I promise in fact, let me drive you right over to wheels because we are ready for wheels with tbcr. Oh hello, there i’m, just looking at the marvel of gaming. Uh excellence escape game fort bouryard. Look, they got a character that looks like vsauce, michael anyway, dutch angle. Here we have wheels. It is a technically a game: it’s not really a game, it’s more of a educational tool for people, particularly kids, that need to learn how to use power wheelchairs. Look we have our protagonist on screen, wait and wheels there. They are okay, there’s, not much to say about this game. You just bask and everything for the next three minutes. So we’re going to start in three two one go so plot is: is there uh? You are wheels, you need to get to class that’s the plot let’s go. There are clowns for some reason. There are also robots uh, there are tank controls and this game is really hard to control with the keyboard and even more so it’s hard to control with the mouse uh. Yesterday i did a playthrough of this on all three difficulties on the fast speed with the mouse and uh yeah. Never again so let’s talk about weird things in the marathon engine and well not really weird things so fun fact on her difficulty and medium, the walls technically have lava on them, as as you as as it would and lava, has the wonderful property of bouncing you Back, depending on the speed of flow, and thank goodness they didn’t set the speed flow extremely high, because that would be very uncomfortable to get through anyway, we’re done with level one.

Are you liking? This music i’m liking this music? I think this track is technically like an actual musical track. Interesting rearrangement, though so i’m gon na be a bit quiet, because this section is a bit bad. I can technically bounce through here, but the problem is uh. The game has a weird quirk on windows. This was released on windows and macintosh. The windows version coming out. Second, so come on. If i die at any point, i will have to start from the very beginning of the game, because none of the save points actually work correctly, so that’s. Why i’m trying to play this? A bit careful and now i don’t have to because i picked up overshield, which is not in the macintosh version. I need to point that out Music, i can’t believe we’re, already two thirds of the way through the game already. As you know, when i open doors, i hear hallelujah bounce in teleport Music textbook charge. Yes, final level, you want to see a giant clown. I want to see a giant clown. Let’S go find a giant clown that’s, not a clown, that’s, a rope whoa, okay, waluigi! Oh yes, yes! So, hopefully i can keep this overshield going as uh. Forget it. Okay, so i’m gon na have to do this corner giant clown. Okay, i’m gon na have to take this section a bit carefully because this is where the run gets intense and i have to deal with the fact that my hip box is literally as wide as the hallway uh marathon engine.

Never change hello, clown, hello, other clown. So i’m gon na try to boost as much as i can. Hopefully we can get another health pick up. As you can see, this commentary has been kind of rambolic and all over the place, because this game is all over the place. But the nice thing is we’re done Music and i probably didn’t, say time properly, but yeah that’s it we won i’ve, be. I have completed wheels by rj cooper at associates wha. What was my time by the way, probably wow that was just slightly uh longer than i thought it was going to be because during practice it was 307. So all right well yeah that was uh wheels. There’S literally nothing else to say about this. I mean that that was the whole experience, so uh have fun the rest of the marathon stay safe i’m, going to go. Look at the pinnacle of gaming entertainment again take care! Thank you very much to tbcr for the multimedia experience that was wheels. I think they just kind of took every sound that maybe existed and put it in that game simultaneously. It’S, just it’s a treat for the ears and the eyes coming up. Next we’ve got all f4 with chirping matt um doing any percent on pc you’re gon na love it it’s gon na be good. Stick around don’t go anywhere i’m watching until then, we’ve got some donations from you, 25 or some zero crates happy go lucky to all runners thanks a lot: zero 100 from rye bread.

Thank you for helping me to speed, run my emails at work that’s. What gdq is for, i mean obviously the charity i want not but i’m just saying you know, put it on the background: you’re working, send it in a donation or 10 or 20 or 50 i’m. Just saying in fact, alt f4 is next let’s. Take a look at that background: music choice, real quick one more time, spaghetti western, oh, my goodness, there’s 596 of medieval circus is 402. you’ve, got a very short time to get those donors in. If you want to get medieval circus up to the top – and i mean like you – should try but hey spaghetti western friends, i’m counting on you to keep us on float, we need to get in there one hundred dollars from vk nask silly games peak basking in Wheels with tbcr, i think that’s. All you can do during that game is bask that’s.