So this whole video is just gon na. Be me like packing shopping nails, basically just getting ready for that trip. Um it’s tuesday afternoon and i need to be we’re leaving friday morning, so i need to be ready by thursday night so, where i’m just gon na i’m just gon na vlog, my packing experience so i’m right now, i’m, going to start with cleaning my room so That i can start laundry because there’s some dirty clothes on my floor and i just need to get those picked up and put them in the laundry okay. I have finished vacuuming and i have acquired this laundry basket. So i’m gon na put a load of dirty clothes in here from my closet, okay, i have put a load in my basket now i’m gon na bring it downstairs and start it in the washing machine. Okay, so the next thing, i’m gon na do to get ready for this trip is pack my toiletries. So this is my toiletries. Bag it’s actually really cute. It says my name um. It already has some ponytail holders in it from when the last time i went on a trip so now i’m, just gon na go through my bag of toiletries and see see what i need to get from the store all right. So i have packed most of it and made a list of what i still need. I have toothpaste, um printed vaseline and an extra um razor head and then in this clear pocket is ponytail holders i’m gon na add my brush and a comb in this one.

We have skin care, toner moisturizer with sunscreen, and then my medication lotion thing um in here we have shampoo and conditioner um in the next pocket. I have a face: mask um, makeup wipes and makeup melt. You like put it on and it like, melts all your makeup off and then you wipe it off with white um and then on my list of things that i still need to get at the store. I have body wash deodorant and i put native deodorant, because i really want the native one toothbrush case and travel face wash so for hair i’m bringing this brush. I had an extra so i’m just gon na pack. It now comb one claw clip and this um black satin scrunchie, so i’m gon na pack, all those oh and i’m, also gon na bring a nail file just in case also for hair i’m, bringing a flat iron and i’m gon na try to get bella to Bring a blow dryer um so that we have like one of each um i’m. Also gon na bring this detangler um, just because i’m gon na be on the beach and stuff, so it might get kind of tingly. Okay, i think i’m gon na close it up. Um, i made a list of things to pack the night before, such as, like my razor, my loofah and my toothbrush, so i’m gon na go ahead and zip this up. Okay, so i made a list of what i need from the store – and i have body wash deodorant toothbrush case – face wash eyeliner and concealer with a question mark because i bought concealer like four days ago and then lost it so i’m gon na.

Look for that, but i need a new one. If um i can’t find it um. I also made a list of what’s packed the night before and the morning of so night before toothbrush razor loofah morning. Love is charger and airpods, but you never know could add stuff to that. So i left the room so now, i’m gon na tidy up my space and then pack my car back all right. I got my car bag packed and i’m, not bringing a lot because let’s be honest, i’m, just going to be on my phone the whole time. So here we go so start with the small things ibuprofen um. This is for the whole trip honestly, because i have to take one every night uh. Second and third, i can’t get it out blue light glasses, um, just because i’ll probably be staring at a screen: chapstick uh, okay, friendship, bracelets pens, pencils and mildliners vera coloring book that’s that’s all about to leave and go to the store. I’Ve got my pen and paper hi, so listen. The damage has been done. Things have been bought that didn’t need to be bought, it’s done, it’s done so first thing i got. I got two navy shirts one for me, one for bella to bleach dye. Um we’ll start with snacks. I guess toasty cheez its there’s a sweet and there’s a savory here’s. The savory. I mean sweet, wait, anyways! Okay! Next, these shorts; listen! Yes, they are boys shorts, yes, i’m gon na wear them as pjs.

I have no idea if they fit but we’ll see they’re kind of cozy, not gon na lie, they even have pockets. This is from walmart by the way. Next thing: sports, bra, it’s, seamless, super cozy, okay, hear me out. This is from oh wait. I forgot hair masks good okay. This is from five below it’s, so cute it’s from five below it’s, a little see through, but it’s super cute it’s, a dress, here’s, the back it’s, so cute, it’s, stuff, it’s, literally it’s, literally from five below okay. Next thing, these sandals also from five below super cute um block charger, because you know we need the block charger for that, this beach bag it’s from walmart isn’t it so cute, okay, um this airpod case, and i brought i got these thingies with it because i Always lose them, and so i feel like if, if that’s on them, then i won’t lose them. These are from five below they are so cute. I i feel like a grandpa, but i think they’re, so cute gum, concealer, eyeliner travel, deodorant tanning lotion. So a few things got lost um i didn’t grab the last bag, but i’ll tell you what i had in it: a body washed container face wash oh and my toothbrush holder. I also got this because i don’t know why i need it, but i remember that i need it like. I remember knowing that i need one, but i can’t remember for what so yeah that’s my haul next thing mini deodorants going in my toiletries bag.

Next thing is gum and power bank, so for gum i’m gon na put one in my okay. I can’t open it, but anyways i’m gon na put the power bank in no not in there, because i need to charge it, but i am gon na put one of these in there i’m also gon na put one of these in my beach bag, because you Never know, okay, you never know. Okay, i’m gon na bring these glasses that i just got um these ones, my tortoise show ones, they’re kind of dirty but um, and these ones tanning lotion going in beach bag. Okay, these are going in car bags. So are these: if they fit okay, they fit, but it doesn’t, zip anymore. So, oh well, hair mask is for before i’m gon na do it tomorrow in a shower okay, so it’s 10 a.m. I just woke up and i’m getting ready to go to my nail appointment. I’M really excited. I have some really. I have a really cute picked out i’m here and i’m about to go in okay, so it’s thursday afternoon it’s, like 1 30.. I feel like i need to update you guys, so i got my nails done. It looks super cute. I really like them. I only got the wave thingy on one hand, but so yeah so i’ve also started packing it’s right here in front of me. You can’t really see it, but here we go pajamas, undergarments, shorts, shirts, fancier, shirts and dresses for out to dinner cold stuff, so like long sleeves, sweatshirts swimsuits.

So what i still need to do today is put all the stuff in my suitcase paint paint my toenails dishes, which is done finish. My laundry make my dad a father’s day card and bleach dye these shirts. So right now i think i’m going to bleach dye. The shirts, okay, so i’m bleach dyeing two navy shirts, this one’s mine and this one’s bella’s and looks a lot bigger but and caroline’s doing it too caroline’s making a pair of shorts. She rubber banded hers, she’s running down and getting gloves and i’m gon na get the bleach ready, here’s the bottle. I keep it and i need to refill it with this really quickly. Okay, so i just got done bleach dyeing shirts, so i just checked that off my list – um they’re in the washer right now, um i did dishes. So i need to make my dad um father’s day card finish my laundry and paint my toenails and put all my stuff in my suitcase so right now, i’m gon na put all my stuff in my suitcase. I know you guys. Can’T really see it, but i’ll move the camera in a second okay, so i’m gon na start with um undergarments and i’m gon na put them in this pot. Okay, next i’m doing pajamas they’re going in the corner right there, shorts in here shirts and workout tops right here. Um dinner, like fancier tops, are going on top of shorts.

Sweatshirts i’m gon na go in the corner right there and then pants. I just go on top of sweatshirts and swimsuits we’ll just go and i think i’m gon na try to fit them in here. So i’ll be right back okay, they do fit right here, but i had to take the shoes out so i’m. Just gon na put the shoes right here so yeah, okay, so this is all the rest of the stuff that i need to fit in. My suitcase um, including my makeup bag, can go there. Hair straightener can go on the edge makeup palette. I don’t want it to break so i think i’m going to put it in here. So there we go okay. I also need to fit my toiletries in here. So i know you can’t really see, but i think there’s room right here, let’s see if that’ll even close okay, it does zip um i’m. Back with my shoes. These are my air forces, but i put them in a bag so that they don’t get dirt all over my clothes, so i’m gon na try to put them in there. Okay, they do fit and i also need to fit my beach bag in there it’s pretty much empty right now, but once i’m done with my swim meet tonight, i’m gon na put my goggles from my swim bag into my beach bag. I took this out because i have to um add my toothbrush and everything later, but i need to make sure that this fits with my beach bag and the shoes it all fits.

Okay, that’s actually so exciting. Wait. Let me try to pick it up. Oh it’s pretty heavy, but it fits everything fits. It also has a really cute pink tassel. I’M. Pretty sure i got that like three years ago, but yeah. Okay, like i said i still have more to pack, but there there’s my suitcase that’s, my carry on bag and here’s the shoes and my outfit that i’m gon na wear tomorrow and then also tomorrow in the car i’m gon na wear those shorts and then the Shirt that i just bleached dyed now i have to hurry up and make my dad a father’s day card, because um i have to leave in like 45 minutes to go to swim. So yeah, okay, i finished the card and i think it looks really cute. Okay, now i’m gon na go to my swim me and i’ll update you guys when i get back okay, so i’m, back from my swimming and i’m gon na show you guys what i use okay, so i just got back for my swimmy and i’m gon na Show you guys what i use in the shower cause i’m about to get in okay, so first i would you normally use this shampoo but i’m gon na use. Detox shampoo today because i feel, like my hair – needs a good detox um since i’m doing a hair mask i’m not going to condition, but this is normal conditioner i would use face wash and then i’m also going to exfoliate with that one foot: exfoliator razor um.

What else oh yeah body wash and yeah? Oh yeah there’s one more thing: i’m, using this homemade body, scrub, it’s, sugar, oil and body wash so yeah, and basically it just exfoliates my legs after i shave, okay, i’m gon na get in the shower, and then i’ll see you guys when i get out. Okay. I’M done in the shower, and i have my robe on now um and i’m gon na go. Let my mom give me a haircut okay. My mom just finished giving me a haircut so now, i’m gon na do a hair mask and face mask okay, my hair mask is in, and my face mask is on so now i’m, just gon na wait, 10 minutes. Okay, so the hair mask is washed out and my face mask is off and now i’m gon na use this overnight mask okay, so hair is out and it’s dry and it feels so much better, and i have my overnight mask on right now. You can’t really see it because it’s see through but i’m going to show you guys the result of the bleach dye, shirts, here’s bella’s. I think it turned out really cute and then here’s mine. I got a little bit bigger size because i, like mine, more oversized i’m, probably going to wear this in the car tomorrow, just because it’s super comfy so yeah. So i also painted my toenails and i’ll show you them, but my nail polish is really bad, and so these look my nails do not look very good.

Now i need to clean my room because alex is staying in here and it’s, really messy um, oh hi, um it’s, only 2 a.m and i’m kind of bored. My room’s clean, stuff’s, packed i’m ready to go i’m kind of bored. Okay it’s, like 3 a.m, i’m. Trying to pull in the night i’m i don’t know what to do like i’m gon na fall asleep. If i keep laying in bed, i don’t know what to do. Okay, so it’s about 7 30, and i think i ended up going to bed at 4 30.