I have twenty dollars from anonymous. They say looking forward to getting the pants scared off me by penumbra faith and gone golfing. Good luck to everyone! Thank you. So much anonymous, i have 25 dollars from undead euron. This charity is well worth the donation. It doesn’t hurt that the prizes are pretty cool too. Thank you so much. The prizes are amazing and i have 25 dollars from erisa. They say, got ta go fast great to see all these awesome speed runs. Thank you so much erisa, and with that i am getting word that we are all ready for faith. Any percent on the pc by then so i’m gon na go ahead and let her take it away. Thank you very much it’s a pleasure to be here so today, yep it’s, going to be faith, i’m, going to say three two one and go so what is faith? Faith is a game about our protagonist. Here named john ward. He arrived here precisely one year. Prior this game takes place during the 80s satanic panic of north america. We were originally here with our companion, father alvid, and we were here to help a girl named amy martin, who was suspected to be under demonic possession. We were meant to go ahead and exercise her. However, things did not go very well. What happened one year prior well, what happened when i’ll explain him in a moment uh, one year prior, when we were trying to exercise amy in the basement of the amy mart the martin residence.

It went as you would expect terribly wrong. It is a horror game. Uh, so just yeah get rid of him uh. His name is michael by the way but yeah in a moment. The storyline is that amy martin was originally being exercised by father alvid. However, the exorcism was so distressing to the parents of amy martin. The father already requested that john ward take them back upstairs, so he did so calm them down and then said i’m gon na go back downstairs, see how everything is going on. Unfortunately, when that happened, amy was found no longer in the chair in the basement. Father allred was unconscious on the floor and amy was about to attack jon, thankfully jon escaped, but we cannot say the same for the others who are in the house. Amy had wound up actually killing both her parents and father allred, as you can see here. This is where the exorcism had transpired. Now we are here to finish what we started to finish: the exorcism of amy martin, who will be this young lady here, so the game also involves it’s, not just like your typical pixelated retro horror game. It also involves rotoscoping or roto for short, which is an animation style, which is, it is hand like hand drawn over everything uh. So we get that nice little effect during the cutscenes. So right here this is amy. She says a bunch of different stuff she’s. Just like you know puny.

You know trying to belittle john. You know saying it’s too late. She says everything is around them, there’s, a lot of rng in this game and even in the forest, there is a lot of orangey, except for the main locations. The main locations have to stay the same, but michael, who we also saw on the forest, is also rng based. He can kill you if he wants to, he can be really aggressive or he can be really docile and just leave you alone for the entirety. Michael is explained in the readme document as well saying by name anyway also on the glitch in the game. It is very similar to pause buffering. We just hold down our crucifix the button to bring that up, which is our weapon and then what happens when we pause unpause it. The game isn’t sure how to handle that and it keeps our weapon open. But we are able to move around the entirety of the map, while attacking so i’m just gon na quickly do that and that should be fun. But michael was, he is another character and he’s explained further in chapter two, the next area of the game. So, as you can see like the demon was really having a lot of fun, unfortunately with amy, because she has the hole in her face and if you, if there’s only one eagle eyed as well in the chat, you will also be able to see in the Painting downstairs there was a hole in everyone’s face in that painting, so this is uh part two.

There are three phases to the boss battle here with amy, and this is the second one. Thankfully, the last one is the most interesting because it does really just show the satanic panic kind of craze that swept north america just through its symbolism, which is a very, very popular symbol. I sherry okay, we we’re, probably gon na need one more of this from amy and we’ll be yeah. There we go so, as you can imagine, with the satanic panic of the 80s. There is a cult involved in this game. Now the cult is a bit mysterious, but they like to portray themselves with being drenched in red paint, whether or not it’s red paint i’m, not sure it is never precisely explained, but we can just hope that it’s red blood, but they are trying to bring about Their god and amy was dragged into this cult and through obviously, as you can see, there is a dying hand coming over her face. It tries to uh come through people’s faces. There is a ritual involved regarding that don’t hit me. Please, thank you, but yeah and the demon has left amy. We have exercised revit. We have performed our duty to an extent. However, some things don’t always go according to plan, so yeah, the more notes you pick up in the game as well. You can see one right there, we don’t bother picking it up. We only pick up two in the entirety of the game because they are not only on track.

They are also the quickest notes in the game and we will go out of our way to get more notes, but, unfortunately, they’re really long so there’s a lot of scrolling involved. We would wind up losing more time, so, as you can see like, as you can see here, excuse me uh, kill. Her is in reverse. There are five endings to this game, but there’s a hidden one, there’s a secret one. Also, this is the last part of the game now here, for the run so michael used to be a child michael actually used to be a regular human individual, also that’s time, but that is the time of the game. That is the run, it’s really short, but there’s so much content in the actual game that it is fantastic. I this is one of my favorite games. Actually, if i can say from ego it’s not only on nichio but also the steam but yeah uh, when we are talking about the notes every time, you pick up a note, the more it unravels the story of faith and that’s, why it kind of weakens the Boss, because you’re saying to yourself wait: i’m, actually understanding what’s actually going on. Maybe this isn’t all that it seems because it also explains to the character that it may not actually be what it seems and when we get the secret ending. Hopefully, i might have a bit of time for that, but also, if there’s any donations, there would be fantastic because i’m getting way too carried away with myself.

This commentary is absolutely amazing and we do have some donations. I have 25 dollars from ya boy travis. They say don’t be afraid. John i’ve been obsessed with the faith game so i’m absolutely pumped to see it run at gdq, shout out to the runners and staff for all their hard work. Thank you so much we have 25 from asteroth love. You guys keep it up. Thank you. If we have time for a couple more yeah, definitely because uh i’m just going to try and do the secret ending here really quickly, and it involves a bit back and forth. So if there’s another few donations, that would be perfect, there sure are. I have two hundred dollars from andrew cho. They don’t leave a comment, but thank you so much for your donation. I have 25 from king tdn, who says i have the whole week off and i can’t think of a better way to spend it than with sgdq. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Are there any more just uh quickly, uh i’m gon na go straight in on this one got it. I have a hundred dollars from count. Cranberry representing the night crew keep up the great runs. Thank you so much count cranberry and i have a hundred and fifty dollars from tkda boda. They don’t have a comment but again, thank you so much your donation is incredibly appreciated. Wonderful! Is there another one or yeah? Okay, i have a hundred dollars from ace as a mean more games, please heart emoji and we are working our way towards more games because we have let’s see our bonus game number.

Two is now at twenty three thousand two hundred and sixty dollars and eleven cents out of 90 000. If you want more gdq games, you know how to do it fantastic. Thank you very much, nicole uh. That was the secret ending to the game. Where that note there uh, you have to shoot the mirror because i’m sure, as you’ve guessed it’s like hey the texts, they’re telling you to kill, kill her like uh kill amy, who we were trying to help it’s in reverse, but also when you’re casually playing the Game, the mirror is the one thing that you can see. You can see john ward’s actual reflection in it and that those are the only hints in the game, and i was just kind of saying huh, because i accidentally shot the game or shot the gun. At one point – and i was saying i wonder if i can go back and get it again – i could i was like hmm, so i went back kept you in the mirror and then that happened. Also, there are very uh. There are five with the five endings there’s different ways of attaining them. This is one of them. This is the cult ending, as you can see, they’re all in their red outfits, they’re all adorned, whether it’s red paint or something else we don’t know, however, i’m, not actually sure how much time you may have so i’m just going to try and show the extra.

This one extra ending this is it. This is the entire of the run, so, if i’m out of time, that’s absolutely a okay that’s it. That is sorry and thank you so much that was such a fun run. We have a 100 donation from new blood who says mortis. I have a 100 donation from bobby blackwolf. They say wanted to throw in a donation to my best friend, mr golfy he’s, a friendly individual. He told me he wants to be your friend too. He has a sharp wit. He also wants snake to wear tuxedo because he considers snake his friend too stay cozy, and if you don’t know about mr golfy, with a 15 minimum donation, you can be eligible to get a plush. Mr golfy, all of your very own check out the super awesome prizes that we’ve got because there are a ton of them and they are all amazing, and just remember mr golfy is a friend i have twenty dollars from pie gun. They say enjoying some late night. Gd kyo, thank you so much for the donation, pygon and if you are just joining us, we are benefiting doctors without borders. Doctors without borders or msf is an international medical, humanitarian aid organization that works in over 70 countries around the world, providing life, saving medical humanitarian care and speaking out about what they see in those areas, their work, aids, people based solely on need, irrespective of race, religion, Gender or political affiliation, msf relies mainly on the generosity of individual donors, with over 90 percent of nsf’s income coming from private donors, giving small amounts, and did you know that with ten dollars, msf can purchase 45 emergency food rations for use in a crisis or a Natural disaster, every single dollar counts.

So thank you all so much for donating to this absolutely amazing cause. We are already at three hundred and twelve thousand dollars. Just absolutely amazing. Thank you so so much i have a 25 donation from static, rodent last donation. For the day got ta sleep and work in the morning, looking forward to more donations and more awesome runs throughout the week. Thank you so much staticreddit, i have a 50 donation from the medic. Staying up for the less talked about runs like a 2 30 a.m. Penumbra trilogy run it’s exactly the kind of thing i look forward to most at gdq events. Penumbra is one of my favorite horror series and i always feel like frictional could have done so much more with it. I look forward to seeing some crazy things done with it. Well, i hope you enjoyed the run. It was absolutely amazing, such a such a fun run. I have a 350 donation from the lark nest monster.