Sorry, just one more thing to set up here: Music, all right, um, hey guys i’m space for jacob very excited to be playing wizard of legend for games and quake here today, um got some quick things. I want to cover about the game before we do get into it, since uh i’ll probably have a lot to talk about when we actually do get into the run. So forgive me if i miss anything. Um yeah wizard of legend is an action. Roguelike developed by contingent 99 came out in may 2018. i’ll be running the any percent category for you guys today, but before i jump into that, i’ll go over what i’ve got set up Music. So there are a few things that you can bring into the chaos trials. You can get robes of varying stats and fancy colors. You can choose four different starting spells or arcana as they’re referenced as in game and, lastly, you can choose a single starting relic. I’Ll be starting with the pathfinders map, since it lays out the dungeon floors and it’s going to make it the fastest and most consistent for us today, Applause. So a little bit more about the arcana, we have bolt rail as my basic. We have the chaos chaotic rift dash um, which is going to allow me to skip through some walls and possibly skip some locked rooms, got magnetic, follow up which aids my basic spell, and phantom brigade, as my signature ability.

So you see, under my hp bar i’ve got this blue bar going up. This is the signature bar after you combo your enemies, multiple times, it’ll fill to max and then you’ll be able to unlock a more powerful version of your signature, which is going to be like an elemental sort of phantom brigade here now heading into the plaza. The chaos trials are laid out with three elemental dungeons there’s, five elements in total, with two randomly generated: dungeon type floors and one final boss, floor per element. Uh each of the floors has an arcana shop, a relic shop and a red room which is sort of like a wild card, room um and a mini boss at the end uh, which can be one of seven different mini bosses. After clearing the three elements will be pitted against master surah’s gauntlet and then finally, master surah, so he’s head wizard um in the plaza here i’m, going to be speaking with jade and giving her 20 chaos gems for 200, starting gold and i’m. Also going to be talking to this npc here, ma lind, who allows us to choose our starting zone so burning furnaces is fire um personally i’d prefer some combination of earth ice and fire as they’re the mobs that i’m most comfortable dealing with um yeah. And lastly, this game is timed almost exclusively with in game time, with the only exception being the tutorial speedrun uh, but for today’s gdq we’re gon na be uh doing uh start time at the first load screen so i’m uh ready for time when y’all are all Right i’ll give a three two one countdown here: three two one and go all right: so we’ve got fire electric and winds, not my favorite, but that’s okay, we’ll make do so first thing i’m going to do when we get in here is open up my map And it looks like we already have one room skipped there and we didn’t actually get locked to any rooms and we’re making our way to the portal room.

Fighting fleet lancer here off the start, and so many bosses and bosses will sort of follow a pattern where they’ll attack you for a little bit and have this sort of yellow armor going on and then after they are done doing their attacks. They’Ll be vulnerable. To do some more attacks and some more damage and that’s, where the combo count is gon na rack up and be able to take advantage of that all right, um some things, i’m, looking for in this type of run, is looking for some high damaging spells or Arcana and i’m also gon na be trying to find locked here, i’m. Also gon na be trying to find some relics that are going to increase my power dramatically um. There are relics in this game that are called curse, relics and they give you a positive side and a negative side, usually um. The main culprit of these uh curse, relics that i’ll be looking for is double trouble. It doubles the damage that i deal and also doubles the damage that i take so quite literally, a double trouble all right, um i’m – not going to take that because that’s another basic spell. I want to really try and keep my basic spell and my dash spell the same: the entire run um. Now i got this fancy little helmet, all right, so flame, emperor zeal, zeal’s gon na, do three attacks and then become vulnerable. We can still damage her while she’s doing her attacks, she’s gon na jump and she’s gon na dash and kick all right now: i’m, just gon na pile on the damage here and take three hits there and then she’s gon na activate her signature ability and that Last move can really get you it’s entirely random, so you just have to just uh get a little bit get a little bit lucky um.

All of the elemental bosses will be dropping a an upgraded version of an arcana, so that’s frost fan it’s an okay one to grab pretty strong up close so now, we’re heading into thundering, keep here all right, so here’s, one of the red rooms. I wanted to talk about here is knox he’s. Actually, the cursed vendor here and we’ll see if he’s gotten anything good, all right, nothing really, unfortunately, and yeah so we’ll just be making our way towards the portal room. Then all right, we got fleet lancer again he’s, going to open up with a big charge attack and by using our fireball arcana. We can um stun the boss and get the remainder of the room done too all right, whimsical, explosion, Music, yeah, so still no damage increasing items yet, but the dungeon floors have been generally kind to us. Um let’s see we’ll pop into the shop and see if there’s anything interesting in here, uh – nothing quite oh. We do have knocks again over here, though so we’ll just have to try and make our way over here best. We can all right so got locked here. No biggie this one, this uh room type, is gon na, have two waves of enemies. So after this guy dies here, we’ll have some slimes and viking helmets on Music and when you fight slimes on any floor, besides the one dash x floors, they will split into more slime. So if you’re fighting them on like two one they’re gon na split into two slimes and if you’re fighting them on three one they’re gon na split into three slimes when they die, so they become increasingly more annoying as you progress through the run.

All right, let’s see we’re gon na go to knox. First um. Okay, flashy boots are interesting and it’s actually gon na. Allow us to skip part of the gauntlet at the end, so flashy boots slow down your overall run speed pretty dramatically. However, you get three dashes. Um so let’s see we got strafe archer here, Music gon na be dashing to avoid some of those range attacks. One two all right straight archer is down. Oh, this is actually great mercenaries. Dagger is a damage dealing damage. Increasing item. Excuse me all: you just need a small amount of gold for it to actually take effect. Um, oh missed the missed the boss trigger all right, so we’re on thunder twins. Now there should be about four attacks and i’ll be counting for some of these here. One two three, four five, all right: this is gon na go six times three, four, five, six all right and this last one summons adds that’s fine, one, two, three, four, five, six one, two, three, four okay, nice. So i was able to take them out before they did do their signature ability there, which is good, makes my life easier, all right, heading into 3 1. Now we do have a damage increasing relic, which is great. We do have knocks up here, but i’m not going to get too greedy about it, and maybe i was thinking we could probably skip this room with um with the triple dash boots.

But i guess not all right, activate our signature and go through and yeah. These boots are fast and slow all at the same time quite paradoxical, but that is all right all right lucky that room did not lock on us and we’re at the next miniboss, so grand summoner grand summoner is a bit of a pushover when it comes to The many bosses for two reasons, the the ads that grand summoner summons aren’t, usually all too aggressive and they’re pretty easy to deal with and group up and um yeah. So 2 1 now final dungeon floor let’s see if we can pick up any more powerful relics. The red room is not too great, uh we’ll be going this way and we’re gon na see yeah nice. Okay, we actually just got improved basic spell and improved magnetic follow up. So all of our arcana is now improved, which is fantastic, all right, crush colossus. Here this boss can be pretty unfriendly if you don’t have enough damage or don’t have a good way to group up the ads, all right, full hp, going into 3 3, all right when sovereign shoe time, all right, i’m, not sure if i’ll be able to get Enough damage out before before um their signature, two three all right, one: two! Oh yeah! I got trapped here but that’s. Okay, we have enough hp to to just tank. Those hits no big deal all right and that’s another basic arcana, so i’m happy with the spells that we did manage to get this run all right, so here’s, where the flashy boots came into play, going slow all that time allows us to skip these first two Rooms and then you have to trigger this third room because it’s gon na spawn a mini boss right here and then by spawning the mini boss, we’ll be able to actually go through the end portal and fight master sura, all right, let’s grab.

Oh, we don’t have enough gold, never mind, we’re, not grabbing anything all right, so master sur is a two faced fight. Uh we’ll be fighting his armored phase first, where we have to break his armor and then actually deal damage to master surah. Oh got stuck in that one it’s, okay, all right and the thing about this fight. That kind of stinks is that you can’t actually develop any sort of signature charge against the armor in the armor phase. All right now, in phase two, sir, is gon na cast one ability of each element, so that’s three fire and then it should just be wind last and then he’ll activate a chaos ability here and now we have some time to get some damage in and we’re Coming up on time, as soon as surah dies here, so that’s earth fire, electric water and air again for the last one. Ideally, you want him to do water or electric. As his uh last attacks, we’re gon na just try and tank some hits here: Music. There. We go so that’s time by the way, activating your signature, arcana um, does give you a few iframes to work with which can help prevent knockback and um damage entirely so and we’ll use the flashy boost to skip that uh final dialogue as well and um. You can activate this teleporter to get to the credits and uh check your in game time. So, while we’re looking at that, can i come in with a special donation.

Sure, of course, we have one thousand dollars from c99, who just says with two exclamation points. Two whole exclamation points in that comment: nice. Thank you guys. Yeah that’s, uh, fantastic, my first time being here so i’m. Very excited and nervous just want to give a few quick. Shout outs shout outs to the family, of course, mom dad and my brother gabe um charbonny, thanks for hosting shout outs to gdq uh runners and staff and quick shout out to my extended world of warcraft family paragon on crom, crush appreciate you Music guys all right. Thank you so much for that run. There were a couple donations coming in, but there was no time to read any. That was a blink and you missed it sort of run. But i do want to read this 50 donations from earl and liam who say: congrats space pro jacob on debuting this game on gdq. Good luck on the run shout out to the legend of the marvel with the screaming man inside oh boy that keeps coming up. We also have fifty dollars from spatvark, who says honestly, nothing to say here, just enjoying watching good runs during my week off. We have plenty of good runs. We also have plenty of amazing sponsors, though i want to shout out the yeti. Who’S been the official merch sponsor of games done quick events since 2011, with over listen to this number, 1.75 million dollars donated to jdq charities, all profits from the sgdq 2021 collection go to doctors without borders, and the collection is available until july 11th at midnight.

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