Thank you so much for your support. I do run the channel alongside paul. He is off having some well and time off today, so let’s get stuck right into the news and our first topic is amd threadripper. So, as i’m sure you’re aware, if you keep your ears to the ground for all things, rising all things amd, you know that threat. Rapper 5000 aka chagall, which is its code name, has been mysteriously absent. There has been a lot of rumors a lot of leaks, rumblings across the internet, but nothing official yet from amd’s, not included any road maps that have surfaced over the past few months. But understandably, there has been quite a lot of leaks and chatter regarding chagall, especially considering that amz saw quite a bit of success with their previous iterations of thread repair. So this new information today is thanks to and the article their article, i should say, was helpfully shared by, so you’ll, of course find them both linked below. So, according to mo pc, we are going to be seeing threadripper 5000 again codename chagall launch in august, but no actual launch date, so they just said august and that’s kind of where they left it. However, they did have a fair amount to say when it comes to the specifications of threat of 5000, and they are claiming that, according to what they’re hearing, there will be no changes to the number of calls on the threadripper 5000 series.

Now, just to refresh your memory, because it has been a little while, since we saw a ryzen threadripper 3000 series that was 64 cores and 128 threads. So basically, what mo pc is saying is that we will see that maximum core count again now, just across the stack we did see. 24 calls 48 threads, 32, 64 and then again, 64 128. However, they did of course, state that we would be seeing the architecture changed to zen three now, as i’m sure you’ll agree. This in itself is pretty damn significant, so of course core count. All of that is crucial. It’S really important, but obviously architectural changes are really significant too, and zen 3, of course, brought a lot to the table and obviously brought some impressive gaming performance and workload performance to go alongside those architectural changes. So it’d be really interesting to see chagall versus the old generation of threadripper in the same benchmarks, just to see the raw difference at that extremely high core count. Thanks to the architectural changes of zen3 in terms of changes that we would see brought to the table. However, for threadripper 5000 chagall is apparently going to be seeing increased, interchip global memory in connect. Interconnect. Excuse me: speed increase from 16 gt as to 18 gts, similarly to the epic 703 series, which of course is better known as milan that’s, not exactly a surprise. Of course, given that you know, milan is also based on these m3 micro architecture.

That should not really come much of a shock to anyone. However, apparently we’re not going to be seeing any change in tdp we’re still going to be seeing them cap out at 280 watts. According to my pc’s information and again that remaining call count will still change the same. No change in the fabrication node and a nice thing actually chagall is likely to support the trx40 motherboards, which would actually be quite nice now. If anything, we should always wait for the official announcement. Whatever from amd, they again have been weirdly silent when it comes to all things threadripper, but hopefully we will get some official communication soon. Regarding chagall but safe to say it is looking pretty damn impressive. I am so excited to see how threadripper continues to do, because in the h e d d, t h e d, t market that’s actually really hard to say they have just been crushing it with threadripper and intel has not really been able to compete from everything That i have seen so it’s going to be curious to see if that continues and again, like i said earlier, that raw increase thanks to zen 3 versus the previous generation of threadripper, but enough of amd we’re gon na move over to their competitors over at intel. As we have, some great news for older lake and rapt like so intel have actually submitted a sata compliance information on upcoming pchs to the sata io organization and the finding covers device ids for older lake and a raptor late pch series and while there’s a fair Amount to actually look at on at the actual listing it pretty much confirms that the 600 series chipsets will support both older lake and raptor lake series processors.

However, compatibility with the chipset doesn’t necessarily automatically mean you can just drop in any raptor lake cpu with any intel series motherboard. There are obviously other considerations, but intel have hinted in the past that we would see older lake and a raptor lake share the same at pcb and both series are to share the same lga 1700 sockets and are of course expected to share both pci pcie. Excuse me gen 5 and ddr5 tech. So, obviously again we should wait for intel to officially confirm exactly what’s going on with raptor lake and compatibility and yada yada yada, but it does seem at least when it comes to the raw chipset. They do share the compatibility, at least according to this particular filing with the sata i o, but once again it doesn’t automatically mean a drop in compatibility of any raptor lx cpu with any intel series. Motherboard 600 series. Sorry just to be clear. Once again, we should wait for clarification on that, but still it looks like promising let’s just say it looks promising for now on this one so before we move on to our final topic, just want to cover some really interesting gaming news, which literally just popped up Now this is regarding the bloodborne, long rumored, ps5 and pc re release, but i just want to say before i go any further: this rumor is from 4chan, so please heaping heaping piles of salt for this one guys. I know again we have heard the bloodborne rumors multiple times from more reliable sources than 4chan, but i do just want to stress that this particular one is from there.

So take it for what it’s worth. So, according to the information in this particular post, we’re going to be seeing the re release, which is going to be named, bloodborne endless nocturne announced for pc and playstation 5 this september during a state of play and we’re going to be seeing the release come in November of 2021 now, obviously, this is going to be a port of the ps4 game and apparently he’s being handled by a quote small team over from software and apparently it’s going to be targeting 4k 60fps on console and unkept frame rate on pc with resolutions up To 4k – and they stress that there may be some quote minor texture upgrades, but it is a port now. My biggest issues with this particular rumor is the fact that it’s going to run at a quote, unquote uncapped frame rate on pc. Now you may recall that there is a mod for the game to run at 60fps on ps4 pro done by the modern, lance mcdonald’s, and thanks that we know that the game logic is actually tied to the frame rate. Now fromsoft loves to do this i’m sure you guys remember. When dark souls 2 first came out. There was an issue with the weapons breaking way too fast on pc, because it was tied to the frame rate for some reason and that had to be fixed. So i just don’t buy that it’s going to have an unlocked frame rate it being up to 60 is obviously possible because it’s been done by a modder but unlocked.

I don’t know i’m kind of raising my eyebrow on that one. But again this is from 4chan, but i just wanted to include it in this video because well, bloodborne, pc release is the dream. And yes, i do have my copium canister here at the ready, so we’re going to finish up today’s proceedings with a really interesting one. Now we all know that miners over the last few months have been snapping up every graphics card, that isn’t nailed down to basically mine with the insane crypto mining boom that we saw over the last few months, which of course, we now know is coming down. But that’s a different topic for another day. What has happened is that the ukrainian security service discovered an underground crypto farm with 3 800 playstation 4 consoles 3 800, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. This was a large, illegal, cryptic, cryptocurrency farm which was shut down by the ssu, and the consoles were not the only thing they discovered again. 3800, video game consoles 500 video cards, 50 processors, draft documentation on electricity consumption, as well as a bunch of original uh, not original stuff like miscellaneous, like notebooks documents and whatnot. This just kind of blew my mind that they had ps4s set up in order to do mining, but then again, according to tom’s hardware, even things like the game on the commodore could be mine, uh from modded to to mine bitcoin. So i suppose anything is possible.

Just thought i would end this video on a really interesting note, because this is uh it’s, something i think it’s fair to say you know in theory the ps4 pro could actually be fairly reasonable for ethereum mining, but i wouldn’t recommend trying to do that with your Playstation. 4. Personally, i just thought this was amusing and very strange and thought i would share it all with you guys and perhaps brighten up your saturday hope you’re having a good one guys. Thank you. So much for watching paul should be back tomorrow or monday, depending on what going on tomorrow with our projects and stuff. We have got a lot on right now. So if you enjoyed this video do click the subscribe button. It does help out a great deal and the like button as well.