bendito main event here: rigabata wrestling next to close i’ll be talking about next week. The main event the ring about a world championship on the line – matt david, defending against flip gordon but it’s bandito, going through the legs he’s gon na – have to stick and move here. Capri, you’re gon na have to stick it moving. Not let shane taylor get a hold of you that’s. What he’s trying not to do there’s a big right to taylor staggers him, but you got ta, be careful that might just make him angry yeah and you got to stay on him when you got him as mendino around the throat bendito hops out and over back Elbow rattling, bandito fast strikes and it connects with the crescent that’s what you have to do: that’s what you have to do, but don’t jaw jack with the fans.

If you got shane taylor reeling and rolling. Now, how do you? How do you go in with a match of a man who is so much larger than you nearly a hundred pounds larger, like bandito? How do you wrestle a guy? Who has this kind of size advantage? You do exactly what bandito is doing as you stay away from the size and you make yourself a hard target. You have to believe it’s only a matter of time before shane taylor gets ahold of bashido, oh, but until then bandito is in control Applause and has some huge wins. We talked about earlier and look at that. Bandito has been on this magical journey so far, we’re gon na see if he can continue that dream come true or if it will turn into a nightmare at the hands of shane taylor here in pittsburgh. One thing i think he made a mistake on: was he let shane taylor get back to his feet once you have shane taylor down, you have to keep him down, it does take him a little longer to stand back up and he let him get back to His feet, that is a mistake, amazing observation. There caprice and i think, you’re right on the money as now taylor just he’s punching down at this point, making bandito fight up and and come to taylor, and you don’t want to strike with taylor and you just don’t. His hands are like cement and a big thud across the chest.

It only takes one. We talked about it earlier that one hitter quitter if taylor can load it up if he can wear down bandito and we’ve, seen mandina lift up some big men before like beer city bruiser, i was getting ready to say i almost thought he was gon na. Do it because he’s displayed a lot of strength in the past? Oh ducks the left and it’s bandito caught by taylor and bandito shut down that’s exactly what i was talking about. It was only a matter of time before shane taylor grabbed hold of him. Now let’s see the heart of bandito. The crowd has firmly been behind, like blood’s bandito of course. Last week we saw lifeblood pick up a huge victory in our main event against the kingdom. Well, you can’t help but cheer for bandito he’s, so electrifying when he comes into the ring, he’s so exciting to watch. But you know what this is a wrestling match. Oh, oh, knocks him and he’s wrestling a man that is sure of his size and knows what to do with him. Music lights might be on, but nobody might be home here grabbing the hair taylor with an opportunity for the first time in this match, to put bandito down and away yeah. But all he needs is that window. He took it, and taylor is not going to let up he’s going to continue to take you apart and he’s, going to continue to take you apart, very violently crowd coming alive for bandito, who has been so successful so fast here in ring of honor Applause and By the hair yep swinging him out, this is what i’m talking about, and how do you even counter something like that? That’S mental that’s physical? You don’t grow your hair out that long that’s, all i can say, grabbing the wrist bringing bandito back to his feet.

Irish whip into the corner charging edge, crushing bandito. You have to understand the impact behind all the moves that shane taylor has delivered in the last five minutes and stepping on the back of his head. Oh correct me, if i’m wrong, but but each hit each successive blow is like a building block. You only have so much pain you can take. Not only is there so much pain that you could take, but just wearing you down and it’s building the confidence inside of shane taylor Applause bandito moving slowly. The only thing i could say is that he’s giving bandito too much time to breathe and i’m talking the clothesline bandito oh gets taken right back down, that’s got ta, be it two and three. Oh just a two count: there’s gon na be a moment in the match where shane taylor is gon na, have to keep it on him. He’S gon na have to keep it on him, he’s, giving him too much time to recover, because bandito is very resilient. Take a look now at taylor: oh just punishment, yeah wearing down that shoulder and if you take out that shoulder cover one two but here’s the thing with shane taylor, he could be hitting the shoulder but you’re feeling it all the way, through your body, pain, radiating Through the body, indeed of bandito, if you take that away, though it takes away the 21 plex takes away the x knee two moves that i don’t know.

If he’d be able to hit taylor with anyway, you need some kind of strength to do that to a guy like shane taylor. Sometimes you forget, shane taylor comes in with a game plan. He studies his people, he studies, material he’s, just not going in there. Fighting he’s going in fighting with a game plan takes an insecurity there, though, and now second off, on the inside bandito Applause, no laughing matter as taylor, clobbering bandito mama, said knock you out. I love you rickavati love. You too caprica right now, we’re seeing taylor on the precipice of what would be a huge win, maybe as big as the 2019.. I was getting ready to say after this hit. He needs to go ahead and close the gap he needs to play to put on the finish that touches, but bandito is up. Oh he’s, trying that again yeah what he’s going back to this well, when he goes back to that. Well, though, he’s too close to taylor, he’s too close to taylor and taylor can get his hands on his knees. Pants here in pittsburgh, loving this encounter between taylor and bandito our main event, of course, next week, world championship on the line bring them under 400 episodes. Paintbrush bandino with bandito coming back, see now one thing i might say he might have woken up bandito with these strikes. Sometimes when you have somebody wear it, you go ahead and finish the game. You don’t wake him back up off the ropes.

Applause kick to the midsection bandito fires. Up with a big knee in the crosshair super, kick climbing the elevator. Every time bandito gets an opening. He thinks he’s going to get in shane taylor shuts the window and shuts it hard taylor using everything he had to drive. Bandito down through the mat but shaylen taylor has not made a cover. Taylor’S in trouble, absolutely right, caprice that flurry of offense you’ve got to think took just enough out of taylor. It was almost a great defensive offensive maneuver. It was out of desperation. He had to do what he had to do and it just happened to pay off for him. This is still anybody’s match. Mandito coming back and it’s taylor bandito, who showed up madison square garden. He could go toe to toe with the best junior heavyweights in the world in there with a super heavyweight and taylor and what a sensational match this has been Applause, that’s bandito now taking the advantage, oh and it’s a rip card, oh driving him down with a Flatliner two and three: no no two at night tests where is bandito getting this from Applause we’re, seeing shane taylor pull out stuff that he hasn’t done before in ring of honor i’ve, never seen shane taylor with a ripcord flatliner before that’s. What i just said, nice kick staggers taylor and it’s bandito on the apron connects on taylor mandela. Taylor rocks the bells of bandito. Taylor has to close it.

He has to close it because with bandito coming back this much, he has to know he has to take it home here and there we go got him ace, crusher middle of the ring. Two, and no are you kidding me hanging by a thread hanging by a moment as bendino as taylor has got to be questioning himself here. What is it going to take? I was getting ready to say the same thing. He has to be questioning himself now. The fighting spirit of bandito, very strong here, the conditioning edge you got ta think goes to bandito, but i’ve been so impressed right here with shane taylor, who’s just bringing the fight that’s. What shane taylor does he brings the fight in every match? He brings the pain in every match over and over again, you give him the opportunity and he’s going to knock that door down irish whip now into the corner. Charging in boots. Staggers taylor just set up big european uppercut by bandito springboard to the top tornado catches. Taylor, a tornado crossbody, but he has to finish it. He’S going against him up, got him with the knee no he’s going for the 21 plex nope nope, not possible. Oh my god. He got him Applause, the winner of the match, yes, Music! Those are the words that come to mind when i think of the world champion: roosh he’s, a beast: he’s, a rampaging animal he’s, a literal white bull. I don’t know what i think of bandito.

I, what are the words that burratto you’re lucky that you even get an opportunity to step in the ring with a man like bruce the dynasty, denis diamondos began in 1991, it’s culminating with the world champion rouge and together. We’Ve created, lfi and lfi is a weapon. So bandito be grateful. Don’T overstep your bounds. You don’t possess the bloodline step in the ring to beat a man. The quality of rush don’t. You understand, we’ve made ring of honor. All all of our company invest in the world is.